Optimal Solutions Announces New EU Distributor
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Optimal Solutions Announces New EU Distributor


IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO, United States of America - Monday, July 2, 2007 - Optimal Solutions Software, LLC, the world's leading developer of mesh deformation software for the computational fluid dynamic (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) markets, recently signed on a new distributor to market and sell its SculptorTM software product in the European Union. 

When Optimal Solutions' previous EU Distributor, Advantage CFD, was instructed by its owner, Honda F1 Racing, to exclusively market and sell the Honda products, key Advantage people stayed devoted to Optimal Solutions.  Their dedication to the Sculptor product has culminated in the formation of TotalSim Ltd, a vibrant new CFD consultancy company headquartered in Brackley, UK.

Resellers Will Remain. 

TotalSim will retain its existing Resellers, SIREHNA and TechSoft Engineering:

  •         SIREHNA - www.sirehna.com

    Having signed its Distribution Agreement with Optimal Solutions in 2006, SIREHNA, located in Nantes, France, has been successfully developing the sales and marketing effort for Sculptor in France and Belgium.  During its 21 years as a simulation and modelling consulting company, SIREHNA has been at the forefront of the industry in creating optimal design technologies in the solid and fluid mechanical domains.

  •         TechSoft Engineering  - www.techsoft-eng.cz

           "Leading CAE technical analysis firm in Czech/Slovak Republics"

    Since it was founded in 1991, TechSoft Engineering, located in Praha, Czech Republic, has specialized in technical analysis of a wide range of CFD/FEM industrial applications, as well as consultancy and support for its more than 200 customers.  In support of these activities, the TechSoft R&D team is continually developing new computational methodologies and optimization processes for the CFD and FEM markets.

    OSS Welcomes TotalSim to the Team

    "We see great opportunities for the use of Sculptor as a key development tool in companies looking to improve their CAE design processes.  Sculptor greatly enhances the productivity of CAE software, and for many businesses, it has rapidly become an essential part of their product design workflow. 
    We are very pleased to have TotalSim as one of our distributors and are certain that they will provide a world-class service to our customers in Europe".

    Mark Landon, President, Optimal Solutions Software, LLC

    About Optimal Solutions Software, LLC

    On October 1, 2003, Optimal Solutions Software, LLC, officially launched "Sculptor".  Since that time, this major offering to the CFD/FEA industry has been answering the question of how to improve engineering designs-in the most cost-effective, timely manner. 

    Sculptor is used to deform analysis meshes used in both CFD and FEA simulations.  Using proprietary Arbitrary Shape Deformation (ASD) technology, the user can easily and intuitively change the shape of a model in a smooth and controlled manner.  Major changes that previously took days can now be achieved in hours.

    The Company's values-driven corporate strategy calls for utilizing Sculptor, whenever possible, to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions of pollutants from automobiles, aircraft and industrial activities.

    The Big Three auto companies, as well as the top Formula 1 race car companies are using Sculptor to reduce drag on their cars, thus improving fuel consumption, while still allowing designers the freedom to incorporate their own aesthetics.  Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Cessna, as well, are working with Optimal Solutions to improve aerodynamic efficiencies of their aircraft.  The Optimal Solutions Team knows that drag reduction saves billions of gallons of fuel per year, resulting in reduced dependence on crude oil-and a step closer to bolstering one of the Company's major principals:  "to pursue purpose beyond profit".

    About TotalSim Ltd.

    TotalSim Ltd. is an engineering consultancy based in Brackley, UK specializing in CFD and optimization and engineering solutions to the motorsports and other industries.  TotalSim will provide Optimal Solutions with consulting, and sales and implementation, as well as training and support services throughout the EU.  Project Manager, Rob Lewis, formerly Principal at Advantage CFD, will oversee the development of Sculptor sales within the EU.


    TotalSim Contact:

    Rob Lewis, Ph.D.

    01280 709970

    07813 362191

    Email Address:  Email Contact


    For Media Information:

    Carolyn Harrison

    Director of Marketing

    Optimal Solutions Software, LLC

    Telephone:  208.542.9222

    Cell Phone:  208.520.0903

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