Roland Bundles VisualMill CAM Software with SRP Devices
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Roland Bundles VisualMill CAM Software with SRP Devices

Irvine, CA. July 16, 2003 -- Roland DGA Corporation, a worldwide leader in Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) and Reverse Engineering solutions, is now bundling VisualMill Basic CAM software with its SRP devices.

"VisualMill software offers advanced machining strategies that will significantly improve production time for our customers," said Gerald Hiller Roland sales manager. "It is also remarkably easy to use, enabling designers to take control of the milling process."

"This new partnership between Roland and Mecsoft (the publishers of Visual Mill) has created a world class prototyping solution for industrial and mechanical designers," said Greg Haywood, MecSoft VP. "Combined with VisualMill software, Roland SRP devices enable designers to create prototypes and finished parts on the fly. This will dramatically reduce time it takes to get products to market."

Bundled with Roland MDX-650, MDX-500, MDX-20 and MDX-15 SRP devices, VisualMill Basic is ideal for the rapid prototyping, mold making and educational markets where ease of use is critical. Powered by the VisualMill 4.0 CAM engine, it offers windows-based 2� and 3 axis milling (4th and 5th axis optional) for solid, surface and STL milling. VisualMill Basic imports Rhino, DXF, IGES and STL file formats (parasolid optional). The software can also be fully upgraded to VisualMill 4.0 at a significant discount.

VisualMill Features

  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Complete simulation of all tools paths and material removal
  • 100% gouge free checking on every motion
  • 2� and 3 axis milling, solids, surface and STL milling
  • VisualMill 4.0 CAM engine
  • Rhino, DXF, IGES and STL imports
  • Parasolid format files: SolidWorks (.sldprt), Solid Edge (.par) and A3DS files are available as separately priced modules.

    SRP System

    Powered by AC Servo motors on all three axes, Roland MDX Series benchtop devices mill up to 200 inches per minute. They have a mechanical resolution of 0.000039" and turn out smooth, precise prototypes. When a prototype is done, it requires little or no hand finishing. Compatible materials include polyurethane, ABS, modeling wax and aluminum. The MDX-650 can be fitted with the Roland Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) and 4th Rotary Axis. Together, these optional accessories let engineers automatically mill the full circumference of 3D objects. The MDX-650 has a maximum work area of 25.563" (X) x 17.688" (Y) x 6.167" (Z). The MDX-500 has a maximum work area of 19.625" (X) x 12.938" (Y) x 4.125" (Z).

    The MDX-20 and MDX-15 are desktop models with the ability to scan as well as mill 3D objects. Roland customers use the devices for a variety of product design tasks, including reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, jewelry and model making, and small lot production. Select the spindle tip for state-of-the-art SRP milling, or select the Roland Active Piezo Sensor for precise 3D scanning. Maximum work area for the MDX-20 is 8" (X) x 6" (Y) x 2.375" (Z). Maximum work area for the MDX-15 is 6" (X) x 4" (Y) x 2.375" (Z).

    The system also includes a wide selection of SRP tools and materials made from light-density and medium-density polyurethane. These materials are designed for a wide variety of 3D applications, from mold creation to rapid prototyping.

    Roland completes the SRP system by bundling CAM software with all of its SRP devices. The software enables design engineers to produce prototypes directly from 3D CAD models. Tool verification software, also included, makes the SRP process remarkably easy to use.

    About MecSoft Corporation

    MecSoft Corporation provides state-of-the-art Windows� based CAM software solutions for manufacturing parts in a wide variety of industries. These industries range from automotive, and aerospace to education and general machining. Specific areas of focus are mold, tool and die industries for prototyping, woodworking, jewelry, arts and crafts and hobby. For more information, please call (949) 654-8163 or visit the website at

    About Roland DGA

    Roland DGA Corporation is the North and South American marketing, sales and service arm of Roland DG Corporation - a worldwide leader in the fine art, photography, sign making, graphic arts, engraving and 3D modeling industries. Established in 1983, Roland DGA serves as a two-way bridge between the manufacturing of dynamic technologies and the creative professionals who put these products into action.

    Roland DGA is ISO-9002 certified, and Roland DG is ISO-9001 and 14001 certified. Major products include the Pro II Series of inkjet printers and printer/cutters, ColorCAMM Pro thermal transfer printer/cutters, CX series vinyl cutters, EGX series engravers, and 3D scanning and milling machines. Roland DGA headquarters are located in Irvine, CA, with international headquarters in Japan. For more information, please call (800) 542-2307 or visit the website at