AutoForm-DieAdvisor Released
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AutoForm-DieAdvisor Released

Zurich, Switzerland, October 19, 2007:  AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading supplier of software solutions for the sheet metal forming industry, launches its latest software AutoForm-DieAdviser – the first software solution for optimal wear protection on the market. This software is a result of its successful collaboration with VST Keller GmbH & Co. KG.

AutoForm has developed the new software solution for optimal wear protection in collaboration with VST Keller, a company well known in Europe as the leading provider of tool coatings for the automotive industry. This successful collaboration started in 2004 with the intention to integrate the know-how and expertise of both companies. The unique combination of VST Keller’s know-how on coatings and tool materials, and AutoForm’s expertise in sheet metal forming simulation, has resulted in a strategic win for the customers in the tool design and stamping fields.

AutoForm-DieAdviser offers new insights on how to improve tool designs early in the product development process. It gives the answer to the challenging question in the highly demanding automotive industry on how to provide longer lasting and lower cost tooling. Intended as a reliable adviser for the users, AutoForm-DieAdviser recommends the optimal tool layout and an efficient wear protection concept, based on AutoForm-Incremental simulation results. This optimal tool layout is defined taking into consideration the different tool materials, necessary surface hardening, appropriately positioned steel inserts, steel segmentation and/or tool coating. The choice of the coating has an essential influence on the lifetime and cost of the tools. The durability of tool materials, hardening and tool coating are determined taking the production quantity and press stroke rate into account.

AutoForm-DieAdviser improves production efficiency minimizing rejects and press down-times in production, using less lubricant and allowing for higher press stroke rates. In addition, its usage reduces the amount and cost of tool modifications during the try-out and start-up phases.

Dr. Markus Thomma, AutoForm’s Marketing Director stated: “We are happy that we can offer our customers such a software solution for optimal wear protection as the first on the market. An efficient wear protection concept defined already in the tooling engineering phase helps to avoid later expensive tool modifications during tryout or during production. Such efficient concept enhances the performance, usability and durability of the tool and ultimately reduces tooling costs.”

<>About AutoForm Engineering GmbH
AutoForm Engineering develops and markets specialized die face design and simulation software for the automotive and sheet metal forming industries. With all of the Top 20 automobile producers and customers, AutoForm is recognized as the number one provider of software for product formability, die face design and virtual tryouts to the global automotive industry. AutoForm offices are located in Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Mexico, India, China, Japan and Korea. The company also serves the needs of its customers through agents and distributors in more than 15 other countries (Turkey, Brazil, etc.).
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AutoForm Engineering GmbH
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