Theorem To Deliver Free Seminars On Lightweight Design Formats
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Theorem To Deliver Free Seminars On Lightweight Design Formats


Release date: 13th January 2006


AMAP to Host Theorem Seminar at ‘Digital Factory’ Facility on 8th February

Leading CAD data translation specialist, Theorem Solutions has teamed up with the University of Sunderland to present a day-long programme of free seminars on 8th February, highlighting the capabilities and implications of new lightweight product data formats, such as: PTC ProductView, UGS JT, Adobe U3D, Latice XVL and Dassault Systemes 3DXML.

Hosted by Alan Stafford, manager of the University-based Institute of Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing Practice (AMAP) and the ‘Digital Factory’ project - part of the publicly-funded £9 million ‘Accelerate North East’ initiative - the seminars will enable local designers and engineers to gain an impartial assessment of the formats’ origins, development and potential applications, as well as likely impact on their own supply chain communications.

The programme comprises two identical morning sessions, each giving an overview of the various data formats, their characteristics, their business drivers, and the importance of seamless data translation and interoperability between them. Seminars will commence at 8.30 am and 11.00 am, enabling attendees to choose the one that suits their working day best. Refreshments will also be provided and, as an added incentive, a prize draw for a pair of 256 Mb memory sticks will be held at each morning session.

An afternoon ‘open house’ will include a surgery for engineers and designers to discuss specific issues with Theorem staff. In addition, a live data translation facility will enable them to see the capabilities of Theorem’s CADverter translators in action for themselves.

“Our unique position, both as an independent translator developer and a business partner with the major PLM vendors, provides us with a unique understanding of the way new formats are being developed and implemented,” says Theorem’s General Manager, Keith Jeacock. “Their growing popularity raises a number of important data exchange and interoperability issues.

“Theorem already offers a wide variety of translation solutions between the new formats and leading CAD systems. Through our series of free seminars, attendees will not only gain an impartial overview of anticipated developments and their implications, but also an insight into the solutions to some of the challenges they are likely to face in the future.”

For further information on the seminars, or to reserve a place, please visit
or email Email Contact, with the subject line ‘Sunderland AMAP Seminar details please’.

About Theorem Solutions
Theorem Solutions is recognised as one of the world’s leaders in CAD/CAM product data exchange, offering application programs for Direct Database conversion and for International Standards-based conversion methods (STEP). The Theorem CADverter family is the widest range of direct CAD translators available from any single source. In addition to CADverter, it includes CADviewer, Data eXchange Navigator (DXN) and CADhealer, all delivering improved communications and interoperability between CAD systems. Theorem’s on-line translation service is at and information on all its products and services can be found at

About AMAP and The Digital Factory
Based at the University of Sunderland, the Institute for Automotive and Manufacturing Advanced Practice (AMAP) is a “reach out” department engaged in the project management and delivery of regional, international and commercial projects. In parallel, the ‘Digital Factory’ is a project funded by One North East and operated in conjunction with the North East Productivity Alliance (NEPA) to provide local industry with: training and skills development related to digital engineering; help with understanding and adoption of relevant digital tools; and assistance with justifying and implementing solution. Further information can be found at


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