MSC.Software Announces Release of MSC.Patran 2003
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MSC.Software Announces Release of MSC.Patran 2003

New Version of Leading Visualization and Modeling Software Gives Engineers Increased Functionality for Virtual Product Development

SANTA ANA, Calif., Feb. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- MSC.Software Corp. , the leading global provider of simulation software, services and systems, today announced the availability of MSC.Patran 2003. By using MSC.Patran 2003, engineers can create finite element models from their computer-aided design (CAD) parts, enabling them to efficiently conceptualize, visualize, and test multiple product designs.

"By using MSC.Patran 2003 engineers can develop confidence that a product will meet the critical design requirements needed to maximize performance and minimize costs," said Frank Perna, chairman and chief executive officer of MSC.Software. "MSC.Software is committed to making engineers more valuable to their organizations. Virtual product development tools such as MSC.Patran can help engineers collaborate and readily share data and ideas much more effectively throughout the entire development cycle, which translates into reduced time and costs."

MSC.Patran is the most popular modeler in the virtual product development (VPD) and CAE community, with thousands of users around the world. MSC.Patran 2003 continues MSC.Software's open systems policy, which allows users to interface with their preferred CAD environments. MSC.Patran 2003 has the ability to work with not only MSC.Software solvers such as MSC.Nastran, MSC.Marc and MSC.Dytran, but it also facilitates solutions using ABAQUS, ANSYS, PAMCRASH, LS-DYNA3D, SAMCEF and SESAM. The software is fast, easy-to-use and highly customizable. Several significant enhancements aimed at increasing user productivity have been implemented in MSC.Patran 2003. Examples include:

   -- Mesh on Mesh: A new FEM based surface mesher that allows users to
      create a new mesh from an existing mesh.  Options include the ability
      to retain relevant features from the original model and selectively
      refine areas of a mesh.  This powerful new capability will enable
      users to drastically reduce the time they currently spend on geometry
      clean-up activities prior to meshing.

   -- AFR/IFR: A new automatic/interactive feature recognition capability
      that greatly enhances the robustness and flexibility of the CAE Solid
      Modeler module.  This Parasolid-based functionality will enable
      MSC.Patran users to recognize, edit, delete or show features such as
      holes, blends and chamfers.  These features can be parametrically
      modified for use in design studies, thereby enabling higher quality
      feedback into the design of the component.

   -- Result Template: Provides a convenient means of storing settings for
      results displays and plots.  This new functionality will enable
      engineering groups to standardize how results are post processed and
      allow the generation of consistent results in an enterprise setting.

MSC.Patran 2003 is available directly from the MSC.Software sales team and through its worldwide network of resellers. For more information on these and other enhancements please visit /.

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