Bunkspeed Unveils Hyperdrive At SIGGraph 2007
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Bunkspeed Unveils Hyperdrive At SIGGraph 2007

Astonishingly realistic automotive imagery promises to “drive Siggraph attendees wild”

Los Angeles, California August 7, 2007 – Bunkspeed, Inc. announced today it will launch its next generation automotive visualization and rendering application HyperDrive at Siggraph 2007, in San Diego, California, August 7th – 9th.

With a tagline that promises to “Drive Them Wild” and an exciting booth featuring a custom built Ford Mustang painted in DuPont™ Hot Hues “Irish Green over Psycho Silver,” Bunkspeed’s exhibit is sure to be one of the most popular at the anticipated event.

HyperDrive takes automotive imagery to a level that has never been seen before - yet comes with a learning curve as short as fifteen minutes. Novices and experts alike can use HyperDrive to import, paint, copy, organize, and animate 3D objects and scenery to photographic perfection.

Interactive ray tracing delivers accurate replications of physical prototypes. “Drag and drop” functionality instantly applies paints (including an optional library of DuPont paint colors), materials, lighting, and reflections. A driving simulation tool simultaneously records scenes from five different camera views with photographic quality.

HyperDrive also provides a valuable communication tool between designers and aerodynamicists. The application’s “Smokewand” feature accurately calculates airflow and turbulence.

Finally, HyperDrive’s powerful features are even further maximized with multi-core processing. In fact, the more cores, the higher the performance.

“The immediate impression of HyperDrive is the ease with which stunning photographic quality can be achieved. But HyperDrive also delivers significant business benefits,” said Philip Lunn, Bunkspeed CEO.

He continued, “The most notable is that companies can now slash tens of thousands of dollars from their ad production budgets by turning existing CAD data into dazzling marketing imagery, in house.”

Lunn observed that HyperDrive will also allow companies to save significant time and money during the product development phase. “Unlike using physical prototypes, HyperDrive lets designers easily experiment with different colors and materials. Important design decisions can be made much faster, yet better informed than ever before,” he concluded.

Siggraph 2007 attendees will be the first to view HyperDrive in action, which ships later this year along with its accompanying features Smokewand, Overdrive, Queue, and DuPont Paint Selector™. For more information, visit www.bunkspeed.com/hyperdrive.html.

In addition to Bunkspeed’s booth #1110 exhibit, the company is also hosting together with Pininfarina,
celebrating the future of design, at the Keating Hotel in San Diego, on August 8th, 2007.

About Bunkspeed
Bunkspeed is a leading global provider of visualization software and services for design, engineering, and marketing. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, our advanced visualization technologies leverage digital engineering assets and contribute to enlightened decision-making in the digital design process. Our clients gain a cost effective way to deliver sales and marketing imagery, and realize significantly reduced product development costs. Bunkspeed’s customers include Nissan, Ford Motor Company, Volvo, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Land Rover, Pininfarina, Chrysler, Mercedes Benz Advanced Design North America, and BMW Designworks. For more information on Bunkspeed’s products and services, visit www.bunkspeed.com.

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