Elysium Releases InfiPoints Ver.2.0 for Pipe Modeling and Video Creation
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Elysium Releases InfiPoints Ver.2.0 for Pipe Modeling and Video Creation

Hamamatsu, JAPAN, June 18, 2014 – Elysium Co. Ltd., an emerging provider in the point cloud data industry  announces the latest release of InfiPoints—Version 2.0, highlighting enhancements such as pipe modeling and video generation from point cloud data consisting of billions of points.

Elysium is rapidly gaining attention for expanding their portfolio from CAD data translation and processing to point cloud rendering technologies, and has proven their valued place in the Lidar world.

Pipe modeling from point cloud data is one of the key features and enhancements of InfiPoints Ver.2.0 that provides a competitive advantage for both time and accuracy. Without this capability, it is very time consuming to model piping elements from point cloud data as geometry must be defined piece by piece in a tedious manner.

InfiPoints Ver.2.0 offers automatic extraction of cylinders while complementing areas where pipes may not be extracted due to low density of points in original point cloud data, which is common when pipes may be partially hidden by other objects. Piping elements can also be replaced with standard elements, such as straight pipes, elbows, flanges and tee pipes.                                                  

Automatic extraction of cylinders that can be exported to CAD
enables pipe modeling.


Another key technology is the ability to create “fly-through” videos with high resolution of the point cloud data. Video operation is simple—users specify the desired viewpoints in order, and then check the view path in a display window. Users can include created or imported CAD data for display along with the point cloud data. This is ideal for effectively communicating planning concepts or utilization of a particular environment—whether it be an automotive factory, construction site or shipyard.

Creating fly-through movies by specifying a path.


Effective with Version 2.0, commuter licensing, or license borrowing, is supported by Elysium’s licensing. This allows users to temporarily use licenses on their laptop while on-the-go at different locations or perhaps while presenting at off-site meetings.

While most plants and buildings typically have a 2D drawing that defines their coordinates of origin and standard directions, point cloud data are defined by different standards based on the center of each scan location. With InfiPoints Ver.2.0, users can align the point cloud data to conform to the 2D drawing, so that an accurate comparison can be conducted between the point cloud and a 3D model or a 2D drawing from a CAD system.

For more information about InfiPoints, download the product brochure at http://elysiuminc.com/products/infipoints/ or contact your nearest Elysium provider: http://www.elysium-global.com/contact/.

About Elysium:
With more than 30 years of engineering and technology experience, Elysium develops interoperability solutions for digital design and PLM markets, with millions of files translated and thousands of customers worldwide. The company’s world-class 3D translation and geometry optimization technology has been proven by industry leaders around the world, including Toyota Motor Corporation, Lotus F1 Team, Northrop Grumman and more than 2,800 other companies. To learn more, please visit http://www.elysium-global.com/

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