URISA Annual Conference in New Orleans...Moving Forward
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URISA Annual Conference in New Orleans...Moving Forward

September 4, 2008 - (Park Ridge, IL) - Hurricane Gustav, thankfully, passed over the Gulf Coast region without as much damage as had been forecasted. There were a few power outages and very little damage to downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter (where the URISA Annual Conference will be held, October 7-10, 2008). The Sheraton New Orleans confirmed that the hotel is just fine and ready to take reservations for the URISA Conference.

Take advantage of the expertise of more than 150 GIS professionals from across the globe who are presenting in sessions like these:
Cross Jurisdictional Collaboration: A Focus on Addressing and Centerlines
Planning and responding to events, those fundamental to business or catastrophic in nature, requires reliable information and cooperation from a variety of sources. This session highlights proven cases of effective cross-jurisdictional collaboration.

Open Source and Open Standards: Utilizing Google Maps/Earth as Open Source API's
Open Source API's allows you to build Mashups easily. This session presents case studies of Google Maps/Earth applications.

Interactive Programming: Unified Voice to Advocate Development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure
This panel discussion revolves around making the best of our individual influence to move National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) objectives in our own jurisdictions. In addition, discussion from this panel will be provided to the NSDI to refine the currently developing NSDI strategic framework and draft action plan.

Cross-Jurisdictional Collaboration: Cooperative Orthoimagery Acquisition
If the diverse business needs of governmental agencies using orthoimagery can be met, significant cost savings can be realized through collaborative efforts. Learn how two such efforts have successfully implemented cooperative orthoimagery acquisition programs.

Emergency Management & Homeland Security: Disaster Response and Readiness
Regional response and collaboration across multi-jurisdictional and multi-disciplinary boundaries to mitigate or respond to natural or man-made disasters is not only a concept, but a requirement.

GIS professionals are encouraged to read through the entire conference program, with complete information about sessions, networking events, exposition details and more: http://www.urisa.org/conferences/annual/program 


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