EdgeCAM 7.5 Shows its Metal
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EdgeCAM 7.5 Shows its Metal

A breakthrough in the graphical representation of machined components in
EdgeCAM 7.5 enables toolpath characteristics such as surface finish and
surface definition to be clearly visible and provides a true 'engineering
related' view of the component. The ability to create a realistic metallic
finish to the rendering of the EdgeCAM solid model allows the effects on
surface finish of variables such as, tool feed direction and tool geometry
to be quantified before actual machining occurs.

In addition, version 7.5 of the award winning CAM system by Pathtrace of
Reading, incorporates latest Microsoft Windows style thumbnail images in
the File Preview and 'Explorer' windows. This enables the user to perform
quick directory referencing and easy 'drag and drop' operation.

Full support for SpaceBall and SpaceMouse 3-D motion controllers, from
3Dconnexion, is also included adding a new dimension in model manipulation
for EdgeCAM users giving the impression as if the part is actually being
held in the hand.

Further development of Pathtrace's ground-breaking Strategy Manager, which
enables operational cycles to be defined using a flowchart style layout,
delivers enhanced user interaction, with feedback tools and a dynamic
response request which initiates in-process operator feedback. Also
included is a new 'notes' facility allowing users to document information
for future reference.

These latest major advances to EdgeCAM have been made by Pathtrace after
tracking CAD process developments, analysing the future investment
projections of their worldwide customer base and include many user
requested enhancements. By adding new functionality to Strategy Manager,
which has been credited by users of EdgeCAM for its re-engineering of the
CNC programming process, Pathtrace illustrates that it is totally committed
to further automation of the CAM process.

The addition of a Perpendicular Lace option to EdgeCAM's Parallel Lace
contouring capability enables the total length of the toolpath to be
considerably shortened. This not only reduces machining time, but also
improves cutting efficiency, extends tool life and accommodates higher
machining speeds. The new option automatically replaces Parallel Lace
moves with perpendicular sections of toolpath over steep regions of the
machined part. This new option negates the traditional toolpath creation
cycle, where overlapped cuts are taken at 90 (degree).

Rest Finishing has for some time been in the EdgeCAM users 'toolkit of
strategies'. Now, with the addition of a Centre Trace option, a final pass
will machine away any central islands left in a rest region which avoids
any need for additional pencil trace toolpaths and ensures high levels of
surface finish consistency.

Further enhancements to EdgeCAM Version 7.5 include upgraded Roughing
Cycles for 2-D wire frame users, which provide elements normally associated
with 3-D machining functionality such as Contour Wall Support. New Rest
Roughing cycles enable optimised roughing, which reduce the need for tool
changes and increases flexibility for instance, when multi-component
machining on tombstone type fixtures.

A new Pencil Mill cycle includes Multi-pass, which enables combinations of
smaller tools and stepover to initiate improved control over toolpath,
surface finish and machining consistency, and a new Parallel Lace cycle
developed for flat end type milling cutters, avoids any additional
machining of flat areas.

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