Looks Good, Grinds Better: Haas Multigrind CB at IMTS 2016
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Looks Good, Grinds Better: Haas Multigrind CB at IMTS 2016

Aug 25, 2016 -- Our flagship grinding machine Newly developed products are always subject to intense scrutiny. That was certainly the case when we launched the Multigrind® CB. We didn’t simply want to roll out yet another grinding machine – we wanted to introduce the world to the next step in grinding technology.

Worth the effort The Multigrind® CB grinding center features five axes for significantly improved precision, flexibility and productivity. If you’re serious about your grinding technology, you can’t look past this impressive machine. The CB leads the way when it comes to the production of high-quality workpieces. The workpieces it produces are highly prized in the medical engineering and aerospace industries, as well as by manufacturers of machining tools and gear cutting technology companies.

Performance never looked so good The CB is truly impressive – even just to look at. This compact grinding machine represents the  culmination of perfect geometry inside a cubeshaped center. The modular Haas Multicube  design is based on a clever concept that was  designed and created virtually from start to  finish using cutting-edge software.

From the first time you operate this machine,  it’s clear that you’re dealing with a sophisticated high-end product – an outstanding example of  German engineering.

With this machine, great design also means great grinding. Behind the CB’s attractive exterior, there is vast performance potential just waiting to be unleashed. With at least five axes and enormous driving power (zero-maintenance direct drive) in the spindle and rotary axes, this grinding machine guarantees an impressively powerful and dynamic performance. The necessary stability is provided by the machine’s thermostable, low-vibration, mineral composite base.

Controlled movement Kinematics is the study of the motion of points and bodies through space. That is, controlled movement. Inside the Multigrind® CB, we’ve made sure that the only things that do move are supposed to move, and that force is only generated where it’s needed. How? By making the Haas Multicube system standard in every CB.
The grinding unit – the heart of the machine – is positioned right in the middle of the “multifunctional grinding cube”.

It is made from a mineral composite and produced precisely according to our specifications. The axes are symmetrically arranged and the Y-axes are partially molded into the vibration-dampening mineral composite base, which effectively reduces any unwanted forces, vibrations and expansions. The Multicube construction principle makes the grinding machine incredibly stable and rigid. In practice, that means greater process reliability and more precise grinding.

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