ESI Group Releases Simulation Technology For Aerodynamic Shape Optimization
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ESI Group Releases Simulation Technology For Aerodynamic Shape Optimization

PAM-FLOWTM Adjoint Solver Cuts Significantly the Number of Design Iterations in CFD Shape Optimization on an Automotive Air Duct

EuroPAM 2005 Potsdam, Wolfsburg, Germany and Paris, France October 5, 2005 – ESI Group (ESIN FR0004110310) announces a breakthrough in Simulation Based Design (SBD) by implementing a new technology, called PAM-FLOW TM/AS (Adjoint Solver), into its Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solutions for aerodynamic shape optimization.

CFD related optimization is a very demanding task in terms of computational resources. The key advantage of the adjoint solution based method is that it requires fewer design iterations regardless of the number of design parameters, and therefore drastically cuts the number of Design of Experiment (DOE) simulations in the optimization process.

ESI Group’s PAM-FLOWTM/AS comprises an automated optimization method including automatic remeshing and morphing capability of either analytic or discrete surfaces for precise geometry representation.

A joint case study was made by Volkswagen and ESI Group on a HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) air duct using both the adjoint solver and a conventional optimization method. The adjoint solver demonstrated improvements in both HVAC performance and turn-a-round time. It took two design iterations to achieve 20% reduction of the head loss, with automatic shape update in six hours. A single alternative conventional optimization solution required 600 design iterations (600 CFD solver runs) in order to achieve the same level of head loss reduction.

“The adjoint solver shows great potential to cut the number of prototypes in the entire design process. It is a major breakthrough for car designers who use CFD solutions. At Volkswagen, in collaboration with ESI Group’s engineers, we are looking very deeply into this method to extend the applications from the air duct, to aerodynamics drag/lift or yaw moment, aero-acoustics and engine intake port design etc.”, says Dr. C. Othmer, CAE Method Division, Volkswagen, Wolfsburg, Germany, who has presented the EUROGEN 2005 paper for aerodynamic shape optimization with ESI Group’s PAM-FLOWTM adjoint solver.

“ESI Group considers this adjoint solver as one of its strategic technologies for Simulation Based Design, to supply end users a transparent process within their simulation environment.” adds Dr. Ming Zhu, CFD Product Manager, ESI Group. “Today we are working with Volkswagen and other industrial partners across the world through joint studies to adapt and enhance our technologies for all our CFD solutions.”

ESI Group plans to have the PAM-FLOW TM/AS product released by spring 2006.

ESI Group CFD solutions :

ESI Group’s CFD solutions compose a wide range of fluid mechanics related applications focusing on several key industrial market sectors. CFD-ACE+TM: a finite-volume software for CFD related multiphysic simulations including fluid-structure interaction, electromagnetics, electrochemistry, biochemistry, plasma, fuel cell and many more disciplines for high end applications; CFD-FASTRANTM: a finite-volume software focused on high speed flows with moving bodies and aero-thermo-chemistry; PAM-FLOWTM: a finite-element software for automotive aero-acoustics, aerodynamics with adjoint solver based optimization, and defence applications; CFD-CADalyzerTM: a CAD linked CFD software that is an easy to use product for the design engineer; CFD-TOPOTM: a software dedicated to fine feature evolution in the nano-processing technology; CFD-VISCARTTM: a dedicated software for automatic CAD surface shrink-wrap and volume grid generation for CFD-ACE+TM and CFD-FASTRANTM.

About ESI Group

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