Open CAM solution for the dental industry- hyperDENT® from OPEN MIND
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Open CAM solution for the dental industry- hyperDENT® from OPEN MIND

 Needham MA – OPEN MIND Technologies USA will present hyperDENT®, its open-architecture CAM solution at Lab Day East, Table A-2, in New York City on April 10. The hyperDENT® programming system enables fully automated, highly flexible precision manufacturing of dental prostheses. With a few clicks of the mouse, users can create complete NC programs with hyperDENT® on the basis of scan data or imported CAD data. Thanks to a wide range of machining strategies – from 3-axis to tilted 3+2 milling to 5axis simultaneous machining – hyperDENT® is the most innovative CAM solutions for the dental industry. hyperDENT® assists you in the quick, reliable and efficient completion of all tasks.

The open hyperDENT® CAM system integrates perfectly into the work processes of dental laboratories. As a fully automated programming solution, hyperDENT® allows the free selection not only of raw materials and milling tools, but also supports input from any CAD system and output to any milling unit. hyperDENT® therefore delivers both processes optimised for dental technology and cost efficiency open-architecture solutions.

For small laboratories: The powerful Basic version

hyperDENT® is easy to learn and operate with its intuitive graphic interface, automatic operator guidance and automated functions such as machining templates. Even users who have no experience with CAM programming can quickly and easily create powerful milling programs. Designed especially for small dental laboratories, hyperDENT® Basic serves as a flexible, intelligent and cost-efficient one-button solution with minimal programming and machining times.

Performance XXL: The Expert version

Dental laboratories with large, highly specialised milling centres prefer the high-end hyperDENT® Expert. With this version, experienced CAM users can create customised templates and optimise locally-defined work processes for the most demanding configurations. The high-end version of hyperDENT® is readily adapted for the programming of all necessary milling processes and restorative components.

Users can employ continuous process improvements to modify machining strategies as they introduce new materials, new cutters, and obtain greater understanding of the machining processes. The integrated machining simulation allows detailed evaluation of all program steps before they are released to the milling machine for execution. This ensures seamless monitoring of individual steps throughout production. hyperDENT® also accounts for potential collisions with fixtures, and between the cutter and the other dental restorations within the machining stock, thus guaranteeing the highest process and manufacturing safety. hyperDENT® Expert provides the flexibility and design possibilities to enable users to have distinguished results.

Limitless flexibility of materials, parts and operations

hyperDENT® is well suited for precision manufacturing of high-quality crowns, multi-unit bridges, abutments, caps and implant bridges. hyperDENT® therefore supports all materials typically used in dental engineering, such as zirconium oxide, titanium, waxes, precious metals or base metal alloys. The open-architecture nature of hyperDENT allows users to freely select materials from any qualified supplier.

CAM in its full diversity: the hyperDENT® programming system

From 3D milling to 5axis manufacturing, hyperDENT® opens up a wide range of strategies for a huge variety of tasks. With drag and drop placement of components, and template-driven machining, even the machining of highly complex dental structures can be programmed quickly and reliably. Thanks to the 3D display, programming becomes highly accurate and easy to visualise as every model can be manipulated in all directions on the monitor. System feedback also helps define the smallest stock thickness that can be used for a given component. hyperDENT® thus precisely addresses the special process needs of dental laboratories.

The highly automated hyperDENT® CAM system’s Workflow Manager leads the user through 10 steps to a complete NC program: from selecting the milling unit, to loading stocks and objects, all the way to selecting a milling strategy and calculating toolpaths. Users can pre-define or automate some of the steps to further reduce the input given their desired processes. This results in significant savings in terms of time and cost.

CAM technology from a global market leader

hyperDENT® integrates the machining strategies of the internationally successful hyperMILL® CAM software. Thanks to its trend-setting technologies, this software is also used in innovative industries such as the aerospace industry, Formula 1 and medical engineering.


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Precise, efficient manufacturing with hyperDENT®.




Milled with hyperDENT®: Bridge frameworks made of zirconium oxide and a cobalt-chromium alloy.




hyperDENT® offers the right strategy for every job.




hyperDENT®: Open and highly automated design for the production of high-quality dental prostheses.


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