Forgecast Adopts Virtual Product Development Software and Services From MSC.Software to Drive Forging Process Design
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Forgecast Adopts Virtual Product Development Software and Services From MSC.Software to Drive Forging Process Design

Leading Australian Forging Company Adopts MSC.SuperForge, Reducing Costly Trials, Increasing Product Development Efficiency and Speeding Time-to-Market

SANTA ANA, Calif., Feb 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- MSC.Software Corp. , the leading global provider of simulation software, services and systems, today announced that Melbourne, Australia-based Forgecast has adopted MSC.SuperForge and professional services from MSC.Software. MSC.SuperForge is a virtual product development application that gives engineers the ability to simulate forging processes on a desktop computer without wasting time and money on shop floor tests, resulting in reduced design and manufacturing costs. Forgecast invested approximately $100,000 in MSC.Software's professional consulting services and a three-year MSC.SuperForge software license.

"Manufacturers around the world are looking to MSC.Software as they adopt virtual product development (VPD) technologies, especially those who are interested in better connecting their manufacturing processes with their engineering departments," said Frank Perna, chairman and CEO of MSC.Software. "MSC.Software has a very broad portfolio of products and services for manufacturing companies and we are confident that companies like Forgecast will see a rapid return on their investment in VPD technology."

"One of the things that attracted us to MSC.SuperForge was that the software was able to accurately simulate the development of forging defects that were known to occur in both previous and existing designs," said Rob Smith, Engineering and Quality Manager at Forgecast. "We also recognized that MSC.Software offered a high level of technical expertise and strong industrial involvement, both locally within Australia and around the world. The time to bring new forgings to market is a critical factor for our business. Forgecast has seen immediate major benefits from reduced shop floor trials. by running a variety of simulations."

MSC.SuperForge provides a fast and easy to use tool for forging engineers to analyze industrial forging processes. Using MSC.SuperForge in every day forging practice allows for the reduction of shop floor trials by optimizing the forging process. As a result, product development time is shortened and product quality is increased. Within ten days of user-training at Forgecast, Sophie Krivitsky, Die Designer at Forgecast, said, "MSC.SuperForge has already saved us one week of trial-and-error on the shop floor."

MSC.SuperForge is a self-contained virtual product development tool, which includes its own Graphical User Interface. It provides an environment in which the forging engineer sets up his forging process, runs the simulation and evaluates the forging simulation results.

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About Forgecast

Forgecast is engaged in manufacturing for many markets including door hardware, automotive components, leisure goods, plumbing fittings, industrial valves and fittings, munitions and aerospace components. Forgecast is a world class manufacturer of non-ferrous forgings. Forgecast's headquarters and main manufacturing facilities are in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Forgecast has recently established a manufacturing operation in Tijuana Mexico to support its growing market in North America. For more information on Forgecast, please visit .

About MSC.Software Corporation

MSC.Software (NYSE: MNS) is the leading global provider of simulation software, with related services and systems, that helps companies make money, save time and reduce costs associated with designing and testing manufactured products. MSC.Software works with thousands of companies in hundreds of industries to develop better products faster by utilizing information technology, software, services and systems. MSC.Software employs more than 1500 people in 22 countries. For additional information about MSC.Software's products and services, please visit .

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