DAC 2007 Exhibitor Profiles

SAN DIEGO—(BUSINESS WIRE)—June 4, 2007— Design Automation Conference 2007 takes place June 4 - 8, 2007 at the San Diego Convention Center. Listed below are Design Automation Conference exhibitor profiles. For in-depth information about the event, visit www.dac.com/

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Design Automation Conference 2007 Exhibitor Profiles

Company:                            Applied Wave Research, Inc.
Booth:                              4564
Media Contact:                      Heidi Vantulden, Bluestone PR
Phone:                              310-726-3000
E-mail:                             info@appwave.com
Web:                                www.appwave.com

AWR(R) is a leading supplier of high-frequency EDA software for the
 design of wireless telecommunications equipment, semiconductors,
 high-speed computers, networking systems, automotive mobility
 systems, and a variety of other electronics-based products. AWR is a
 privately held company with global development and sales offices,
 training centers, and distribution channels. Over 700 companies
 worldwide deploy AWR software, including virtually every major high-
 frequency electronic component and system supplier. Its RF technology
 has been used in designing more than 30 percent of all mobile phone
 RFICs. The company is headquartered in El Segundo, California. For
 more information visit www.appwave.com. AWR--advancing the wireless

Company:                            Appro International, Inc.
Booth:                              2978
Media Contact:                      Maria McLaughlin
Phone:                              512.215.8991
E-mail:                             mmclaughlin@appro.com
Web:                                www.appro.com

Appro is a leading developer of innovative, high-performance servers,
 cluster-solutions, storage subsystems, and workstations for the high-
 performance and enterprise-computing markets. Appro accelerates
 technical applications and business results through balanced
 architecture, open standards and engineering expertise. Appro
 headquarters is in Milpitas, CA, with an R&D/manufacturing center in
 Asia and a sales and service office in Houston, TX.

Company:                            ArchPro Design Automation
Booth:                              1580
Media Contact:                      Jim Lochmiller
Phone:                              (541)821-3438
E-mail:                             lochpr@yahoo.com
Web:                                www.archpro-da.com

ArchPro solutions focus on multi-voltage design verification. The
 solutions include, MaVeric(TM) comprehensive multi-voltage
 verification solution, MVSIM, co-simulator for verification of power-
 managed designs; MVRC multi-voltage rule checker; and MVSYN
 automating the implementation of multiple voltage designs. ArchPro
 solutions have reached maturity with the following achievements:

--Top-tier customers world-wide

--Silicon proven on many complex low-power designs

--Proven across multiple process nodes with design sizes of 200M

--Only solution that has verified advanced power reduction techniques
 such as power gating, substrate biasing and Dynamic Voltage Frequency

Company:                            Athena Design Systems, Inc.
Booth:                              1264
Media Contact:                      Laurie Stanley, Wired Island, Ltd.
Phone:                              925.224.8762
E-mail:                             laurie@wiredislandpr.com
Web:                                www.athenadesign.com

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Athena Design Systems, Inc.
 develops and markets design optimization tools that address the
 physical implementation challenges of complex chip design. The
 company's products accelerate the productivity of engineers, design
 tools and computing resources enabling chip companies to reach design
 closure faster with higher quality of results and lower development
 costs. Its next-generation routing optimization system with
 integrated analysis and route planning enables designers to
 concurrently address timing, signal integrity, power and other
 effects resulting from leading-edge manufacturing processes. This
 innovative system utilizes a distributed parallel data model and
 database infrastructure for distributed processing.

Company:                            Atrenta Inc.
Booth:                              6082
Media Contact:                      Krishna Uppuluri
Phone:                              408-467-4291
E-mail:                             krish@atrenta.com
Web:                                www.atrenta.com

Atrenta is the leading provider of early design closure solutions to
 radically improve design efficiency throughout the IC design flow.
 Customers benefit from Atrenta tools & methodologies to optimize
 their designs early in RTL phase for linting, Clock Domain Crossings
 (CDC), Power estimation and reduction, Design for Test (DFT),
 Constraints generation and validation including timing exceptions,
 and RTL prototyping. Atrenta has over 120 customers, including the
 world's top 10 semiconductor companies. For more information, visit
 www.atrenta.com. Think Early Design Closure! Think Atrenta!

Company:                            AutoESL Design Technologies, Inc.
Booth:                              2590
Media Contact:                      Doug Johnson
Phone:                              310-413-2858
E-mail:                                                    doug-johnson@autoesl.com
Web:                                                                www.autoesl.com

AutoESL  Design  Technologies,  Inc.  (AutoESL)  is  a  privately  held
  technology  company  providing  platform-based  communication-centric
  Electronic  System  Level  (ESL)  synthesis  tools  in  the  field  of
  Electronic  Design  Automation  (EDA)  for  integrated  circuits  and
  systems.  The  AutoPilot(TM)  tool  from  AutoESL  provides  novel  platform-
  based,  communication-centric  ESL  synthesis  flow  that  automatically
  generates  high-quality  RTL  code  from  behavior-level  and  system-level
  C/SystemC/C++  descriptions  for  design  and  implementation  of  ASICs,
  Structured  ASICs,  and  FPGAs.  AutoESL  is  a  California  Corporation  with
  its  headquarters  in  Los  Angeles,  California  and  an  R&D  center  in
  Beijing,  China.

Company:                                                        AXIOM  Design  Automation
Booth:                                                            4650
Media  Contact:                                            Peter  Robinson
Phone:                                                            925-389-8010
E-mail:                                                          peter@axiom-da.com
Web:                                                                http://www.axiom-da.com/

Axiom  Design  Automation  announces  the  integrated  "Functional
  Verification  Closure  Flow"  to  exploding  challenges  of  SOC
  Verification..  Built  on  proven  MPSim  Multi-CPU  System  Verilog
  Verification  Environment,  Axiom  will  showcase  a  new  breed  of  Protocol
  Coverage,  Functional  Coverage  and  Protocol  Debugging  tools  to  address
  the  problems  of  predictability  and  productivity.  Without  changing
  existing  methodologies,  this  flow  will  elevate  the  efficiency  levels
  of  the  design  and  verification  team,  and  bridge  the  gap  between
  testplan  and  regressions,  improving  confidence  to  RTL  freeze

AXIOM  will  be  showcasing  this  technology  along  with  it's  MPSim  multi-
  CPU  simulator  and  graphical  debug  environment  and  a  complete  System
  Verification  platform  at  the  up  coming  44th  Design  Automation
  Conference  (DAC)  in  San  Diego

Company:                                                        Azuro
Booth:                                                            6660
Media  Contact:                                            Michelle  Clancy
Phone:                                                            252-940-0981
E-mail:                                                          michelle.clancy@cayennecom.com
Web:                                                                www.azuro.com

Azuro,  Inc.  is  a  provider  of  advanced  clock  implementation  tools  for
  nanometer  chip  design.  Azuro's  flagship  product,  PowerCentric(TM),
  operates  as  a  complete  replacement  for  clock  tree  synthesis  within
  digital  design  flows,  comprehensively  addressing  power,  timing,  and
  variability  within  one  unified  optimization  environment.

Azuro's  technology  has  been  in  production  use  since  early  2004  where
  it  has  been  consistently  proven  to  deliver  significant  reductions  in
  total  chip  power  consumption  without  any  impact  on  chip  size  or

Company:                                                        Blaze  DFM
Booth:                                                            1884
Media  Contact:                                            Paula  Larson,  KJ  Communications
Phone:                                                            925-803-8977
E-mail:                                                          paula@kjcompr.com
Web:                                                                www.blaze-dfm.com  (for  BDFM)

Blaze  DFM,  the  electrical  DFM  company,  provides  software  solutions  to
  fabless  semiconductor  companies,  integrated  device  manufacturers,  and
  silicon  foundries.  Blaze  products  give  IC  designers  greater  control
  over  manufacturing  variability,  improving  yield  and  shortening  time
  to  volume  production.  Blaze  debuted  in  May  2006,  quickly  creating  the
  market  for  electrical  DFM  solutions.  This  March  Blaze  merged  with
  Aprio  Technologies  to  complete  its  electrical  DFM  technology
  portfolio.  Blaze  also  closed  $10  million  in  series  B  funding  this
  spring.  Most  importantly,  and  to  date,  Blaze  is  one  of  the  only  pure
  play  DFM  companies  to  have  proven  the  value  of  its  products  by
  delivering  customer  silicon  with  eye-opening  results.

Company:                                                        Blue  Pearl  Software
Booth:                                                            4660
Media  Contact:                                            Ellis  Smith
Phone:                                                            408-961-0121
E-mail:                                                          ellis@bluepearlsoftware.com
Web:                                                                www.bluepearlsoftware.com

Blue  Pearl  Software  is  a  privately  held  EDA  (Electronic  Design
  Automation)  company  that  develops  software  to  improve  productivity  of
  semiconductor  chip  design.  Blue  Pearl  provides  high  performance,
  innovative,  automated  tools  to  generate  and  validate  critical  timing
  and  functional  information  early  in  the  design  cycle.  Designers  using
  Blue  Pearl's  solutions  can  improve  the  quality  of  results,  save  time
  and,  lower  the  cost  of  their  chip  design  process.

Find  out  how  Cobalt  Timing  Constraint  Generation(TM),  Azure  Timing
  Constraint  Validation(TM)  and  Indigo  RTL  Analysis(TM)  can  help  your
  next  complex  chip  design  cycle  by  visiting  us  at  DAC  in  booth  4660.

Company:                                                        Breker  Verification  Systems,  Inc.
Booth:                                                            1375
Media  Contact:                                            Rick  Nordin
Phone:                                                            512-289-7788
E-mail:                                                          rick.nordin@brekersystems.com
Web:                                                                www.brekersystems.com

Breker  Verification  Systems  is  bridging  the  gap  between  verificaiton
  planning  and  the  testbench  using  Graph-based  Functional  Test

Current  verification  approaches  rely  on  engineering  experience  to
  understand  what  must  be  tested,  manage  huge  software  efforts  to
  create  a  layered  testbench,  and  formulate  time  consuming  iterations
  that  constrain  random  generators  to  achieve  coverage  closure.

Breker  provides  a  structured  way  to  understand  and  define  verification
  intent  while  demonstrating  an  11-14x  reduction  in  verification  effort
  and  guaranteeing  100%  verificaiton  plan  coverage.

Company:                                                        CLK  Design  Automation,  Inc.
Booth:                                                            5671
Media  Contact:                                            Laurie  Stanley,  Wired  Island,  Ltd.
Phone:                                                            925.224.8762
E-mail:                                                          laurie@wiredislandpr.com
Web:                                                                www.clkda.com

CLK  Design  Automation,  Inc.  develops  and  markets  static  timing  and
  power  analysis  solutions  used  in  the  design  of  high-performance
  microprocessor  and  advanced  semiconductors.  Its  breakthrough
  threaded,  incremental  architecture  pioneers  a  new  generation  of
  electronic  design  automation  (EDA)  tools  that  enables  the  CLK  Amber
  Analyzer  to  execute  10  to  100  times  faster  than  conventional  analysis
  tools.  Headquartered  in  Littleton,  Mass.,  the  company  was  founded  by
  EDA  industry  veterans  and  has  received  $9  million  in  venture  funding
  to  date.  More  information  can  be  found  at  www.clkda.com

Company:                                                        CoFluent  Design
Booth:                                                            1064
Media  Contact:                                            Vincent  Perrier
Phone:                                                            33  624  280  885
E-mail:                                                          vincent.perrier@cofluentdesign.com
Web:                                                                www.cofluentdesign.com

CoFluent  Design  provides  solutions  to  develop  the  macro-architecture
  of  an  electronic  system  with  performance-optimized  hardware/software
  partitioning.  CoFluent  closes  a  critical  gap  in  the  design  flow  where
  80%  of  the  design's  value  is  created,  prior  to  the  development  of  the
  system  micro-architecture  and  embedded  software.

The  CoFluent  Studio(TM)  ESL  modeling  and  simulation  software
  environment  allows  developers  of  embedded  systems  and  systems-on-chip

-DECIDE:  Add  the  80%  design  value  by  reliably  predicting  system
  behavior  and  performance  at  the  front-end  of  the  ESL  design  flow

-SHARE:  Reduce  effort  and  risk  in  the  downstream  design  flow  by
  providing  executable  system  specifications  to  all  design  stakeholders

-CAPITALIZE:  Rapidly  innovate  new  designs  and  design  derivative
  products  by  capturing  projects'  system  design  expertise  in  enterprise
  model  libraries

Company:                                                        CoWare(R),  Inc.
Booth:                                                            3373
Media  Contact:                                            Jean  Armstrong
Phone:                                                            503-721-8197
E-mail:                                                          jean@akipr.com
Web:                                                                www.coware.com

CoWare,  the  leading  supplier  of  platform-driven  electronic  system-
  level  (ESL)  design  software  and  services,  offers  a  comprehensive  set
  of  ESL  tools  that  enable  electronics  companies  to  "differentiate  by
  design"  through  creation  of  system  IP,  including  embedded  processors,
  on-chip  buses,  DSP  algorithms;  optimized  SoC  platforms;
  hardware/software  co-design;  and  virtual  platforms  for  device
  software  development.  The  company's  solutions  are  based  on  open
  industry  standards  including  SystemC.  CoWare's  customers  are  major
  systems,  semiconductor,  and  IP  companies  in  the  market  where  consumer
  electronics,  computing,  and  communications  converge.  CoWare  is
  headquartered  in  San  Jose,  Calif.,  and  has  offices  around  the  world.
  For  more  information,  visit  

Company:                                                        DATARAM
Booth:                                                            884
Ticker  Symbol  &  Exchange:                      DRAM
Media  Contact:                                            Paul  Henke
Phone:                                                            609-799-0071
E-mail:                                                          phenke@dataram.com
Web:                                                                www.dataram.com

Founded  in  1967,  Dataram  is  a  worldwide  leader  in  the  design  and
  manufacture  of  reliable,  high  capacity  and  innovative  memory
  solutions.  Dataram  provides  memory  upgrades  for  leading  systems  from
  HP,  IBM,  SGI,  Sun  Microsystems,  Dell,  Intel  and  AMD,  plus  customized
  memory  solutions  for  OEMs  in  a  variety  of  industries.

For  EDA,  the  best  way  to  improve  your  time  to  market  and  speed  the
  design  and  functional  verification  processes  is  to  configure  your
  servers  and  workstations  with  the  maximum  memory  capacities  possible.
  This  decision  costs  less  to  implement  when  using  Dataram  memory,  as
  prices  are  up  to  50%  less  than  the  system  manufacturer's.

Company:                                                        eMemory  Technology  Inc.
Booth:                                                            2987
Media  Contact:                                            Andy  Chen
Phone:                                                            886  3-5631616  x1011
E-mail:                                                          andy@ememory.com.tw
Web:                                                                www.ememory.com.tw

eMemory  is  a  technology  based  company  dedicated  on  the  development  of
  logic  embedded  non-volatile  memory  IP's  such  as  OTP,  MTP  and
  NeoFlash,  has  currently  published  more  than  180  innovations  in  its
  patent  portfolio.

Our  product  line  covers  Neobit  Fuse,  Neobit  MTP,  Neobit  Macro,  Neobit
  RFID,  and  NeoFlash,  and  has  been  implemented  in  various  applications
  such  as  LCD  driver,  MCU,  digital  consumers,  power  management  IC,
  RFID,  fuse  repair  in  memory  redundancy,  and  trimming  in  analog/RF
  circuits,  etc.

If  you  would  like  to  know  more  information  about  eMemory,  please  visit
  our  website  at  www.ememory.com.tw  or  contact  our  sales  at

Company:                                                        ForteLink,  Inc.
Booth:                                                            7463
Media  Contact:                                            Thomas  Wang
Phone:                                                            (510)  656-1172
E-mail:                                                          thomaswang@fortelink.com
Web:                                                                http://www.fortelink.com

ForteLink  is  a  leading  provider  of  FPGA-based  hardware-assisted
  verification  solution  for  companies  designing  complex  ICs,  SOC,  or
  consumer  electronic  ICs.  ForteLink's  Gemini  ASIC  design  verification
  platform  supports  In-Circuit  Emulation  and  prototyping  modes,  Co-
  simulation,  and  the  new  simIce  mode.  simIce  lets  ASIC  verifiers  run
  designs  at  emulation  speeds  or  use  clock  edge  stepping  for  detailed
  design  debugging.  The  Gemini  hardware  platforms  support  up  to  20M
  ASIC  gates  with  8GB  of  user  memory,  2560  external  I/Os,  and  7680
  logic  analyzer  probes.  ForteLink  is  headquartered  in  Fremont,
  California  with  offices  in  Japan  and  the  Asia-Pacific.  For  more
  information,  visit  
  www.fortelink.com    or  email

Company:                                                        FSA
Booth:                                                            2856
Media  Contact:                                            Erica  Schiller,  Director  of
Phone:                                                            972-866-7579  x120
E-mail:                                                          eschiller@fsa.org
Web:                                                                www.fsa.org

FSA  is  the  voice  of  the  global  fabless  business  model.  Incorporated  in
  1994,  FSA  positively  impacts  the  growth  and  return  on  invested
  capital  of  this  business  model  to  enhance  the  environment  for
  innovation.  It  provides  a  platform  for  meaningful  global
  collaboration  between  fabless  companies  and  their  partners;
  identifies  and  articulates  opportunities  and  challenges  to  enable
  solutions;  and  provides  research,  resources,  publications  and  survey
  information.  Members  include  fabless  companies  and  their  supply  chain
  and  service  partners,  representing  more  than  22  countries  across  the

Company:                                                        GateRocket,  Inc.
Booth:                                                            2559
Media  Contact:                                            Dave  Orecchio
Phone:                                                            781-908-0082  x101
E-mail:                                                          pr@gaterocket.com
Web:                                                                http://www.gaterocket.com

GateRocket  offers  the  industry's  first  Device  Native(TM)  verification
  solution  for  Field  Programmable  Gate  Arrays  (FPGAs).  As  FPGAs  become
  larger  and  ever  more  complex,  electronic  design  engineers  face  a
  crisis  in  their  inability  to  adequately  verify  and  test  these
  advanced  designs.  GateRocket  provides  a  new,  Device  Native  approach
  for  the  design  engineer  to  validate  their  FPGA  design.  This  method  is
  powered  by  the  speed  of  hardware,  the  accuracy  of  the  true  chip
  behavior  and  the  unbounded  flexibility  of  their  simulation
  environment.  Please  visit  GateRocket  at  DAC  booth  #  2559  to  register
  for  a  demonstration  and  visit  our  web  site  at  www.GateRocket.com.

Company:                                                        Genesys  Testware,  Inc.
Booth:                                                            5863
Media  Contact:                                            Bejoy  G.  Oomman
Phone:                                                            510-304-5003
E-mail:                                                          bejoygo@genesystest.com
Web:                                                                http://www.genesystest.com

Genesys  Testware  provides  tools  to  optimize  yield,  quality  and  cost  of
  nanometer  ICs.  ICs  using  current  design  and  test  methodologies
  fabricated  using  nanometer  processes  suffer  from  yield,  quality  and
  cost  problems.  Genesys  Testware  provides  IC  design  engineers  the
  tools  to  solve  these  problems.  These  tools  are  effective,  efficient
  and  require  minimal  changes  to  design  and  test  flows.  We  are
  demonstrating  the  new  graphical  user  interface  to  our  ChiptestMakerTM
  embedded  test  tool  at  DAC  2007.

Company:                                                        Innovative  Silicon  Inc.
Booth:                                                            1072
Media  Contact:                                            Eileen  Elam,  KJ  Communications
Phone:                                                            408-997-3662
E-mail:                                                          eileen@kjcompr.com
Web:                                                                www.z-ram.com

Innovative  Silicon  Inc.  (ISi),  at  www.z-ram.com,  delivers  ultra-high
  density  memory  IP,  Z-RAM(R),  for  embedded  SoC,  MPU  and  portable
  consumer  applications  requiring  low  power,  high  density  and  high
  speed.  This  memory  offers  up  to  twice  the  density  of  embedded  DRAM
  and  is  up  to  five  times  denser  than  embedded  SRAM.  The  company  closed
  its  first  round  of  VC  funding  in  2003,  completed  its  first  90nm
  megabit  Z-RAM  memory  designs  in  2004,  its  first  65nm  designs  in  2005
  and  its  first  45nm  designs  in  2006.  With  more  than  20  patents  already
  granted,  Z-RAM's  unique  single-transistor  architecture  is  the  world's
  lowest  cost  semiconductor  memory  solution.

Company:                                                        Invarium,  Inc.
Booth:                                                            7864
Media  Contact:                                            Wolf  Staud,  Director  of  Marketing
Phone:                                                            408-213-8000
E-mail:                                                          wolf@invarium.com
Web:                                                                www.invarium.com

Invarium,  Inc.  provides  advanced  patterning  synthesis  solutions  to  the
  global  semiconductor  industry.  The  company's  technology  and  solutions
  are  geared  to  enable  superior  pattern  accuracy  on  silicon  for
  advanced  IC  designs,  while  accelerating  time-to-volume  production.
  The  Invarium  layout-to-mask  solution  represents  a  superior
  alternative  to  conventional  RET/OPC  tools  and  other  layout  correction
  techniques  for  process  effects  from  mask  through  etch.  The  company's
  Dimension  PPC  addresses  the  needs  of  65/45nm  production  and  32nm
  development,  including  DPT.

Invarium  is  headquartered  in  San  Jose,  California,  USA.

Company:                                                        IPextreme  Inc.
Booth:                                                            2464  ChipEstimate
Media  Contact:                                            Paula  Larson,  KJ  Communications
Phone:                                                            925-803-8977
E-mail:                                                          paula@kjcompr.com
Web:                                                                www.ip-extreme.com  (for  IPextreme)

IPextreme  brings  high-value  intellectual  property  (IP)  from  large
  semiconductor  companies  to  consumer  and  automotive  system-on-chip
  (SOC)  designers  worldwide.  These  products  are  silicon  proven  to
  minimize  design  risk  and  provided  in  a  process  independent  and  EDA
  neutral  format,  for  easy  use  by  the  broadest  range  of  customers.  With
  a  decade  of  experience  in  developing,  packaging,  licensing  and
  supporting  IP,  IPextreme  offers  a  complete  business  solution  for
  semiconductor  companies,  such  as  Freescale,  Infineon  and  NXP,  to
  strategically  leverage  their  internal  IP  portfolio  to  grow  overall
  revenue.  IPextreme  has  offices  in  Campbell,  California,  Munich,
  Germany  and  Tokyo,  Japan.  www.ip-extreme.com.

Company:                                                        KETI
Booth:                                                            6663
Phone:                                                            82-31-789-7400
E-mail:                                                          leeys@keti.re.kr
Web:                                                                http://www.astec.re.kr

As  an  IP/SoC  total  solution  service  center  in  Korea,  the  activities  of
  the  IPCoS  include  the  establishment  and  provision  of  IP  standards,
  collection  and  verification  of  IP,  provision  of  catalogs  and  database
  services,  intermediation  of  business  transactions,  and  the  provision
  of  necessary  support  needed  in  developing  IP.  In  addition,  the  center
  provides  integrated  information  and  value  added  service  regarding  the
  IP/SoC  business  by  carrying  out  research  and  business  development
  activities,  ultimately  advancing  the  SoC  development  and  verification

Company:                                                        Legend  Design  Technology,  Inc.
Booth:                                                            5073
Media  Contact:                                            Jane  Wei
Phone:                                                            408-748-8888  x234
E-mail:                                                          Janew@LegendDesign.com
Web:                                                                www.LegendDesign.com

Legend  Design  Technology,  Inc.  was  founded  in  October  1996.  The
  company's  core  belief  is  that  through  innovation  and  dedication,  we
  continually  develop  and  provide  leading  edge  solutions  for
  characterization,  simulation,  and  verification  of  semiconductor
  Intellectual  Property  (IP).  Our  EDA  tools  maximize  engineering
  productivity,  enabling  SoC  design  teams  to  meet  critical  time-to-
  market  targets  -  accurately  and  economically.

Legend  is  headquartered  at  Santa  Clara,  California  with  distributors
  in  Japan,  China,  Korea  and  South  East  Asia.  To  forge  strong  ties  with
  semiconductor  foundries  across  the  world,  Legend  has  formed  R&D  and
  support  teams  in  Taiwan.

Company:                                                        Lynguent,  Inc.
Booth:                                                            2165
Media  Contact:                                            Jean  Armstrong
Phone:                                                            503-724-8197
E-mail:                                                          alevy@lynguent.com
Web:                                                                www.lynguent.com

Lynguent(R),  Inc.  delivers  software  productivity  tools  for  companies
  creating  semiconductor  components  and  complex  electronics-based
  systems  incorporating  analog  and  mixed  signal  circuitry.  Lynguent's
  first  product,  the  ModLyng(tm)  Integrated  Modeling  Environment,
  comprises  a  graphical  platform-  and  simulator-independent  toolset
  that  helps  dramatically  cut  AMS  model  creation,  maintenance,  debug,
  and  simulation  times,  thus  simultaneously  saving  money  and  improving
  model  quality.  ModLyng  also  promotes  design  reuse  by  translating
  models  across  leading  AMS  HDLs.  As  a  result,  ModLyng  can  save
  customers  weeks  of  AMS  device  &  system  development,  improving  a
  company's  bottom  line  by  hundreds  of  thousands  of  dollars.

Company:                                                        Micrologic  Design  Automation
Booth:                                                            7663
Media  Contact:                                            Danny  Rittman
Phone:                                                            972-52-526-3928
E-mail:                                                          Danny.Rittman@micrologic-da.com
Web:                                                                www.micrologic-da.com

Micrologic  Design  Automation,  Inc.  develops  semiconductor  design
  software  for  electronic  design  automation,  (EDA)  intellectual
  property  (IP)  and  design  for  manufacturing  (DFM)  solutions  enabling
  integrated  circuit  corporations  to  meet  or  shorten  time-to-market
  objectives,  improve  nanometer  designs  quality,  reliability  and
  performance  and  handling  multimillion-gate  designs.  The  company
  presents  2  innovative  new  tools  at  DAC44:  1.  nanoRVInteractive(TM)  -
  interactively  eliminates  reliability  issues  during  the  construction
  of  an  integrated  circuit's  physical  design.  2.  VisuaLVS(TM)  -
  Automatically  corrects  connectivity  mismatches  in  an  integrated
  circuit  layout  block  based  on  the  block's  Netlist  and  LVS  results.
  Both  tools  are  part  of  NanoToolBox  tools  suite.

Company:                                                        Mimosys
Booth:                                                            863
Media  Contact:                                            Chris  Podger
Phone:                                                            44-7780-708-708
E-mail:                                                          chris.podger@mimosys.com
Web:                                                                www.mimosys.com

MIMOSYS  -  Automatic  Customization  of  Embedded  Processors.  Mimosys
  offers  a  new  breakthrough  technology  that  enables  fast  and  easy
  customization  of  embedded  processors.

The  Clarity  tool  automates  the  process  of  partitioning  embedded
  applications  into  fine  grain  hardware  accelerators  and  software.
  These  tools  free  the  engineer  of  the  arduous  and  difficult  task  of
  analyzing  and  identifying  where  application  hot  spots  are,  leaving
  them  to  focus  on  selecting  the  best  of  an  optimal  set  of  hardware
  accelerators  that  satisfy  their  system  constraints.

Announcing  several  new  features  at  DAC  -  including  automatic
  instantiation  of  memory  -  which  allow  Clarity  to  significantly  speed-
  up  embedded  applications  by  up  to  10x  to  20x  for  a  modest  increase  in
  gate  count  /  area.

Clarity  currently  supports  integrated  flows  with  ARC's  ARChitect,
  CoWare's  Processor  Designer,  Xilinx  and  Altera.  Visit  us  at  DAC  Booth
  #863  or  www.mimosys.com

Company:                                                        Nangate  Inc.
Booth:                                                            6860
Media  Contact:                                            VP  Marketing,  Jesper  Knudsen
Phone:                                                            45  21791763
E-mail:                                                          jkn@nangate.com
Web:                                                                www.nangate.com

Nangate's  unique  design  optimization  technology  merges  physical
  synthesis  with  the  physical  IP  (library)  creation  process.

On-the-fly  creation  of  bespoke  complex  cells  and  other  design  elements
  that  perfectly  fit  the  application  as  well  as  full  transistor-level
  control  of  library  IP  during  synthesis  translates  directly  into
  tangible  customer  benefits  such  as  lower  IC  power  consumption,
  improved  DFM  characteristics,  higher  performance,  reduced
  manufacturing  costs  and  shorter  time  to  market.

As  such,  Nangate's  products  constitute  a  revolutionary  new  class  of
  design  solutions  that  allows  customers  to  take  much  better  advantage
  of  current  and  next-generation  IC  manufacturing  technologies  and  will
  become  a  prerequisite  for  first  time  success  in  leading  edge  process
  nodes  (45nm  and  below).

Nangate  was  founded  in  2004  by  an  experienced  management  team  noted
  for  international  success.

Company:                                                        Nascentric,  Inc.
Booth:                                                            7160
Media  Contact:                                            Dino  Caporossi
Phone:                                                            724-464-2225
E-mail:                                                          dino@nascentric.com
Web:                                                                www.nascentric.com

Nascentric,  Inc.  is  an  Electronic  Design  Automation  (EDA)  company
  focused  on  providing  the  fastest,  highest  capacity,  and  most  accurate
  SPICE  verification  and  analysis  for  complex  nanometer  integrated
  circuits.  Our  patented  products  enable  you  to  analyze  and  optimize
  your  custom  digital  and  SRAM  by  accurately  predicting  system
  functionality  and  performance  in  the  presence  of  nanometer  effects
  such  as  delay,  power,  signal  integrity,  electro-migration,  and  power
  supply  variation.  Nascentric  accurately  analyzes  and  functionally
  verifies  larger  and  more  complex  circuits,  with  dramatically  faster
  performance  than  other  Fast-SPICE  products,  thus  reducing  design
  iterations,  improving  quality,  and  facilitating  higher  yield  silicon.

Company:                                                        National  Instruments
Booth:                                                            4367
Media  Contact:                                            Trisha  McDonell
Phone:                                                            512-683-0100
E-mail:                                                          info@ni.com
Web:                                                                www.ni.com

National  Instruments  offers  an  embedded  design  and  prototyping
  platform  that  combines  the  LabVIEW  graphical  development  environment
  with  off-the-shelf,  microprocessor  and  FPGA-based  measurement  and
  control  hardware  for  design,  simulation,  rapid  prototyping,
  implementation,  validation  and  verification  of  embedded  systems.
  Using  the  intuitive  LabVIEW  graphical  dataflow  programming
  environment,  engineers  and  scientists  can  rapidly  develop  and  iterate
  on  designs,  reducing  the  time  from  concept  to  prototype.  After
  prototyping  and  validating  the  design,  domain  experts  can  then  deploy
  these  custom  designs  to  an  extensive  range  of  off-the-shelf  NI
  hardware  or  deploy  to  custom  hardware.  Visit  www.ni.com  for  more

Company:                                                        Novas  Software,  Inc.
Booth:                                                            5878
Media  Contact:                                            Rob  van  Blommestein
Phone:                                                            (408)  467-7872
E-mail:                                                          rob@novas.com
Web:                                                                www.novas.com

Novas  Software,  Inc.  is  the  leading  provider  of  design  comprehension
  solutions  for  engineers  designing  complex  ICs,  embedded  systems  and
  SoCs.  The  Novas  Verdi(TM)  Automated  Debug  and  Siloti(TM)  Visibility
  Enhancement  products  dramatically  accelerate  the  process  for
  understanding  and  correcting  design  problems  starting  from  system-
  level  specification  through  silicon  implementation.

Novas  has  ranked  first  in  customer  satisfaction  for  five  consecutive
  years  in  a  comprehensive  EDA  study  published  by  CMP.  More  than  50
  industry-leading  and  emerging  EDA  companies,  IP  providers,  and
  semiconductor  companies  utilize  Novas  technology.  Novas  is
  headquartered  in  San  Jose,  Calif.  with  offices  in  Europe,  Japan  and

Company:                                                        Novelics
Booth:                                                            878
Media  Contact:                                            Farzad  Zarrinfar
Phone:                                                            (925)292-1670
E-mail:                                                          farzad.zarrinfar@novelics.com
Web:                                                                www.novelics.com

Novelics  (www.novelics.com),  supplies  embedded  memory  IPs  for  ultra-
  low  active  power,  ultra-low  leakage,  size-sensitive  and  high
  performance  ASICs,  ASSPs,  and  SoC  designs.  Novelics'  compiler-driven
  'cool'  IPs  include  coolSRAM-1T,  coolSRAM-6T,  coolCache,  coolReg,
  coolROM,  coolCAM,  and  coolOTP.  These  IPs  are  silicon-proven  on
  leading-edge  CMOS  processes.  Supported  foundries  are  TSMC,  UMC,  SMIC,
  and  Silterra.

These  differentiated  memory  IPs  are  implemented  with  standard  logic
  CMOS  process,  requiring  no  additional  masks  or  process  steps  to
  minimize  cost.  To  accelerate  Time-To-Silicon  and  minimizing  cost,  EDA
  views  are  generated  by  MemQuest.

Novelics'  customers  compete  in  low  power  consumer,  industrial,
  wireless,  digital  media,  high  speed  computing  and  networking

Company:                                                        OCP  International  Partnership
Booth:                                                            4363
Media  Contact:                                            Joe  Basques
Phone:                                                            (650)  219-2641
E-mail:                                                          joe@vitalcompr.com
Web:                                                                www.ocpip.org

OCP  International  Partnership  (OCP-IP)  is  a  non-profit  semiconductor
  industry  consortium  formed  to  administer  the  support,  promotion  and
  enhancement  of  the  Open  Core  Protocol  (OCP)  specification.  OCP  is  the
  first  fully  supported,  openly  licensed,  complete  interface  socket  for
  intellectual  property  (IP)  cores.  OCP  addresses  design,  verification
  and  testing  issues  common  to  IP  core  reuse  in  "plug-and-play"  system-
  on-chip  (SoC)  products.  Additional  information  is  available  at

Company:                                                        Open  Text/Hummingbird  Connectivity
Booth:                                                            2686
Ticker  Symbol  &  Exchange:                      NASDAQ:  OTEX,  TSX:  OTC
Media  Contact:                                            Stephanie  Dodge
Phone:                                                            1  519  888  7111  x2429
E-mail:                                                          sdodge@opentext.com
Web:                                                                www.hummingbird.com

Open  Text(TM)  is  the  world's  largest  independent  provider  of
  Enterprise  Content  Management  software  and  solutions.  For  more
  information,  go  to  www.opentext.com.  The  Hummingbird  Connectivity(TM)
  division  of  Open  Text  provides  a  comprehensive  set  of  core  network
  technologies  that  enables  the  enterprise  to  connect  to  any  type  of
  legacy  system.  Hummingbird  Connectivity  seamlessly  delivers
  enterprise  mission  critical  data  to  the  user  desktop.  Based  on  robust
  and  recognized  standards,  every  Hummingbird  Connectivity  product  is
  designed  to  bridge  the  gap  between  legacy  systems  and  enterprise
  users  by  delivering  the  quickest,  easiest,  and  most  secure  single
  point  of  access  to  UNIX  systems,  Mainframes  and  AS/400s.  For  more
  information  about  Hummingbird  Connectivity,  visit

Company:                                                        Physware,  Inc.
Booth:                                                            6071
Media  Contact:                                            Bala  Vishwanath
Phone:                                                            425-458-0597
E-mail:                                                          marketing@physware.com
Web:                                                                www.physware.com

Physware  is  a  provider  of  full-system  high-frequency  solutions  at  100X
  acceleration  with  maximum  accuracy.

Physware  is  venture  backed  and  is  led  by  an  experienced  team
  comprising  of  technical  and  business  leaders  from  the  electronic
  design  industry.

Physware  will  launch  its  products  in  Fall  2007  and  is  currently
  working  with  prospective  customers  in  early  evaluation  engagements.

Company:                                                        Ponte  Solutions
Booth:                                                            4360
Media  Contact:                                            Jim  Lochmiller
Phone:                                                            (541)  821-3438
E-mail:                                                          lochpr@yahoo.com
Web:                                                                www.ponte.com

Ponte  Solutions,  Inc.  develops  and  markets  unique  model-based  software
  products  and  design  for  manufacturing  (DFM)  solutions  that  analyze,
  predict,  and  reduce  the  impact  of  process  variability  during  the
  manufacture  and  design  of  semiconductors.  Ponte  customers  include
  leading  semiconductor  companies,  foundries,  and  design  houses
  worldwide.  Founded  in  2002,  the  venture-backed  company  has  received
  funding  from  The  Mayfield  Fund,  U.S.  Venture  Partners,  Incubic  LLC,
  Silicom  Ventures  LLC,  and  others.  The  company  has  offices  in  Mountain
  View,  Calif.,  and  Yerevan,  Armenia.  For  more  information  about  Ponte
  and  its  DFM  products  visit  www.ponte.com.

Company:                                                        Prolific  Inc.
Booth:                                                            6064
Media  Contact:                                            Michael  Miller
Phone:                                                            510-252-0490  x310
E-mail:                                                          mjm@prolificinc.com
Web:                                                                http://www.prolificinc.com

Prolific's  products  automate  power  reduction,  performance  improvement,
  and  standard-cell  library  development.  ProPower(TM)  final-pass
  leakage  power  optimizer,  producing  25%  -  70%  less  leakage,  even  on
  previously  optimized  designs.  ProPower  can  also  improve  design
  timing,  and  does  not  increase  area.  ProTiming(TM)  is  a  final-pass
  timing  optimizer  that  runs  after  any  place-and-route  flow  is
  complete.  It  improves  block  timing  by  an  average  of  10%,  including
  previously  optimized  designs.  ProGenesis(R)  is  a  state-of-the-art,
  automated,  cell  library  creation  tool.  It  drastically  reduces
  development  time,  automatically  adapting  to  changes  in  design
  requirements  or  rules.  Since  1995,  Prolific  has  been  a  profitable,
  privately  held  company.  Find  more  information  at  www.prolificinc.com.

Company:                                                        Saratoga  Data  Systems
Booth:                                                            1361
Media  Contact:                                            Greg  Fairbank
Phone:                                                            617-381-4806
E-mail:                                                          info@saratogadata.com
Web:                                                                www.saratogadata.com

Saratoga  Data  Systems,  a  software  company  rooted  in  the  EDA  market,  is
  dedicated  to  solving  problems  caused  by  huge  data  volumes.  Saratoga
  currently  offers  two  software  solutions  to  solve  the  challenges  of
  large  data:

Bantam  is  a  GDS  optimization  tool  that  greatly  reduces  GDS  file  sizes
  (60%  -  95%)  without  compression.  Bantam  provides  enhanced  design
  throughput  and  application  acceleration  for  many  downstream

Flume  is  a  completely  software  based  network  optimization  tool  that
  accelerates  the  transfer  of  data  by  5  to  in  excess  of  100  times  that
  of  traditional  TCP/IP  over  corporate  WANs  or  between  companies  across
  the  open  internet.

Company:                                                        Sarnoff  Europe
Booth:                                                            4464
Media  Contact:                                            Katty  Van  Mele
Phone:                                                            32  59  275  917
E-mail:                                                          bd@sarnoffeurope.com
Web:                                                                www.sarnoffeurope.com

Sarnoff  Europe  is  a  silicon  IP  provider.  We  deliver  on-chip  ESD
  protection  design  solutions  under  the  brand  name  TakeCharge.  We  do
  custom  ESD  design  and  also  have  off-the-shelf  ESD  design  solutions
  available  for  TSMC,  UMC,  CSM,  SMIC  from  0.18um  down  to  65nm.  We
  partner  with  Fujitsu  on  65nm  CMOS  and  Epson  on  150nm  HV  CMOS  foundry
  ESD  solutions.

Our  20+  licensees  include  both  IDM  and  fabless  companies  (Toshiba,
  Sony,  Infineon,  Altera,  PMC-Sierra...).  Since  2002,  they  released
  more  than  275  commercial  ICs  protected  for  ESD  by  TakeCharge  in  high
  volume  production.

Discover  how  Sarnoff  ESD  solutions  will  benefit  your  IC  design.

Company:                                                        Sequence  Design
Booth:                                                            4860
Media  Contact:                                            Jim  Lochmiller
Phone:                                                            (541)  821-3438
E-mail:                                                          lochpr@yahoo.com
Web:                                                                www.sequencedesign.com

Sequence  Design  accelerates  the  ability  of  SoC  designers  to  bring
  high-performance,  power-aware  ICs  quickly  to  market.  Sequence  Design-
  For-Power  solutions  give  customers  the  competitive  advantage
  necessary  to  excel  in  aggressive  technology  markets.  Sequence's  power
  and  signal-  integrity  software  solutions  give  customers  the
  competitive  advantage  necessary  to  excel  in  aggressive  technology
  markets,  despite  the  demanding  complexity  and  time-to-market  issues
  of  nanometer  design.  Sequence  serves  over  150  customers  worldwide,  in
  application  segments  such  as  consumer,  wireless,  mobile  computing,
  multimedia,  cell  phones,  digital  cameras,  network-on-chip  processors,
  and  other  power-sensitive  markets.  Sequence  has  worldwide  development
  and  field-service  operations  and  is  privately  held.

Company:                                                        Silicon  Image,  Inc
Booth:                                                            4265
Ticker  Symbol  &  Exchange:                      SIMG
Media  Contact:                                            Felicia  Mowll
Phone:                                                            (415)  677-2703
E-mail:                                                          felicia.mowll@ogilvypr.com
Web:                                                                www.SiliconImage.com

Silicon  Image  is  the  leader  in  high-speed  serial  communications  IC
  designs  for  the  consumer  electronics,  PC  and  display,  and  storage
  solution  markets.  As  the  pioneer  and  market  leader  of  the  popular  DVI
  and  HDMI  standards  and  an  innovator  and  driver  of  the  SATA  interface,
  Silicon  Image  has  shipped  more  than  100  million  standards-based
  semiconductors.  Leveraging  this  expertise,  Silicon  Image  helps
  technology  companies  bring  standards-based  products  to  market  quickly
  by  licensing  its  market-tested  IP  Cores  for  integration  into  system-
  on-a-chip  (SOC)  designs.

Company:                                                        Synopsys,  Inc.
Booth:                                                            5278
Ticker  Symbol  &  Exchange:                      SNPS
Media  Contact:                                            Sheryl  Gulizia
Phone:                                                            650-584-8635
E-mail:                                                          sgulizia@synopsys.com
Web:                                                                www.synopsys.com

Synopsys,  Inc.  (Nasdaq:SNPS)  is  a  world  leader  in  electronic  design
  automation  (EDA)  software  for  semiconductor  design.  The  company
  delivers  technology-leading  system  and  semiconductor  design  and
  verification  platforms,  IC  manufacturing  solutions,  semiconductor
  intellectual  property  and  design  services  to  the  global  electronics
  market,  enabling  the  development  and  production  of  complex  integrated
  circuits  and  electronic  systems.  Through  its  comprehensive  solutions,
  Synopsys  addresses  the  key  challenges  designers  and  manufacturers
  face  today,  including  low-power,  accelerated  time  to  yield  and
  system-to-silicon  verification.  Synopsys  is  headquartered  in  Mountain
  View,  California,  and  has  more  than  60  offices  located  throughout
  North  America,  Europe,  Japan  and  Asia.  Visit  Synopsys  online  at

Company:                                                        TATA  ELXSI  LIMITED
Booth:                                                            2889
Media  Contact:                                            ASHWIN  UPADHYA
Phone:                                                            1  408  894  8282
E-mail:                                                          ashwinu@tataelxsi.co.in
Web:                                                                www.tataelxsi.com

Tata  Elxsi,  part  of  the  reputed  Tata  Group  of  India,  is  an  embedded
  design  services  company.  With  proven  strengths  in  embedded  product
  development  including  silicon  till  application,  and  tool  design  with
  custom  automation  and  algorithm  implementation  we  have  been  servicing
  the  EDA  and  the  semiconductor  industry  for  over  a  decade.

From  Automotive  to  Aerospace,  Enterprise  to  Consumer  Electronics,
  Entertainment  to  FMCG,  Media  to  Storage,  Semicon  to  Telecom,  we
  provide  customized  design  solutions  to  companies  across  the  globe.  We
  ensure  cost-effective,  time-to-market  solutions  through  a  highly
  motivated  skilled  workforce  driven  by  strong  design  principles,
  highest  levels  of  quality  and  ethical  business  practices.

Company:                                                        TechForce,  Inc.
Booth:                                                            865
Media  Contact:                                            Vijay  Mohan
Phone:                                                            408-410-2831
E-mail:                                                          vijay@tforceinc.com
Web:                                                                www.tforceinc.com

TechForce  is  an  established  chip  design  services  company  based  in  San
  Jose,  CA  with  expertise  in  SoC  Design,  Implementation,  Functional
  Verification,  Physical  Design,  Post  Silicon  Validation,  Custom  Layout
  and  Embedded  Software.

We  have  been  working  with  several  Fortune  500  &  start-up  companies  and
  help  them  develop  cutting-edge  SoC  design  solutions.  As  the  trusted  &
  preferred  design  services  partner,  TechForce  offers  proven  solutions
  to  all  your  design  challenges.  Our  progressive  track  record  comprises
  of  successful  tape-outs  in  65nm  technology,  and  our  expertise  covers
  a  wide  domain  comprising  of  complex  multi-million  gate  Wireless,
  Graphics,  Networking,  Telecom,  Multi-media  and  Storage  SoCs.

Company:                                                        UMC
Booth:                                                            4074
Ticker  Symbol  &  Exchange:                      NYSE:  UMC,  TSE:  2303
Media  Contact:                                            Eileen  Elam
Phone:                                                            408-927-7753
E-mail:                                                          eileen@kjcompr.com
Web:                                                                www.umc.com

UMC  is  a  leading  global  semiconductor  foundry  that  manufactures
  advanced  system-on-chip  (SoC)  designs  for  applications  spanning  every
  major  sector  of  the  IC  industry.  UMC's  SoC  Solution  Foundry  strategy
  is  based  on  the  strength  of  the  company's  advanced  technologies,
  which  include  production  proven  90nm,  65nm,  mixed  signal/RFCMOS,  and
  a  wide  range  of  specialty  technologies.  Production  is  supported
  through  10  wafer  manufacturing  facilities  that  include  two  advanced
  300mm  fabs;  Fab  12A  in  Taiwan  and  Singapore-based  Fab  12i  are  both  in
  volume  production  for  a  variety  of  customer  products.  The  company
  employs  approximately  12,000  people  worldwide  and  has  offices  in
  Taiwan,  Japan,  Singapore,  Europe,  and  the  United  States.

Company:                                                        Z  Circuit  Automation,  Inc.
Booth:                                                            4164
Media  Contact:                                            Edmond  Macaluso
Phone:                                                            650-224-8915
E-mail:                                                          edmond@z-circuit.com
Web:                                                                www.z-circuit.com

IT'S  TIME  for  you  to  utilize  the  most  advanced  cell  modeling
  technology  available,  Synopsys  CCS  or  Cadence  ECSM  models,
  characterized  and  validated  by  Z  Circuit's  industry  leading  software.
  The  benefits  in  accuracy  and  correlation  are  clearly  demonstrated  in
  the  Z  Circuit  design  flow.

Z  CIRCUIT  ZCHAR  sets  the  standard  for  characterization  speed  and
  modeling  accuracy.

Z  CIRCUIT  LIBRARY  ANALYZER  QV  accelerates  library  validation  as  much
  as  100x  of  previous  methods.

If  you  are  producing  libraries  or  using  internal  or  commercial  cell
  libraries,  call  Z  Circuit  now,  650-559-1714,  to  schedule  a

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Mid-Level Mechanical Engineer for Kiewit at lenexa, Kansas
Mechanical Engineer for Allen & Shariff Corporation at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
GIS Data Analyst for CostQuest Associates, Inc. at Cincinnati, Ohio
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29th Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS) at Tokyo Big Sight 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku Tokyo Japan - Jun 20 - 22, 2018
ACMEE 2018 at Chennai Trade Centre Mount Poonamallee Road, Nandambakkam Chennai India - Jun 21 - 25, 2018
Inside 3D Printing Seoul 2018 at Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX), Hall 5 408 Hallyuworld-ro, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do Goyang Korea (South) - Jun 27 - 29, 2018
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