Pinion Software Introduces Technical Rights Management Solutions For Leading CAD Applications
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Pinion Software Introduces Technical Rights Management Solutions For Leading CAD Applications

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NEW YORK—(BUSINESS WIRE)—July 27, 2005— Pinion Software, a leader in the emerging market for Enterprise Rights Management, today announced the introduction of Technical Rights Management(TM), a first-of-its-kind capability that provides comprehensive and continuous in-use security for files created in leading CAD applications from Autodesk, SolidWorks, Bentley, and others. Technical Rights Management enables users of Pinion Software's suite of security applications to retain complete control over how recipients may use technical application files that are shared by email or through the web.

For companies in many industries, particularly the manufacturing, energy, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors, CAD files contain their highest value intellectual property. Additionally, the widespread use of globally outsourced business processes means that this critical information is routinely shared with partners, vendors, contractors, and others without any measure of continuous protection. What protections that have existed before now are inadequate or lacking in fundamental functionality required by recipients in order to perform their job, such as allowing the ability to interact or work with the data in its native format.

"It is estimated that as much as 70% of a company's value is based on its intellectual property, much of which is technical in nature," said Joyce Durst, president and CEO of Pinion Software. "When highly sensitive, strategic data circulates unprotected, the potential for costly exposures and losses skyrockets. With Technical Rights Management, companies can maintain and extend their competitive position by sharing technical information while ensuring its security and integrity."

"In the manufacturing sector, the sourcing process requires extremely valuable intellectual property to be shared in the form of CAD models, drawings and documents during the RFQ and collaboration phases," states Mitch Free, president and CEO of MfgQuote, a dynamic online marketplace for buying and selling engineered-to-order parts. "The ability to secure these CAD files is absolutely essential to protecting a company's competitive and time-to-market advantage."

Technical Rights Management solutions support dozens of mechanical, engineering, and illustration CAD native file types and technical viewing applications, including Autodesk, SolidWorks, Bentley, and Microsoft. User benefits include:

-- Security: unparalleled file security, including data destruction when permissions expire, by enforcing protections at both the operating system and application levels.

-- Control: ensures the integrity and security of your technical information while in use by recipients inside or outside your organization.

-- Workflow integration: allows users to create and share technical files in their native application format to fit within critical workflow and business processes.

-- Visual fidelity: enables users to view dimensional images and perform operations or calculations.

Global outsourcing has become a business imperative for companies in many industry sectors to achieve and maintain competitive advantage. To optimize these relationships, companies must be able to share intellectual property while ensuring that it is secure and always under their control. Pinion Software's Technical Rights Management solutions provides continuous security for CAD and other technical application files that must be shared to realize the cost and time-to-market efficiency benefits of outsourced product design, development and manufacturing processes. Pinion Software offers a full suite of Technical Rights Management security solutions to meet the deployment needs of small and medium businesses, departments or workgroups, and large enterprises.

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Founded in 1998 and privately held, Pinion Software is a leader in the emerging market for Enterprise Rights Management solutions. In particular, Pinion Software provides the only file-security solution that offers unparalleled security for technical application files. Users of CAD and other technical applications are able to create and share files in its native application format while retaining continuous control over how the information may be used. Pinion Software protects information both inside and outside the corporate firewall -- whether shared by email, corporate intranet, business portals, or document-management systems. For more information, visit our website at

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