TopSolid – a Marine CAD/CAM Solution
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TopSolid – a Marine CAD/CAM Solution

The integrated TopSolid CAD/CAM solution is more often than not associated with mechanical engineering and machining. It is of course a multi-sector software offering tailored solutions for such fields as mechanical engineering, sheet metal, tool making, wood …and more recently the ship building sector. TopSolid'Design and TopSolid'Wood together with the CAM solutions TopSolid'Cam, TopSolid'WoodCam and TopSolid'PunchCut offer an integrated solution for the production of boats.

TopSolid, an integrated CAD/CAM solution for the marine industry
TopSolid’Wood for interior boat design

Increasingly boat designers are converting to 3D CAD systems as collision detection is now a key factor in the design of increasingly complex and compact boats. This will obviously favour 3D CAD/CAM editors in general. TopSolid, however, has an advantage over the solutions offered by many competitors: Technically, it is a very attractive solution for boat designers for the following reasons: Such well known TopSolid customers as Judel and Vrolijk, THG, Guillaume Kruyskamp and Simrad (TopSolid demonstrations will be on display at the Simrad stand, at the Darse Sud Stand, Monaco Yacht Show)

Some TopSolid references

Judel/Vrolijk & co is among the world leaders in designing racing yachts for international competitions such as the America's Cup, Admirals's Cup, Copa del Rey,etc. The winner of the Admirals Cup in 2002 named the « Illbruck » was designed using TopSolid. Such TopSolid functions for importing free-form surfaces and the combination of surface models and solids are important for the German based ship builder.

Simrad, a TopSolid client, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of marine electronics. In July 2004, the company acquired 2 TopSolid stations to design its entire product range. TopSolid enables Simrad to present its products schematically with a realistic 3D rendering. In addition, many shipyards use TopSolid which facilitates the exchange of files between Simrad and its clients.

The boat designer Guillaume Kruyskamp, now a member of the group Superyacht France, takes full advantage of the cinematic functions as well as the surface and parametric functions in TopSolid. He also uses TopSolid'Castor, the integrated TopSolid structural calculation module, to optimize the hulls of sail boats.

Missler Software will participate in the following 3 international boat shows in September and October: About Missler Software:
Missler Software is one of the leading global suppliers of CAD, CAM and ERP solutions. The company's product lines include TopSolid, TopManufacturing and Goelan. Missler Software offers a uniquely integrated solution for the mechanical engineering industry (general mechanical design, special machinery, tooling, boilerwork …) and for sheet metal and wood industries.

Thanks to its advanced technology and its fully integrated solution, Missler Software is experiencing rapid growth in the global CAD/CAM market. For further information contact Email Contact or visit &

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