INCAT Launches Verifi(TM) for CATIA(R) V4 - V5 Migration
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INCAT Launches Verifi(TM) for CATIA(R) V4 - V5 Migration

Verification and analysis system designed to save time, costs and boost productivity

NOVI, Mich., Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- INCAT today launched Verifi(TM), its proprietary verification and analysis system that allows users to identify the CATIA(R) V5 compliance level of existing CATIA V4 data prior to V4 - V5 migration.

Verifi examines and, when applicable, resolves non-compliances in CATIA V4 models, individually or in batch mode. The system produces thorough reports identifying significant issues that impede data migration. Additionally, it can be configured and customized to meet individual customers' unique requirements, to minimize the cost of migration.

"Verifi is a packaged offering that will streamline a customer's V4 - V5 migration," said Shawn Drimmel, INCAT iproducts Manager, North America. "It was designed specifically to make migration easier, faster, more accurate and more cost-effective."

The Verifi package includes software that will run in batch or interactive mode, a review of customer data to define and establish customized reporting and automatic cleaning of customer data, detailed reporting capability, metrics to support forward-planning and INCAT HelpDesk support.

"Customer benefits will vary, depending on past modeling practices," Drimmel said. "But, regardless of the state of their data, with Verifi some problems can be automatically fixed, while others -- the ones that require design knowledge to rectify -- will be identified up front, eliminating the need to research each model for potential problems."

  The INCAT Verifi system is available worldwide.

  About INCAT

INCAT ( ) provides technical services and solutions for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and supply chain integration to companies worldwide. INCAT's customers include the leading automotive and aerospace OEMs and their suppliers, as well as other users of advanced technology products and services. INCAT, with headquarters in the United States, in Novi, Mich., and the United Kingdom, in Bedfordshire, operates in eight countries in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

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The INCAT iproducts Group has been creating applications and solutions for design and manufacturing for more than 10 years. iproducts -- all registered trademarks of INCAT International -- include Verifi(TM), I/Check V4(TM), icheck 5(TM), igrid(TM), iassembly manager(TM), idevelop(TM), CAPHIF(TM) and INCATwiz(TM).

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CATIA is a registered trademark of Dassault Systems. CATIA is a 3D PLM integrated solution for product development.

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