HP/EDS Creates New Era In Outsourcing
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HP/EDS Creates New Era In Outsourcing

Expect prices to increase

DALLAS, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Ben Trowbridge, CEO of Alsbridge, Inc., an award winning global outsourcing advisory firm, released the following statement today about the HP acquisition of EDS:

"Now that Hewlett Packard has completed its acquisition of EDS there are many more questions that arise, such as how this will impact the outsourcing industry.

Prior to the acquisition, it was unclear who made up the tier-one outsourcing list with IBM having a large lead in market share. Now, HP/EDS shifts the commercial dynamic, narrowing the playing field to two tier-one mega outsourcing providers. This new combination of tier-one providers leaves all the other providers racing for their share of market definition and a share of the biggest of outsourcing contracts. Look for more information on relative market share posted here ( http://www.alsbridge.com/news-events/images/hp_eds_2008.pdf).

Moving forward, core questions include: will the new tier-one players change the price points for buyers? Who will be the next player to be acquired? And, will it have a positive impact on price and choices for executives going through the process of considering outsourcing? Good or bad? Time will tell.

I do believe that it is possible to see an increase in prices. This will mean every company should be reviewing their options and be ready for this new tier-one structure in technology outsourcing contracts.

This change is refreshing to an otherwise mature industry. The change in the competitive landscape will be good for the industry in the long run. However, in the short term, I believe buyers need to think through the full impact on the competitive vendor landscape. The choices are clearly not the same for buyers as it will be for the providers. The old rules of thumb on outsourcing are now headed in new directions."

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About Ben Trowbridge, CEO, Alsbridge, Inc.

Best known as a thought leader in the evolution of outsourcing, Ben Trowbridge, offers more than 20 years of diversified global expertise in hundreds of outsourcing, shared services and offshore transactions as a consultant and buyer executive. His experience includes leading the strategy and business case development process for senior executives in a variety of industries. Additionally, he led the business case development for restructuring the SG&A costs for seven major private equity transactions valued at over $13 billion. Prior to forming Alsbridge, Trowbridge served as managing partner for Ernst & Young's Outsourcing Services Business and COO for their Global Outsourcing Business.

About Alsbridge, Inc.

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