dSPACE Showcases "Virtual Vehicle"
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dSPACE Showcases "Virtual Vehicle"

DETROIT, April 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovations in electronics technology for software development processes are being demonstrated by dSPACE, a German-based high-technology company with its North American headquarters in Novi, Mich., at the 2006 SAE World Congress, April 3 - 7.

dSPACE, a market leader and innovator in solutions and systems for development of embedded electronic controllers, provides hardware, software and engineering support services for controller testing, control algorithm prototyping, automatic production code generation and controller calibration.

At exhibit booth #1701, dSPACE will demonstrate the latest in embedded control development technologies. Highlights include:

    * Virtual Vehicle with Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) - a critical
      aspect of validating the ever-growing networks of automotive control
      systems is ensuring that all ECUs in the vehicle function as specified
      in real-time.  dSPACE supplies off-the-shelf and turn-key systems that
      simulate all physical components of the vehicle, including engine,
      transmission, and vehicle dynamics while connected to actual electronic
      control unit (ECU).  dSPACE has recently expanded this simulation
      offering with Automotive Simulation Models (ASM), complete and
      configurable Simulink real-time models for both gasoline and diesel
      Powertrains as well as for vehicle dynamics.  These models can be used
      in single-ECU tests, or in Virtual Vehicle simulation configurations, as
      is on display in the dSPACE booth.  ASM provides the automotive
      community high quality, real-time models, which are completely open
      allowing the user to fully adapt the model to suit any specific
      application.  This open adaptability is a first compared to competing

    * RapidPro: Modular Platform and MPC5554 Microcontroller - A brand-new
      variant of the modular RapidPro System for testing production code is
      being introduced by the company and is a compact, stand-alone
      prototyping ECU boasting the new MPC5554 microcontroller ("Copperhead").
      It is ideally suited to testing production code as early as the function
      prototyping stage -- for example, in developing automotive functions for
      chassis control, transmission control, or body electronics.

    * VertiCal Plug-On-Device (POD) - This is a new interface device to
      connect proven dSPACE Rapid Control Prototyping and Calibration tools to
      the Freescale MPC5500 family of Microcontrollers, using the innovative
      VertiCal integrated tools interface.  This new technology reduces ECU
      development costs by providing tool access to the microcontroller during
      development phases, with minimal impact on the overall ECU design.

    * Target Implementation with TargetLink(TM) 2.1 - The leading tool for
      generating production C Code for ECUs from
      MATLAB(R)/Simulink(R)/Stateflow(R) models.  TargetLink's unique
      simulation concept allows the generated code to be tested both on a host
      PC (software-in-the-loop) and on the actual target processor (processor-
      in-the-loop), accelerating the time to go from model to production code.
      TargetLink 2.1 showcases centralized data management with the dSPACE
      Data Dictionary, enabling integration into software development
      processes and supporting a multi-developer environment.  Using
      TargetLink, dSPACE customers have increased productivity and reduced
      their overall software development cycle.

"dSPACE provides an optimal mix of standard solutions and customer-specific engineering," said Kevin Kott, president, dSPACE. "We help mechatronic system manufacturers shorten software development time while improving system reliability with real-time systems for controller prototyping, automatic production-code generation, ECU system tests, and ECU calibration."

Founded in 1988, dSPACE has its headquarters in Paderborn, Germany, and engineering project centers in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany. In addition to its Novi, Mich., subsidiary, the company has subsidiaries in France and the United Kingdom and representatives worldwide. Today, more than 12,000 dSPACE systems are in use worldwide, serving customers in the automotive, aerospace, agricultural, educational, engineering, robotics and noise & vibration industries.

    More information is available on the Internet at 

    2006 SAE World Congress, Booth # 1701
    April 3-7, 2006

CONTACT: Alicia Alvin of dSPACE, +1-248-567-1231, Email Contact; or
Larry Weis, Email Contact, or Jan Krol, Email Contact, both of
AutoCom Associates, +1-248-647-8621

Web site: http://www.dspaceinc.com/