myVR Software V2 Released
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myVR Software V2 Released

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Rune Fjellvang, CEO


myVR Software AS


Ryensvingen 15, 0680 Oslo, Norway


Tel: +47 24 07 13 00

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myVR SoftwareTM releases version 2 of its innovative 3D online streaming solution

Oslo, Norway - December 7th, 2007: myVR Software AS, the leading innovator in 3D distribution technology, today announced release of version 2 of myVR Viewer and myVR publisher for interactive streaming of large 3D models across any network.

The increasing usage of 3D models needs efficient online distribution
myVR Software has over the years invested heavily in technology development to ensure a leading innovative position in streaming large 3D models over the Internet.

myVR has solved the technical issues related to effective distribution of 3D models over any network while safeguarding corporate intellectual property. The innovative patent-pending technology from myVR Software allows users to quickly generate and distribute large 3D models at high speed and high resolution over any network even with limited bandwidth (Edge, 3G, low speed (A)DSL etc.).

New features and platform support
The myVR Viewer and distribution solution has been updated to meet all the requirements for Microsoft Vista including Vista style user interface and skinning support. The myVR Viewer V2 plug-in now also supports browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari, Netscape etc. With new and enhanced integration features for web developers and 3D modelers, myVR now makes it easier than ever to implement and customize the myVR Viewer plug-in for 3D communication use within any type of web or project site.

Some of the new features are:

"With the latest release of the myVR suite, we are well positioned to become a vital part of the 3D communication of any project" says Rune Fjellvang, CEO of myVR Software. "Providing easy to use communication tools for project owners, marketers, designers, modellers or anyone with a need to securely communicate 3D models they wish to share with anyone, anywhere is our task" he continues. Included in this release is our updated myVR Exporter with its new myVR Modelcombiner. The myVR Modelcombiner allows you to export parts of a model in 3DS MAX/Viz and then merge these parts into one large model. This new utility overcomes the memory limitations in 3DS MAX/Viz you often find when working with high-res large scale models. The myVR Exporter , myVR Modelcombiner and the myVR Viewer can be freely downloaded from

About myVR Software
Founded in 2003, myVR Software is located in Oslo Norway. The company is an innovative provider of technology and distribution technology for 3D models. Coming from a background of 3D Visualization, Technical Data Management and CAD - myVR Software has over the years developed new ground-breaking technology for interactive streaming of 3D models over any network. myVR software's unique patent-pending technology provides immediate secure access to elaborate and complex 3D data models from anywhere over wired or wireless networks, even with limited bandwidth. The company delivers a distribution enabling technology that fulfills both immediate and future distribution challenges for 3D applications.

Our drive is to deliver "3D to anyone/anywhere" without the need for complex and expensive expert systems, thus increasing the value and usefulness for 3D models created within any industry.

The myVR products are distributed world wide by partners.

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For more information, about myVR Software, please contact:

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