VX to Demonstrate New Automated Machining at Erie Tool Show – April 16-17
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VX to Demonstrate New Automated Machining at Erie Tool Show – April 16-17

New Machining Automation improves efficiency and SmoothFlow Machining extends tool life

Melbourne, Florida – April 1, 2008 – VX Corporation, specializing in CAD/CAM for plastic products and molds, will be demonstrating major productivity and machining quality enhancements to the QuickMill™ suite of milling tools at The Erie Tool Show, April 16-17, 2008 in Erie, Pennsylvania - USA.

Innovative Machining Automation and New SmoothFlow™ Machining Technology demonstrated The Erie Tool Show has a new emphasis aimed at area businesses seeking the equipment they need to compete in today’s advanced manufacturing arena. This makes it an ideal event for VX CAD/CAM to show the latest in milling technology and machining automation. VX will demonstrate how to capture and reuse machining strategies and how its new SmoothFlow™ technology is extending tool and machine life.

Attendees will want to check out VX’s New Machining Automation. VX CAD/CAM’s QuickMill™ Intelligent Machining Automation captures machining logic into a template or library that can be instantly applied to vast array of other parts. With VX CAD/CAM, users apply their own operating procedures and intelligence to machining. This is possible because VX’s Quickmill™ takes a unique, whole part approach to machining. The user establishes “rules of engagement” to control and contain tool path. VX even automates small changes to individual machining operations; for example, changing a tool size automatically adjusts the XY step over in a roughing operation. This rules-based approach is extremely effective in rest milling operations where the machinist simply wants VX to remove the material that the previous operation didn’t remove. The automation comes from machinists storing their logic and intelligence a template of operations. QuickMill, available for both roughing and advanced finishing operations, provides optimum tool loading, extremely efficient material removal, and high quality finished molds to reduce machine wear and tear which improves machine tool utilization and reduces polishing time.

The new SmoothFlow™ technology increases tool life and reduces machine wear by keeping the cutter in the material, dramatically reducing rapid moves, and by maintaining a constant chip load. All cutting motions are smooth; corners and tight areas are cleared without taking full width cuts which prevents tool overload for both roughing and finishing operations. This is critical for unattended machining and key to extending tool life and reducing wear and tear on the mill.

This is a robust, simple to learn and use technology that provides both the machinist and shop owners with better finishes, reduced tooling and machine maintenance costs. "Machinists will enjoy unattended machining and shops will definitely save on tooling costs", says Bob Fischer, VX Vice President Sales and Marketing.

“The Erie Tool Show offers us a superb venue to communicate directly with machinist and mold-makers the benefits that VX QuickMill machining automation and feature aware finishing brings to their operations," said Bob Fischer, VX VP of Sales and Marketing. “Once they see a demonstration, they immediately see how VX CAD/CAM can benefit their bottom-line with increased productivity and higher quality parts.”

About the Erie Tool Show
The Erie Tool Show will take place April 16 & 17 in Erie, PA. The show hours are extended to 8PM on the 16th and 6PM On the 17th. Attendees can meet representatives of participating machine tool dealers, tooling suppliers, and design tools to help them achieve the most effective implementation in their manufacturing process and help to find ways to reduce costs, increase automation and efficiency.

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VX Corporation is a pioneering developer of CAD/CAM solutions for industrial designers, engineers and CNC programmers. VX enables speedy design with fully integrated, accurate manufacturing. Using a blazing fast hybrid modeling engine, engineers can take advantage of the speed of solids with the flexibility of Class A surfaces. Designers can create, modify, visualize, document and machine a vast array of parts and assemblies. From the entry-level Modeler, to the complete End-to-End, VX delivers power, performance and productivity.

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