Metris Camio Studio 4.3 Expands it’s Capability to Include Manufacturing Information
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Metris Camio Studio 4.3 Expands it’s Capability to Include Manufacturing Information

Leuven, May 8th 2006 - Metris will launch the latest version of Camio Studio at the Control Show in Sinsheim on the 9th May 2006. Camio 4.3 is the first release of the metrology software suite since Metris acquired LK in January & its release is significant in highlighting the rapid integration of the two metrology companies. With this release Studio further increases it’s multi sensor functionality & the range of metrology hardware that can be succesfully ported into the software.

The Camio installation now provides three Windows local user groups. The administrator, supervisor & operator. An extremely useful feature for the protection of vital configuration data & for the output of set up data within the Launchpad for LK Q-Das package.

A major breakthrough achieved in this release is access to manufacturing information. Version 4.3 now offers this access direct from CATIA v5 & Pro/E. Support available is for reading data annotations such as text,datum geometric tolerance & roughness as well as hole features. Extraction of the PMI data allows the user to give a list of the GD&T tolerances applied to datum features & ACIS hole features before inserting them into the DMIS program. With the added inclusion of drag & drop capability the whole process of measuring datum features has been made easier right at the very heart of the programming level.

Further developments include the integration of the Metris Laser scanners & improved performance of the crash protection simulation. Key features can now be scanned directly, evaluated & extracted using construction commands & a new 2D configurable view is available for online use that allows the setting of laser intensity, quality, minimum signal strength & extraction intensity. With menus provided for the sensor, Point clouds & improvements to the Laser probe qualification Camio 4.3 strengthens its multi sensor capability & the flexibility for users to select the correct probe for their application.

Working with D-cubed, now part of Unigraphics, improvements to the simulation & collision detection capability have also been made. Maximum user control to easily configure the speed of simulation is provided using the new simulation rate option. This allows the user to modify the speed at any point during a simulation to give the user maximum visualisation with complete control.

Camio 4.3 also addresses the aerospace need for wing spar thickness measurement. The creation of wing spar thickness programs for inspection has been greatly simplified with the inclusion of a new tool. With this tool the user selects the measurement plane & the surfaces that they want to inspect. The tool then generates one or two rows of points along a curve on the surface, which the user can then manipulate, before building the sequence of point-pairs on both sides of the rib.

A key feature of the development of the Camio Studio software suite has been the integration of other metrology equipment onto the platform. This is further strengthened with the new release and support is now provided for the Krypton K-CMM, the Faro Arm SDK (USB), the Romer (FR) & support for known & unknown scanning on Zeiss CMM’s equipped with the VAST head, increasing the versatility of Camio Studio for a wide variety of users & applications.

About Metris
Metris designs, develops and markets a unique range of 3D hardware and software inspection systems for the automotive and aerospace sectors. The company offers world-class metrology solutions for both design and manufacturing communities. The comprehensive product family covers the full range of measurement volumes required by customers, in both fixed and portable configurations and with optical and touch sensors.

Metris provides best-in-class precision equipment and metrology solutions for classical CMM measurements featuring bridge and horizontal arm CMMs.

Metris is the market leader for CMM based laser inspection, with the Metris LC and XC laser scanners offering full surface and feature measurement.

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The Metris Laser Radar is the top solution available to the manufacturing industry that provides a fully automated, non-contact measurement and inspection capability for large-volume applications of up to 60 meters.

The Metris iGPS is a modular, large volume tracking system enabling factory-wide localization of multiple objects with metrology accuracy, applicable in manufacturing and assembly.

Metris completes its product portfolio with a full range of complementary software solutions for inspection and reverse engineering applications.

The Metris Headquarters are based in Leuven (Belgium) with additional production and development centers in UK (Derby, London) US (California, Detroit, Virginia), China, Russia, India and Bulgaria. Metris provides a worldwide network of sales and support offices located in Europe, Asia, and the United States.


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