5th Axis Receives ISO and Aerospace Certifications
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5th Axis Receives ISO and Aerospace Certifications

SAN DIEGO—(BUSINESS WIRE)—May 5, 2008— 5th Axis Inc., a San Diego-based corporation founded by engineers that specializes in 5-axis machining, has announced its certifications for the ISO and Aerospace standards. The ISO 9001:2000 certification is globally recognized as a mark of quality manufacturing.

The Aerospace AS9100B adds additional rigorous requirements and is held by a select group of elite companies. 5th Axis Inc. was built around this quality system to guarantee the required level of quality for customers such as NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratories for whom they are flight certified for projects including the Mars Pathfinder.

5th Axis specializes in 5-axis machining. This means that the machines can move a part to any position and to any angle. The robotic nature of 5-axis machining allows complete parts to be built in one machining cycle which greatly reduces labor costs and scrap. Parts with odd-angles and complex curved surfaces such as turbines and impellers can be easily built with 5-axis precision technology.

The technology has been around for many years, but just recently with the vast increase in computing power, software, and machine technology it has become available for use on a large variety of applications and not just on very expensive specialty projects, said co-founder Steve Grangetto.

We have based our business on commonly used software and machinery to keep costs low, added co-founder Chris Taylor. The availability of trained personnel is high so this allows us to build even simple parts on a 5-axis machine and remain very cost effective.

Such an efficient business model is allowing cutting edge companies like 5th Axis to bring manufacturing back to the United States. Recently there has been a large amount of US manufacturing that has moved overseas. Presently, despite the economic downturn, 5th Axis feels Made in the USA is making a come back.

5th Axis has seen substantial growth in the past year and we get new work orders almost daily, said Taylor.

We have many customers who have worked with China and have been burned due to poor quality or extremely long lead times, said Grangetto. There is little recourse when you receive a shipping container full of bad product from China that you have already paid for, and getting it months late could be enough to put you under.


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