ESI Group Announces PAM-CRASH 2G
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ESI Group Announces PAM-CRASH 2G

Second Generation of Leading Crash Simulation Software Delivers Unprecedented Performances and Offers Unique Material-Oriented Features

Daratech Summit, New York, February 17, 2003 - ESI Group today announced the availability of PAM-CRASH 2G, the second generation of its leading crash simulation software. A new environment facilitates model preparation and analysis. Major innovative features have been added. The first predictive rupture model available in the industry provides accurate answers to material deformation, including composites, high-strength steel and aluminum. An enhanced solver offers a highly scalable parallel version for overnight computation, while a Distributed Memory version on Linux clusters or Itanium 2 platforms enables to intensive calculation at a very competitive cost.

Automotive engineers need to explore various possibilities before testing the final design. Exploration is a time-consuming process that requires critical decision-making based on multiple parameters. Multi-trade solutions must be interconnected as the engineering community focuses on a common goal: designing and delivering increasingly complex products with shorter time-to-market. What is required is an integrated environment allowing the assessment of manufacturing process effects at early design stage.

"PAM-CRASH 2G better answers market needs for increasingly detailed car body models", says Pierre Culiè²¥, Manager of the Virtual Prototyping Branch. "The new parallel version enables overnight computation time for half million element models. PAM-CRASH 2G is an essential component of the crash and safety synthesis value chain when coupled with PAM-SAFE for occupant safety."

PAM-CRASH 2G’s new environment and solver architecture help engineers get focused on their core competencies in mechanics, not on software. Fast and easy input/output procedures combined with a new editor for data checking and a user-friendly graphic environment help reduce modeling time.

Materials such as composites, high-strength steel, and aluminum offer better crash test performance, but their narrower plasticity range increases parts’ ruptures. Therefore, crash test simulation needs to include a finer approximation of stress values and material rupture laws based on precise materials characterization. PAM-CRASH 2G’s new predictive rupture model is available for either solid or shell elements. It reduces dependency on mesh orientation and size, and takes into account scale effect for realistic rupture simulation.

Based on scalable contact data structure and dynamic memory allocation, PAM-CRASH 2G’s new solver architecture offers performance improvements of up to 50 percent memory saving. Solver is available on all UNIX platforms, including scalar and vector platforms. PAM-CRASH 2G’s Distributed Memory Version delivers outstanding parallel performance at a very competitive cost when combined with NEC and Fujitsu-Siemens Linux clusters.

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