Metris Acquires LK, 3D Scanners and Arc Second
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Metris Acquires LK, 3D Scanners and Arc Second

Three strategic acquisitions position Metris as the Total Solution Provider for Automotive and Aerospace Metrology applications

Leuven, January 17th 2006 – Metris today announces the simultaneous acquisition of LK Ltd. (Derby, UK), 3D Scanners Ltd. (London, UK) and Arc Second Inc. (Virginia, Washington, USA). Total funds in excess of 35 million euro have been raised to finance the acquisition and integration of the three privately held companies.

"Through these acquisitions Metris becomes a total solution provider offering both unique breakthrough optical as well as classical tactile metrology technologies combined with best in class services." says Bart Van Coppenolle, Metris President and CEO. "This strategy guarantees our customers a risk and hassle-free upgrade path to new optical metrology technologies."

Metris now holds the unique position of being able to offer their customers a totally integrated hard- and software solution covering the complete range of 3D inspection tasks. In addition to the classical CMM touch probe technology, Metris offers 3D optical metrology solutions, in fixed and portable configurations, for measurement volumes applicable in automotive and aerospace applications. Metris' technologies are integrated with native single point and point cloud software and supported by an extensive service organization.

LK is a renowned and well-established CMM manufacturer that offers high-end, accurate horizontal arm and bridge CMM's, as well as one of the leading CMM software suites: Camio Studio. LK has an excellent reputation for customer service and has recently won a prestigious "Customer Service Leadership Award" in an independent market study published in 2005.

"LK has a history of offering innovative technologies that provide the best possible solutions to our customers", says Charlie Edgington, previously CEO of LK Ltd and now V.P. Marketing for Metris. "We are very pleased to become part of Metris, the technology leaders in the market, offering a unique and exciting range of products and services to our customers"

Arc Second develops, manufactures and markets Indoor GPS positioning and tracking solutions. The Metris Indoor GPS is a modular, large volume tracking system enabling factory-wide localization of multiple objects with metrology accuracy, applicable in manufacturing and assembly. Indoor GPS is mainly used by aerospace manufacturers, but is also adopted by automotive and industrial manufacturers both for positioning and tracking applications.

Edward Barrientos, Arc Second's former CEO and joining the Board of Directors, comments "The adoption of Indoor GPS technology by many of the world's most respected manufacturers has continued to gain tremendous momentum. This acquisition combines Arc Second's powerful technology with Metris world-class marketing and distribution."

3D Scanners is the world-leading manufacturer of non-contact three-dimensional scanners for articulated and robot arm CMM's. These flexible and portable systems offer a fast and easy method for creating accurate digital representations of complex shaped objects for inspections against CAD data and reverse engineering.

Stephen Crampton, the former Chairman of 3D Scanners said: "The new technologies that 3D Scanners has developed require a better capitalized partner to develop them to their full potential. Metris is ideally positioned to further expand the footprint of our technology". The recent introduction of the 3D Scanners Freedom Robot CMM's is an important strategic solution enabling automated shop floor scanning and inspection. The Freedom Robot CMM, due for launch in 2007, is both automated and portable and therefore combines the advantages of manual portable CMM arms and fixed-bed CNC CMM's.

About Metris
Metris designs, develops and markets a unique range of 3D hardware and software inspection systems for the automotive and aerospace sectors. The company offers world- class metrology solutions for both design and manufacturing communities. The comprehensive product family covers the full range of measurement volumes required by customers, in both fixed and portable configurations and with optical and touch sensors.

Metris provides best in class precision equipment and metrology solutions for classical CMM measurements featuring bridge and horizontal arm CMM's.

Metris is the market leader for CMM based laser inspection, with the Metris LC and XC laser scanners offering full surface and feature measurement.

Metris Optical CMM's are portable, hand-held coordinate measuring machines, with a proven track record in engineering, pre-production, and quality control applications. The Optical CMM's can also be used in dynamic testing and robot calibration applications.

Metris Handheld 3D Scanners are the best-in-class articulated arm scanners for inspection and reverse engineering.

The Metris Laser Radar is the top solution available to the manufacturing industry that provides a fully automated, non-contact measurement and inspection capability for large- volume applications of up to 60 meters.

The Metris Indoor GPS is a modular, large volume tracking system enabling factory-wide localization of multiple objects with metrology accuracy, applicable in manufacturing and assembly.

Metris completes its product portfolio with a full range of complementary software solutions for inspection and reverse engineering applications.

The Metris Headquarters are based in Leuven (Belgium) with additional production and development centers in UK (Derby, London) US (California, Detroit, Virginia), China, Russia and Bulgaria. Metris provides a worldwide network of sales and support offices located in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

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