TopSolid Arrives in Australia
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TopSolid Arrives in Australia

Cim Solutions, based in Sydney, Australia, has recently joined the TopSolid reseller network. Being the first official TopSolid reseller for the Australian and neighbouring New Zealand market, Cim Solutions hopes to continue the success achieved by TopSolid internationally over the past few years. In a market where many of the main CAD/CAM resellers are already present TopSolid distinguishes itself with its fully integrated solution from design right through to manufacturing.

Steve Thomas and Ian Howarth, founders of Cim Solutions
Cim Solutions, founded by Steve Thomas and Ian Howarth, is no stranger to the machining world. With almost 45 years combined experience of machining and CNC programming, Steve Thomas believes that the company's manufacturing experience will prove to be a strong asset: “The majority of simple design oriented CAD software suppliers have almost no manufacturing experience at all and many of them have never even set foot on a machine shop floor let alone operated a CNC machine themselves. In an ever increasingly sophisticated era where CAD/CAM is now an everyday reality we, more than ever, need to understand the reality on the shop floor. It is the combination of these 2 elements which will guarantee success”

What makes Topsolid different from the numerous solid modellers already on the market is that when customers want to make full use of their design data for manufacturing purposes they don't need to purchase third party add-ons. They, thereby avoid the many risks associated with data compatibility, fragmented support and version lag, high prices and double or even triple maintenance costs.

In recent years Australian toolmakers in particular have suffered from the often-lower prices on offer in the nearby Asian market place. However, many buyers have noticed that quality has suffered in exchange for cheaper tools, thereby, opening an opportunity for top quality toolmakers and manufacturers to distinguish themselves from their lower quality competitors.

An important differentiating factor for TopSolid in Australia is the wide range of solutions it offers for such sectors as mechanical engineering, sheet metal, mold making… among others. This is a very strong plus for TopSolid in the Australian market where industries need to respond to ever diversifying customer needs which may involve work on many different materials. Cim Solutions plans to initially concentrate on the design, Cam, mold, and wood solutions offered by TopSolid.

TopSolid'Wood, the integrated CAD/CAM solution for the wood processing industry, It targets a particularly significant market niche in Australia. With many furniture manufacturers, kitchen designers, exposition designers, etc. it seems clear that the need for an integrated CAD/CAM solution for the wood industry will be a welcome addition.

In its domestic French market TopSolid'Wood is increasingly becoming a key product for Missler Software which saw sales for its wood module rise by 65% in 2004

About Missler Software:
Missler Software is one of the leading global suppliers of CAD, CAM and ERP solutions. The company's product lines include TopSolid, TopManufacturing and Goelan. Missler Software offers a uniquely integrated solution for the mechanical engineering industry (general mechanical design, special machinery, tooling, boilerwork …) and for sheet metal and wood industries.

Thanks to its advanced technology and its fully integrated solution, Missler Software is experiencing rapid growth in the global CAD/CAM market. For further information contact Email'> Email or visit &

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