Scalable RPC Software Provides Cost-Effective Automotive Component Simulation
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Scalable RPC Software Provides Cost-Effective Automotive Component Simulation

February 24, 2003        

For More Information Contact:
Darragh Murphy
RPC Product Manager
MTS Systems Corporation
(952) 974-6108

Scalable RPC Software Provides Cost-Effective Automotive Component Simulation

Eden Prairie, Minn., February 24, 2003 - MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: MTSC) today announced the release of Component RPC Pro (cRPCTM Pro) software, the latest evolution of MTS Remote Parameter Control (RPC) software products supporting road simulation system control and vehicle data analysis.

cRPC Pro software is a robust, cost-effective and scalable new RPC software solution designed to simulate the field service of automotive components. As inheritor of the RPC Pro architecture, the world’s leading test analysis and simulation software, cRPC Pro software delivers highly accurate results from a reliable, stable and easy-to-use-correctly RPC software platform. The key advantage for customers, however, is its flexible bundling, meaning that it is packaged as a configurable array of modular RPC applications. ”Users have the option to select only the RPC applications they want, when they want them,” said Darragh Murphy, MTS RPC product manager. “cRPC Pro options include data acquisition, editing and analysis, physical simulation, durability testing, ride comfort analysis, virtual testing and many other advanced analysis options. So, whether your needs are basic, such as simulating data provided by a customer, or more complex, requiring greater RPC functionality, you can tailor cRPC Pro to meet your exact requirements affordably by purchasing only the RPC applications that are needed," explained Murphy.

As a scalable RPC platform, cRPC Pro software also allows users to take advantage of the latest from a growing set of MTS RPC innovations, such as Turbo RPC, automated fatigue editing, and many other advanced simulation and analysis tools. “The option to add on from this expanding family of tools will enable labs to respond efficiently to the growing needs of nontraditional testing applications, such as noise and vibration studies, ride and handling evaluations, model correlation, and virtual testing,” said Murphy.

"Our automotive customers expect MTS to play a key role in optimizing their whole simulation process - from design to validation to physical testing," said Sidney W. Emery, Jr., MTS chairman and CEO. "Our new Component RPC Pro software is yet another example of our ability to add value through software that complements our traditional hardware strengths."

About MTS Systems Corporation:
MTS Systems Corporation is a global supplier of integrated simulation solutions that help customers accelerate and improve their design, development and manufacturing processes. MTS supplies products for determining the mechanical behavior of materials, products and structures - including computer-based testing and simulation systems, modeling and testing software, and consulting services - as well as products for automating manufacturing processes. MTS had 1900 employees and revenue of $356 million for the fiscal year ended September 28, 2002. Additional information on MTS can be found on the worldwide web at