EdgeCAM Endorsed for Autodesk Inventor 6
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EdgeCAM Endorsed for Autodesk Inventor 6

A further endorsement of the associativity of Pathtrace's EdgeCAM Solid
Machinist programming software is the announcement by Autodesk that the
Reading-based computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) developer has been
certified for use with the latest Autodesk Inventor 6 release under the
Autodesk Inventor (registered) certified applications programme.

According to Brian Steatham, managing director of Pathtrace: "This is a
critical endorsement of EdgeCAM Solid Machinist by an industry-leading
mechanical design system provider. Because Autodesk has one of the largest
user bases of solid modellers, this gives Pathtrace, as an independent
company, an important competitive global advantage."

Autodesk Inc., will only work with certain third-party software developers.
Each developer, such as Pathtrace, must conform to its strict
interoperability and testing criteria to meet the design to manufacture
solution providers standard. In Pathtrace's case, the development of
EdgeCAM conforms to the Autodesk Inventor API and has efficient and seamless
model transfer without any need to use translators for toolpath generation.

For more information, please visit www.edgecam.com or email Email Contact.