Cybernetix’s CyxPro® Software for Monitoring Remotely-Operated Systems Integrates Kineo CAM’s KCD™ Collision-Detection Library
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Cybernetix’s CyxPro® Software for Monitoring Remotely-Operated Systems Integrates Kineo CAM’s KCD™ Collision-Detection Library

May 9, 2008 - MARSEILLE, TOULOUSE, FRANCE - Cybernetix and Kineo CAM announce the integration of KCD™ with the V2.0 release of CyxPro®.

CyxPro® V2.0 is the new software platform for graphical monitoring of remotely-operated systems from Cybernetix.  CyxPro® aims to ensure the supervision of complete remotely-operated units such as robots, manipulator arms, cranes, vehicles, automates, tools… in a generic manner and through a single interface.

Due to its advanced functionalities, in particular the 3D graphical interface, the creation of intervention scenarios, the anti collision and the training in virtual scenes, CyxPro® is today the de-facto standard platform for the monitoring of remotely-operated cells.

CyxPro® V2.0 was created to address a wide range of user cases for complex remote handling operations  whose scenes of intervention can be forecasted and modeled; Nuclear Industries, Oil, Aeronautical, Fret… are primarily targeted markets for CyxPro® V2.0.

“It was important for us to rely on a collision detector which is both fast and robust” explains Eric Auschitzky, Nuclear BU Director. “We did a careful comparison of available options and selected KCD™”.

KCD™ is the high efficiency collision detector from Kineo CAM. It comes as a software library, which allows an easy integration through its C++ programming API.

Using 3D geometrical data, KCD™ compares two lists of geometrical objects and quickly returns a series of data to answer the following: Are there possible collisions? If so, where are they located? If not, what is the distance separating them (estimated or exact)?

“Users from more than a hundred companies from Japan to the United States already rely on KCD™ as part of its integration into 3D CAM-CAD software from major software vendors” said Laurent Maniscalco, CEO of Kineo CAM; “Nevertheless its integration within CyxPro® 2.0 is exemplary due to the fact that KCD™ is being used similarly to a real robot: we are moving toward real time and embedded world, another challenge our R&D is taking on”.


About Cybernetix

Cybernetix is a world leader in robotics of complex systems in hostile environment. Created in 1985, the company relies on more than 150 engineers and technicians to answer business needs with strong competence in the fields of mechanics, electronics, automation, vision and data processing.

The main markets of Cybernetix are Nuclear dismantling and maintenance, monitoring and control of oil production, non-destructive testing (Tire manufacturing, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Foundries), control of infrastructures (Railway) and protection (Defense).

CyxPro® V2.0 is available as of April 2008.

About Kineo CAM

Kineo Computer Aided Motion “Kineo CAM” is the independent software developer of the worldwide leading technology for automatic motion and path planning, KineoWorks™.

Specialized in the development of advanced solutions, Kineo CAM provides business solutions to large companies and organizations in the United States, Europe and Japan.

The main market of Kineo CAM is Mechanical Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing. In this area, the large range of solutions, from stand-alone to fully integrated software, enables digital mock-up users to save money, shorten development time and increase quality in Product Design (validation of mechanical mounting/dismounting) and Process (simulation of operations in cluttered 3D environments).

Kineo CAM was founded following a technology transfer from the Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture System of the CNRS.

Kineo CAM is the winner of the national contest of innovation from the Ministry of Research and Technology (2000), received the IEEE/IFR Innovation Award for Outstanding Achievements in Commercializing Innovative Robot and Automation technology (2005), winner of the 2007 Innovation ICT Prize from the European Commission and the European Council of Applied Sciences, Technologies & Engineering, and the regional Midi-Pyrénées Innovation and International award.

Kineo CAM was awarded by Daratech, the title of emerging technology at the DaratechSUMMIT2006 with eight other innovative American companies.

Note: CyxPro® and KCD™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cybernetix and Kineo CAM respectively or their subsidiary companies.

Information in this document that is not historical information, including information concerning customer advantages, the capacity of success and other information identified by “can”, “will be able”, “expect”, etc. are forward-looking statements.  This information involves risks and uncertainties in the actual results which could be obtained by the customers and third-parties. Kineo CAM disclaims any intention or obligation to update the predictive information given hereof.


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