EZ-CAM 16 Delivers 3D Machining Wizard and New Toolpath Engine
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EZ-CAM 16 Delivers 3D Machining Wizard and New Toolpath Engine



EZ-CAM v16 Delivers3D Machining Wizard and New Toolpath Engine

May 1, 2007, New York, NY – EZCAM Solutions, Inc, developers of the EZ-CAM family of CAD/CAM products, announces the release of Version 16. EZ-CAM V16 delivers a broad set of product improvements, the highlights of which are a new 3D Machining Wizard, which greatly simplifies the creation of 3D toolpaths, and a new surfacing toolpath engine that introduces many advanced toolpath generation capabilities including Equidistant Finishing and Automatic Re-roughing.

The new 3D Machining Wizard presents all available surface-machining strategies using simple easy to understand choices in a single dialog box. A graphic help window within the wizard displays a graphic image for each parameter and option. At any time the Wizard can be revisited, and settings changed and the toolpath recalculated. Using the 3D Machining Wizard, any user regardless of experience can create complex surfacing toolpaths with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The Equidistant Finishing strategy can precisely finish an entire set of surfaces in a single operation. Toolpath is uniformly distributed in both vertical and horizontal areas, ensuring consistent finishing stock and excellent surface finish. New toolpath connection types including Spiral and S-Link allow adjacent finishing passes to be smoothly connected, and new Vertical Arc entry and exit moves allow the tool to gently engage into, and withdraw from, the cut. New toolpath restriction options allow surface-finishing strategies to be automatically limited based on surface slope, or by the silhouette boundary of the surface selection set.

The Automatic Re-roughing strategy automatically calculates the uncut regions at each depth level based on a specified preceding Roughing work step. A smaller tool is then used to remove the remaining material using the specified roughing toolpath type. This feature saves time by eliminating manual creation of re-machining bounding curves, and ensures uniform stock for subsequent finishing.

Other key features include:

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