SolidWorks Used To Create Womb-Like Incubator
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SolidWorks Used To Create Womb-Like Incubator

CONCORD, Mass.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—May 15, 2006— A leading Norwegian industrial design firm used SolidWorks(R) software to design an innovative incubator that nurtures premature infants in an environment second only to the womb.

The PremaCare Incubator, designed by 360 Grader Produktdesign AS of Oslo in concert with pediatricians in hospital settings, employs a revolutionary dome that keeps tiny patients away from noisy mechanical parts and magnetic radiation. PremaCare's clear double-walled, temperature-controlled hemisphere gives parents and hospital staff a 360-degree view of the infant and convenient five-door access. The device, which won the grand prize in the SolidWorks Design Contest 2005, will soon be mass-produced by U.S.-based Delphi Medical Systems in Troy, Mich.

"SolidWorks 3D CAD software is an indispensable tool for us to develop complex shapes that are ready for production," said designer Torgeir Hamsund, co-founder and CEO of 360 Grader Produktdesign. "After 15 years in the business, I've seen a lot of accuracy problems crop up when designs get to the tooling stage. We've seen none of those with SolidWorks. It creates mathematically precise files and sophisticated surfaces without limiting the industrial designer. SolidWorks also lets us communicate effectively with suppliers, partners, and our customers, virtually all of whom use SolidWorks software. We estimate savings as high as 30 percent over the use of other design software in development costs, engineering changes, design time, prototype costs, and scrap. We're seeing proportionate improvements in product quality and market share."

360 Grader Produktdesign last year surveyed health care providers who raised concerns about traditional incubators. The PremaCare incubator will deliver improvements in:

-- Temperature - A double-wall dome maintains air flow at a steady temperature, keeping the baby warm even when access is needed and the doors are open.

-- Air quality - An open conventional incubator exposes the patient to unfiltered air. A specially designed filtering system ensures that air entering the incubator continues to be filtered even when the incubator doors are open.

-- Noise - The incubator's design places components away from the infant to reduce noise and electromagnetic radiation.

-- Ergonomics - The incubator's patented 360-degree access system provides more convenient proximity to the infant. With components placed at the bottom, this incubator is unusually stable and can be set at different heights. It also provides easy access to all components for cleaning, repair, or replacement.

"It's thrilling when elegant design meets life-saving medicine, and the result is a product with unusual beauty and value," said Rainer Gawlick, SolidWorks vice president of worldwide marketing. "We look forward to seeing millions of patients and their families benefit from such a wonderful product designed in SolidWorks."

360 Grader Produktdesign relies on authorized SolidWorks reseller CAE Consult Scandinavia AS for ongoing software training, implementation, and support.

SolidWorks users last year submitted 150 innovative entries to the SolidWorks Design Contest 2005. Runners up were: Change-a-Bowl from Hamilton Beach; a Steam Locomotive model from Gould Studios; and an Axial Piston Engine from Innovations Engineering Inc. SolidWorks software users can enter the SolidWorks Design Contest 2006 at any time. For details visit

About 360 Grader Produktdesign

360 Grader Produktdesign is a design consultancy that delivers product design, mechanical engineering, advanced thermal analyses, prototyping, and production specifications to its clients. They are developing advanced radio equipment for military use, hospital devices, and regular consumer products. "We are very marked driven, focusing on the user and how the product is going to connect with the market," says Torgeir Hamsund, CEO.

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About CAE Consult Scandinavia AS

Since its founding in 1988, CAE Consult Scandinavia AS (CCS) has provided its clients with CAD/CAM and PDM solutions combined with experience in engineering, production, and analysis to help them increase productivity. Today CCS is one of the key SolidWorks resellers in Norway with offices in both Skien and Asker, and a focus on selling SolidWorks, COSMOSWorks(R), and GibbsCAM(R) software. For more information, call +47 35 91 59 00 or visit the company's Web site (

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