Automotive Companies Reap Benefits of Industry Best Practices and Collaboration
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Automotive Companies Reap Benefits of Industry Best Practices and Collaboration

AIAG AutoTech 2007 Spotlights Industry Guidelines and Standards in Educational Sessions

DETROIT, July 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Automotive companies are using best practices, standards and guidelines as well as collaborating with their trading partners to improve profitability. The Automotive Industry Action Group's (AIAG) AutoTech conference and exhibition, which runs Aug. 21, 2007, - Aug. 23, 2007, features educational sessions to help companies streamline their processes, work smarter and cut costs by outlining these common business practices, industry standards, interoperable solutions and real-world results.


More than 50 sessions center on quality, product life cycle management, supply chain, warranty, IT and collaborative initiatives, as well as health safety and the environment. Spread over Tuesday and Wednesday, technical and managerial sessions will inform mid- to high-level management from OEMs, material and part suppliers at all tiers and solution providers about tools and resources for their companies to improve business performance. New sessions cover pandemic flu preparedness and response planning and what companies need to know about China Compulsory Certification compliance. Other presentations include new topics such as the transport of alternative fuel vehicles and components and AIAG's initiative on REACh (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).

    Educational tracks include:
     - OEM Sessions - Chrysler Group; Ford Motor Company; General Motors;
       Honda of America Manufacturing; Toyota Motor Engineering Manufacturing
       N.A., Inc. and Volvo Group discuss next steps, upcoming programs,
       changing requirements and supply chain standards.

     - Solutions Through Co-opetition - Case studies feature cooperative
       success stories on how companies manage cultural differences and
       varying corporate philosophies to create mutually beneficial solutions.

     - Update on Quality - Sessions present updates on ISO/TS 16949:2002
       implementation including customer specifics for DaimlerChrysler, Ford
       and General Motors.  An update on the status of AIAG's special
       processes guidelines for heat treat, plating and coatings are also

     - Changing Culture for Quality - Case studies and best practices provide
       insight into how companies can improve quality, achieve better customer
       satisfaction and increase sales.

     - Warranty - Sessions focus on current AIAG projects that address
       warranty reduction, customer centric warranty management - a joint
       initiative with the Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA),
       early warning standards, plant floor-to-business initiatives and best
       practices from the truck and heavy equipment sector.

     - Global Supply Chain - International supply chain initiatives, global
       MMOG/LE, RFID, materials management key performance indicators and best
       practices for the flow of materials - especially from emerging
       countries - are addressed in these sessions.

     - Global Supply Chain Interoperability - Individual sessions concentrate
       on AIAG Business Object Document (BOD) development methodology,
       inventory visibility & interoperability (IV&I) e-kanban and the ATHENA
       project, as well as AIAG's Plant Floor-to-Business (P2B) initiatives.

     - Global Platform Interoperability - AIAG has been working with the
       industry to develop an interoperable, architectural framework to
       support distributed complex business processes using a consistent set
       of standards-based methods. This framework leverages XML, emerging Web
       services standards and service-oriented architecture to establish the
       foundations for next generation of business-to-business
       interoperability based on real industry requirements.

     - Global/Joint Efforts - AIAG's progress with other organizations in
       Europe, Japan and China to establish global standards and harmonized
       business practices are outlined in these sessions.

     - Emerging Health, Safety & Environmental Issues - Sessions present how
       AIAG members are integrating environmental issues into business and
       product planning to create competitive advantage and manage risk.

     - PLM Strategic Approaches in Automotive - Global PLM standardization
       efforts, digital engineering visualization, standardized metrology in
       automotive manufacturing, quality measurement data specifications and
       optical scanning standardization are examined in these sessions.

     - PLM Case Studies - Representatives from IBM Corp., UGS, Parametric
       Technology Corp. and Dassault Systemes explain how the use of PLM
       dynamic solutions provides immediate benefits for their client base.

In its 20th year, AIAG AutoTech 2007 focuses on collaboration among competing supply chain partners to create value and on the efforts of the more than 1,400 supply chain companies actively engaged in numerous AIAG initiatives. The theme of this year's AutoTech is Co-opetition: Creating Supply Chain Value. The conference features more than 50 sessions in 11 subject areas, OEM and keynote sessions and product demonstrations and case studies.

On Thursday, top purchasing executives from five automakers will participate in a panel session on industry issues. This panel session is also available as a standalone registration for $75.

The exhibit floor includes leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as service and technology providers displaying tools to help improve industry processes in automatic identification, collaborative engineering, e-commerce, business-to-business, supply chain management and quality. The early-bird registration rate, valid through July 31, will save attendees $200. Register at

About AIAG

Founded in 1982, AIAG is a globally recognized organization where OEMs and suppliers unite to address and resolve issues affecting the worldwide automotive supply chain. AIAG's goals are to reduce cost and complexity through collaboration; improve product quality, health, safety and the environment; and optimize speed to market throughout the supply chain. Headquartered in the metro Detroit area, its member companies include North American, European and Asia-Pacific OEMs and suppliers to the automotive industry. Visit the organization's newly redesigned Web site at

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