ESPRIT by DP Technology to be exhibited at Steakfest 2007, presented Sept. 25-27 in Minneapolis, Minn., by Concept Machine Tool Sales, Inc.
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ESPRIT by DP Technology to be exhibited at Steakfest 2007, presented Sept. 25-27 in Minneapolis, Minn., by Concept Machine Tool Sales, Inc.

Camarillo, Calif. — Sept. 13, 2007 — DP Technology, a leader in the industry of computer-aided machining (CAM), will exhibit the latest version of its software, ESPRIT 2008, at Steakfest 2007, presented Sept. 25-27 in Minneapolis, Minn., by Concept Machine Tool Sales, Inc., one of the Midwest’s largest machine tool distributors.

Visitors to the ESPRIT booth featured at the 15th biennial Steakfest can expect opportunities for interaction with DP staff, as well as demonstrations of the product and overview presentations of the new software.
Included among significant advancements in ESPRIT 2008 are turning stock automation for lathes, EDM machine specific machining technology, improved 3D machining performance, open-pocket milling, expanded CAD to CAM feature exchange (FX), enhanced KnowledgeBase machining (KBM) functionality, and “B”-axis turning for 5-axis mill-turn machines.

ESPRIT 2008 has been updated to support the latest machines and cutting technology for Charmilles, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, ONA and Sodick wire EDMs. This includes all-new “technology pages” (dialogue boxes) for 2-axis and 4-axis cutting for each manufacturer. Each machine-specific technology page includes the machine- specific terminology and technology settings for the given EDM machine manufacturer, and a direct interface into the machine’s technology database.
Among new key functionalities in 2008 is a new rotate entry point strategy for EDM operations, which gives the user the option to alternate the start point on profiles that have multiple cutting passes. This option is designed to be used when cutting a die on which the programmer wants to avoid having the wire start at the same position on each cut, thus diminishing the “witness” entrance line.
Improvements built into ESPRIT 2008 and on display at Steakfest enhance the performance of the CAM software by reducing the time required to produce part programs while increasing the quality of those programs and helping to reduce machining cycle times. These enhancements include significant improvements for milling, turning and wire EDM programming, and will be exhibited at the Steakfest event.

ESPRIT is a high-performance computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system for a full range of machine tool applications. ESPRIT delivers powerful full-spectrum programming for 2–5 axis milling, 2–22 axis turning, 2–5 axis wire EDM, multitasking mill-turn machining B-axis machine tools, and high-speed 3- and 5-axis machining.
ESPRIT’s high-performance capabilities include machining any part geometry (solid, surface, or wireframe), universal post processing to format G-code for virtually any machine tool, and solid simulation and verification with dry runs rendered in dynamic solids for optimal part quality and consistency. ESPRIT is 100 percent pure Windows®, and provides a comfortable and familiar user interface for maximum productivity.

About DP Technology
DP Technology is a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software market leader with a mission to provide CNC programmers with the most powerful CAM software ever. DP Technology’s flagship product, ESPRIT, captures the company’s vision of technology’s potential and its passion for excellence.
DP Technology maintains its worldwide headquarters in Camarillo, California and product development teams in California and Florence, Italy. Sales and support operations are located in Europe, Asia, and North and South America. For additional information about DP Technology and ESPRIT, call +1-805-388-6000, send an e-mail to Email Contact, or visit the company Web site at

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