SPT Group and CD-adapco Announce Initiative To Enhance Computational Flow Assurance
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SPT Group and CD-adapco Announce Initiative To Enhance Computational Flow Assurance

Leading global vendors collaborate to streamline and enhance the use of multi-fidelity simulation of flow assurance dynamic behavior for the oil and gas industry.

The SPT Group, the leading vendor and developer of flow assurance software and services, and CD-adapco, a leading global vendor of 3-D dynamic flow, thermal, and stress solutions (CAE/CFD), today announced an initiative to investigate and grow the potential between SPT’s OLGA® and CD-adapco’s STAR brand software systems. The two companies will work closely with the market to define and implement streamlined processes for using the best features of both OLGA® and the STAR solvers to significantly improve the timely, practical insight that can be gained by engineers using computational flow assurance.

“SPT Group sees the initiative with CD-adapco as an important contribution to our existing activities. Linking the pre-integrated 3D flow model in OLGA® to detailed CFD models for process equipment gives consistent model details and efficient simulations. This yields exiting possibilities and ultimately gives our customers increased insight and confidence in their future designs,” says Norbert Hoyer, Executive Vice President of Business Development in SPT Group. “We are happy to add CD-adapco to our continuously growing list of OLGA Technology Partners” says Bjarte Håtveit responsible for the OLGA partner activities.

“CD-adapco is pleased to be able to work with such a recognized leader as SPT to bring improved practical benefits to engineers involved in flow assurance work, via integrated processes involving an intelligent, judicious combination of OLGA® and STAR technologies,” said Dennis Nagy, CD-adapco’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development and Energy Sector Business Director. “As the world’s oil and gas challenges move to harsher arctic and deep subsea environments, the needs for more refined insight into the physical behavior of exploration and production systems and equipment, to insure optimal operation and avoid failure risks, can be met by the intelligent use of multi-fidelity simulations such as those available from SPT and CD-adapco.”

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