EDO Unveils New Products At Farnborough Air Show
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EDO Unveils New Products At Farnborough Air Show

FARNBOROUGH, U.K.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—July 17, 2006— EDO Corporation (NYSE: EDO) is introducing several new products and design concepts at the Farnborough International Air Show being held this week in England.

    --  The Enhanced Smart Triple Ejector Rack (ESTER) is a
        modification kit being developed by EDO and Terma A/S for the
        TER-9/A bomb rack. When equipped with the kit, the resultant
        ESTER features a "smart" aircraft interface and a BRU-57
        emulation mode while maintaining the legacy TER-9/A aircraft
        interface and functionality. ESTER provides weapon interfaces
        for three MIL-STD-1760 weapons or three Small Diameter Bombs.

        An additional benefit of ESTER is EDO's Field Replaceable
        Connector System (FRCS), the next generation of MIL-STD-1760 
        weapon umbilical connectors that has just entered service on 
        F-16, A-10, Tornado and Harrier. The FRCS provides an 
        electrical interface that is "jam free" during weapon 
        disconnect. It provides the further benefit of being field 
        replaceable. FRCS has also recently been selected for USAF 
        2006 Foreign Comparative Testing.

    --  EDO's Legacy Aircraft Seventeen Sixty Interface Electronics
        (LASSIE) enables older aircraft to carry MIL-STD-1760
        precision-guided munitions using the older aircraft's AGM-65
        Maverick missile interface without the need for aircraft
        modifications. LASSIE serves as a protocol bridge between a
        Maverick-compatible aircraft and a single MIL-STD-1760 weapon.

        LASSIE generates and displays to the aircraft pilot/weapon
        operator information required to select and monitor a weapon,
        to change its target, to determine when it is in range of its
        target, and to safely release the weapon.

    --  The Lightweight Stores Release Unit (SRU) is an entirely new
        design specifically for the carriage and release of small
        stores and smart weapons. It is non-pyrotechnic and capable of
        gravity or 'soft' eject release of stores up to 250 lbs, but
        weighs just 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg). Within its small space envelope
        are conventional features including an in-flight operable lock
        and twin arming-units.

        Its low reaction load is particularly suitable for the
        lightweight construction of Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) as well
        as helicopters and training aircraft. It will soon fly on two
        experimental UAS platforms.

    --  The JASSM missile fuselage is produced with EDO's unique
        Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VaRTM) process. VaRTM
        is a flight-qualified, low-cost, high-quality infusion and
        molding process used to produce airframe structures.

    --  EDO is displaying a concept model for integrating airborne
        mine-countermeasure equipment into helicopters equipped with a
        rear facing ramp, such as the H-53, EH101, NH-90, S-92, or
        H-47. The model includes a handling system for EDO's OASIS
        minesweeper or Sea Fox mine neutralizer, as well as towed
        side-scan sonar. The product would also upgrade the US Navy's
        existing MH-53E installation and a future variant of the

    Other EDO products on display include:

    --  Electronic Warfare equipment, such as the Shortstop Electronic
        Protection System (SEPS) that causes proximity-fused weapons
        to pre-detonate.

    --  The Advanced Capability Pod (ACaP) is a state-of-the-art,
        lightweight, totally autonomous jamming POD that counters both
        airborne and ground-based threats. ACaP is combat proven and
        now in the US Air Force and soon to be in the US Navy
        inventories. It is compatible with all tactical fighters.

    --  GEMINI Smart Twin Store Carrier. GEMINI is a MIL-STD 1760
        compliant, universal aircraft/weapon fit carriage system that
        increases the payload an aircraft can deliver on a single
        mission. Benefits include enhanced operational capability
        through increased smart-weapon load-out, improved store mix,
        and increased range.

    --  Superior performance antennas for the defense and aerospace
        marketplace used for a wide variety of omni and
        direction-finding applications.

    --  SABRE smart, multiple-store carrier with Viper Strike
        launchers and lightweight stores release unit. SABRE is a
        modular family of ultra lightweight, non-pyrotechnic carriers
        specifically designed to release a variety of small, smart
        weapons from a wide variety of platforms, including unmanned
        air systems and helicopters. The modular build allows various
        configurations of up to twelve stations; the twin store
        version weighs just 40 lbs (18 kg).

    --  The PLM-4 portable radar-signal simulator designed to test the
        radar-warning receivers on military aircraft before takeoff,
        as well as during routine maintenance.

    --  A next-generation pneumatic, twin-store-carrier weapon-release
        system. This smart-weapon carriage system is designed to
        increase the payload on high-performance tactical aircraft.

EDO Corporation designs and manufactures a diverse range of products for defense, intelligence, and commercial markets, and provides related engineering and professional services. Major product groups include: Defense Electronics, Communications, Aircraft Armament Systems, Undersea Warfare, and Integrated Composite Structures. EDO's advanced systems are at the core of the transformation to lighter, faster, and smarter defense capabilities.

With headquarters in New York, EDO Corporation ( www.edocorp.com) employs 3,000 people worldwide. The company was founded in 1925 and had revenues of $648 million in 2005.

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