Lattice Technology Releases XVL Converter for Autodesk Inventor 2009
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Lattice Technology Releases XVL Converter for Autodesk Inventor 2009

Lattice products ready to take Digital Prototyping to a new level

June 19, 2008. San Francisco, CA - Lattice Technology, developers of the XVL ultra-compressed 3D format, today announced the release of the XVL Converter Plug-in for Inventor, which supports Autodesk Inventor 2009. The XVL converter is scheduled to ship on June 30, 2008. The XVL Translator Add-in for Inventor 2008 is already available for free download from Autodesk Labs at

The XVL Converter Plug-in for Inventor allows users to convert 3D data created in the latest version of Autodesk Inventor, the leading 3D design software for digital prototyping needs, into XVL for downstream uses. The 3D data in XVL can be rapidly reused in spreadsheets, animations, design review of assemblies, training and instruction manuals, and more.

XVL (eXtensible Virtual world description Language) is an ultra-compressed technology used for dramatically reducing the file size of 3D models created by an engineering CAD system without losing their fidelity. Compared with 3D standardized formats such as VRLM and IGES, it can dramatically reduce the data size while also keeping the data precision up to 1/100 from the original CAD data. XVL enables the utilization of 3D data in various divisions, such as design review by production, visual presentation by the sales teams and in service manuals created by the customer services divisions. XVL has been widely employed by industries such as automotive manufacturing that require large 3D assembly review in a lightweight, usable format.

In addition to the Converter Plug-in, Lattice also plans to release its XVL Converter Light for Inventor later this summer, which can convert multiple files of Inventor data to XVL in batch mode. It allows users to automatically convert CAD data quickly and easily using a simple command line program, and then leave the software to automatically deliver the conversions needed.

Autodesk’s Digital Prototyping strategy for mechanical engineering, under the banner of “Experience it before it’s real”, has been offering and promoting its cutting-edge Autodesk Inventor environment to manufacturing industries to enable design review, simulation, analysis and design verification using 3D digital data. The release of the converter by Lattice substantially improves the convenience and productivity of engineers by creating a smooth data pipeline from Autodesk Inventor to XVL.

“Autodesk’s Digital Prototyping strategy is a key to the rapidly growing demand to use and reuse 3D data in efficient and economic ways,” commented Bill Barnes, GM, Lattice Technology. “XVL fits neatly into the strategy by enabling reuse of massive 3D assemblies and 3D parts for rapid design review, sharing of 3D data and inclusion in printed instruction manuals, online support documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and more. We are excited to be able to support this strategy with XVL.”

About Lattice Technology, Inc. 

Founded in 1997 with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and San Francisco, USA, Lattice Technology provides global companies with proven solutions for the propagation of 2D/3D design data across the enterprise. Lattice's standards based XVL® (eXtensible Virtual world description Language) technology enables companies to securely provide highly accurate and compressed 3D files to partners, suppliers, and internal departments in a lightweight browser-based solution. XVL® is unmatched in performance, compression and accuracy. XVL is widely introduced in more than 2000 companies, mainly in the automotive and electronics industries. For more information, visit

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