Invention Machine Releases Goldfire Innovator 3.0
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Invention Machine Releases Goldfire Innovator 3.0

BOSTON—(BUSINESS WIRE)—May 23, 2006— Invention Machine Corporation, the leading provider of enterprise software to optimize knowledge creation and accelerate the process of innovation, today announced the availability of Goldfire Innovator(TM) 3.0.

The latest release of Goldfire Innovator integrates problem identification, analysis and solution-generating capabilities with a patented semantic knowledge engine and access to rich technical content. Goldfire Innovator enables companies to identify viable solutions across product and information lifecycles while leveraging relevant content from across internal and corporate knowledge bases, patent and scientific effects databases, and the internet and deep-web.

With Goldfire Innovator, companies can systematically conceive new products and processes; more rapidly accelerating the introduction of innovative products. Additionally, companies can resolve design or process problems across a product's lifecycle to streamline production efficiencies and gain earlier visibility into resolving defects in existing products - mitigating risk and minimizing warranty costs..

"Enterprises worldwide are under increasing pressure to deliver better-performing and more differentiated product offerings to sustain a competitive advantage, " said Mark E. Atkins, Chairman, President and CEO of Invention Machine. "Invention Machine enables organizations to better and more rapidly identify, understand and solve problems, thereby meeting global competitive demands to sustain knowledge creation and accelerated innovation on a cost-effective basis."

The latest release of Goldfire Innovator includes numerous new customer-driven enhancements and features such as a new Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) workflow that enables users to identify potential failure modes for a device or a process; formulate and prioritize potential effects and causes of failures; and, identify actions to prevent high priority failure modes.

Goldfire Innovator also introduces a new semantic structure - the Cause-Effect relationship - providing the ability to automatically identify and retrieve 'causes' and 'effects' of events across pre-indexed semantic databases. This automated concept retrieval, accessed through Goldfire Innovator's Root Cause Analysis and FMEA modules, enables engineers to dynamically access and leverage relevant information that is often outside of their own domain of knowledge. This, in effect, puts thousands and thousands of years of prior art and knowledge at an engineer's fingertips.

In addition, the latest release of Goldfire Innovator provides semantic access to LiveLink(R) and Documentum(TM) repositories; improved semantic search algorithms and anaphora resolution. Anaphora resolution automatically identifies what a noun or pronoun (within a phrase in a document) refers to - enabling more complete semantic searches across indexed documents, patents and other technical content.

Goldfire Innovator 3.0 is available immediately. For more information, please contact Invention Machine at, 1-617-305-9250 or, in the US and Canada, at 1-800-595-5500.

About Invention Machine

Invention Machine Corporation is the leading provider of enterprise software that optimizes knowledge creation and accelerates the process of innovation. For more than a decade, over 1,200 companies have leveraged Invention Machine's innovation software to drive top-line growth, reduce costs and expedite time-to-market. Invention Machine's Goldfire Innovator empowers an enterprise with actionable knowledge to innovate more effectively, improve design and production processes across the product lifecycle and continually fuel product pipelines achieving better success rates and faster time to market delivery.

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Invention Machine's global presence supports Global 5,000 customers worldwide including such companies as Delphi, HP, NASA, Procter & Gamble, Renault. Hexcel, Samsung, Saipem, Dow, NEC, Whirlpool, and Shell. For additional information, please visit

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