Chikuma Seiki Adopts the CoCreate OneSpace Suite
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Chikuma Seiki Adopts the CoCreate OneSpace Suite

Leading supplier of precision machinery makes the move from 2D to 3D CAD

FORT COLLINS, Colo. and SINDELFINGEN, Germany, Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- CoCreate Software, Inc., a leading provider of 3rd generation PLM software applications for high-tech electronics and machinery, today announced that Chikuma Seiki Co., Ltd. made the move from 2D to 3D product development processes with the CoCreate OneSpace Suite.

Chikuma Seiki develops a broad range of technology products ranging from precision processing machinery to development technology for electronics and embedded software. Chikuma Seiki's strong manufacturing heritage with precision instruments, personal computers, optical thin film vacuum deposition and precise multi-wire saws led the company to develop, design and manufacture factory automation devices for external customers. The company is an engineering intensive business where its 60+ engineers make up nearly 40 percent of the organization's workforce.

Chikuma Seiki sought a 3D product development platform that would allow immediate response to customer-driven requirement changes. This led the company to choose the Dynamic Modeling based approach of CoCreate OneSpace Modeling.

A Dynamic Modeling based approach is history-free. By eliminating history, CoCreate's 3D CAD software breaks the dependency on tracking and ordering the sequence of 2D profiles and 3D modeling operations to drive changes to a product design. As a result, Chikuma Seiki's designers concentrate completely on coming to the best design without concern for the planning or reordering of 3D CAD modeling steps.

The flexibility of CoCreate's approach frees Chikuma Seiki engineers to easily incorporate customers' requirements and unexpected changes at all stages of development. Additionally, the company has dramatically improved communication with all product development stakeholders by making the move from 2D to 3D CAD. Communicating with lifelike 3D models has both increased the quality of communication and decreased the time spent in meetings.

"Because the product is very easy to learn designers can master it in a surprisingly short period of time. Engineers are fabricating models in only three hours after a brief introduction. Others are operating design work just as they did with 2D one week later," said Daishi Miyahara, a member of the design group within the factory automation section of Chikuma Seiki.

Chikuma Seiki included the deployment of CoCreate OneSpace Model Manager and the Advanced Design and BOM Editor add-on modules in their transition to a 3D product development process.

OneSpace Model Manager provides Chikuma Seiki's development team with an integrated data management solution for orchestrating current 3D design projects. Additionally, OneSpace Model Manager enables lightweight graphics within OneSpace Modeling. The high performance handling of large assemblies proved to be a decisive factor for the company's adoption of OneSpace Model Manager.

The company expects to attain additional productivity benefits through the reuse and repurposing of existing 3D product designs on new development projects as its design database grows.

CoCreate channel partner, OBIC Co., Ltd., supported Chikuma Seiki with both their evaluation and implementation of the CoCreate OneSpace Suite.

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About Chikuma Seiki

Since its establishment the company's main business has been OEM of mechatronics equipment such as watches and digital cameras. It has more than 8,000 square meters of clean room and achievement and know-how of mounting assemblies for devices, printers and liquid crystal modules as well as super high-precision processing technologies.

In recent years, with the changing business environment including the rise of Asia, it has been planning the expansion of its engineering solution businesses. It has taken advantage of its production technology to become a production engineering service-provider that is user-friendly, able to make proposals from cost reductions to mass production support, centering on factory automation businesses designing and manufacturing automated machinery, measuring instruments and inspection devices.

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