Fuel Tech's Acutiv Software Group Announces the Availability of ACUITIV? Version 3.2 Visualization Software for Computational Fluid Dynamics Models on Windows? 2000
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Fuel Tech's Acutiv Software Group Announces the Availability of ACUITIV? Version 3.2 Visualization Software for Computational Fluid Dynamics Models on Windows? 2000

For Immediate Release

Gordon J. Galloway
Director of Marketing, Software Products
ACUITIV Software Group
A Division of Fuel Tech Inc.
512 Kingsland Drive
Batavia, IL 60510
Ph: 630-845-4545 x4476
E-mail: Email Contact

Batavia, IL, February 5, 2003 – Fuel Tech Inc.’s (Nasdaq: FTEK), ACUITIV Software Group today announced the availability of ACUITIV Version 3.2 software - enabling Windows 2000 compatibility and numerous other feature enhancements.

Formerly known as Virtual Vantage, ACUITIV 3.2 software for Windows 2000, UNIX and Linux will be available for delivery this February. In addition to releasing support for Windows 2000, the ACUITIV Software Group (ASG) has added multiple enhancements including support for Plot3D function files, STL and TecPlot data formats; grouping of sub-geometries within the original model; improved 3D GUI and navigation; Linux performance enhancements; and user selectable isosurface colors.

“We are very excited to announce the delivery of the ACUITIV Version 3.2 product,” stated Bill Panepinto, ASG’s General Manager. “Customers have clearly expressed their need for a visualization solution that operates the same on all operating systems and display environments. We are proud to be the first to deliver a software product that meets this requirement.”

ACUITIV software is the only visualization software that operates completely in the 3D space. The intuitive user interface is in the 3D world; there is no need to exit the 3D environment to change parameters or viewpoints. Unlike traditional products, ACUITIV software lets users move into their data, view it from a first-person perspective and finally reap the benefits expected from a visualization tool. Truly immersed in the data, users will uncover opportunities, improve designs, accelerate decisions and shorten time to market. The ACUITIV product works with a laptop, a CAVE and everything in between. There is no need for customized programming or extensive training. ACUITIV software operates the same way in all supported environments.

The ACUITIV Software Group (ASG), a division of Fuel Tech Inc., has it roots in real world Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) applications. Fuel Tech began using CFD in 1987 as a production design tool for its custom engineered products. In 1994, Fuel Tech and Argonne National Laboratory collaborated to create an interactive 3D software solution for engineering design. The result of this effort was Boilermaker, a groundbreaking proof-of-principle solution that proved how virtual reality technology can be used to create a real-world, productive design environment. In 1998, Fuel Tech undertook a major upgrade of the Boilermaker code for its internal use and renamed it Virtual Vantage. The new modular code base employed the state-of-the-art VR Juggler libraries developed at Iowa State University by CAVE inventor Carolina Cruz-Niera. Fuel Tech continued to use the newly developed software internally, honing its capabilities and improving user functionality. Based on demand from customers within the energy industry, Fuel Tech formed ASG to commercialize the product. The product is now available on Windows 2000, UNIX and Linux operating systems and can be used for multiple applications within the automotive, aerospace, energy, defense, chemical and medical industries. The name was changed to ACUITIV in 2003 to better represent ASG’s products and services and the customers we serve. For more information, please visit www.acuitiv.com.

Fuel-Tech N.V. is a leading technology company engaged in the worldwide development, commercialization and application of state-of-the-art proprietary technologies for air pollution control, process optimization, and advanced engineering services. The Company’s NOx reduction processes, which include the NOxOUT, NOxOUT CASCADE, NOxOUT ULTRA, Fuel Lean Gas Reburn (FLGR), Rich Reagent Injection (RRI) and NOxOUT SCR technologies, have established Fuel-Tech N.V. as a leader in post combustion NOx control systems, which are installed on over 300 units worldwide. The Company’s Fuel Chem technology centers on the unique application of chemicals to improve the performance of combustion units. Fuel Chem products are being applied to over 80 combustion units burning a variety of fuels. For more information, visit Fuel-Tech N.V.’s web site at www.fueltechnv.com.

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