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Improve mold design efficiency
In this paper, using the automobile cooling grill as an example, I will introduce ZW3D’s mold design. I will focus on ZW3D’s hybrid modeling technology for large automobile products in creating parting curves, splitting core cavities and electrode design solutions. ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd.
Goetze drive Trumpf,
The Walter Goetz Company was founded over one hundred years ago. With over 100 employees, the company provides subcontract services producing all types of semi or fully finished metal products for prototypes or small/medium sized production runs. To deliver this the company has continually purchased and upgraded a wide range of CNC cutting machines, employing a mix of laser, waterjet, punching and combination punch/laser technologies spanning several manufacturer brands....... JETCAM International
Delcam CADCAM software
A typical deck mould produced by MonsterCAM with its Delcam software Delcam’s PowerSHAPE design software and PowerMILL CAM system have been chosen by MonsterCAM to drive one of the UK’s largest independently-owned, continuous five-axis machining centres. The company’s EWW machine is 45 metres long, 7 metres wide and 4 metres high and has a volumetric cutting space of 1,260 cubic metres Delcam
3 Dimensional cake icing
Sometimes productivity gains lurk in unexpected places. That was the case recently when 3-Dimensional Services Group found a way to dramatically increase uptime while improving quality and decreasing costs for Freed’s Bakery with one elegant and innovative new design. 3-Dimensional Service Group
Technologies for 3D Printing
With advancements in technology, many companies in the manufacturing, industrial, and other related industries are turning to one particular emerging technology: 3D printing. 3D printing is being used for both prototyping and distributed manufacturing, and may even become a mass-market item thanks to its open-source nature, which easily offsets capital costs. Here’s an in-depth look at a few different types of 3D printing technologies in use today: First American Plastic
Kennedy Space Center
Maintaining, preparing, and launching NASA's Shuttle fleet requires months, if not years, of work, dedication, and attention to massive amounts of detail. Managing and tracking the equipment, parts, documents, and processes involved plays a vital role in that effort. Auto-trol Technology
FEA Information Engineering
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 4, Issue 03, March 2015 FEA Information Inc.
GstarCAD MC Applied Successfully
This case study shows how one company used iPads loaded with GstarCAD MC to do a complete design while also being able to facilitate mobile browsing, revision, and communication. GstarCAD
A Global PLM strategy
This seminar includes an abstract, downloadable presentation, and audio. Ford Motor Company
Improving Circuit Design
The addition of detailed electronic circuit modeling in the latest release of the Mathcad software environment provides a powerful tool to simulate, optimize, and document the circuit design prior to building a PC board. Tecnova
bConverged Open Engineering
The bConverged Open Engineering Suite includes the all of the contents of CalculiX for Windows as well as an unmodified version of Gmsh for additional pre-processing capabilities (also integrated with SciTE), graphical launcher for CalculiX, CAD viewer and CAE data translators. Convergent Mechanical Solutions
Integrated Analysis Achieves
At Modine Manufacturing Company in Wisconsin, U.S.A., designing charge air coolers and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers is largely driven by emerging emission standards in the United States and Europe. These new emission standards equate to higher thermal loads and more rigorous durability requirements for automotive engine and exhaust components. With the surge in demand for engine components that meet the new emission standards, it was apparent to Modine that it needed to conduct a greater number of concurrent engineering design projects without significantly impacting engineering headcount or physical test facility capital investment. Physical testing is expensive, and test capacity limitations make it nearly impossible to turn around a design project quickly and efficiently through testing alone. Given these factors, the need for leveraging the virtual environment was clear. ANSYS, Inc.
Improving Forensic and
"Laser scanners aren’t just for large engineering firms with big budgets, but also for small companies who want to provide their clients with state-of-the-art services and technology that in many cases exceed those of larger competitors.” FARO Technologies, Inc.
FEA Information Engineering
Anniversary Issue - 15 years FEA Information Inc.
FEA Information Engineering
FEA Information Inc.
FEA Information Engineering
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 4, Issue 09, September2015 FEA Information Inc.
Atlas Copco – World
Atlas Copco Energas GmbH, world leader in generators, compressors and turbo expander technologies, has reached an enviable degree of efficiency in its plant development and construction programs. To get to where it is today, Atlas Copco needed not only a strong corporate vision, but also an outstanding CAD strategy. CAD Schroer
Die making for the automotive
Ernst Keller GmbH & Co KG, Arnsberg, produces components for safety belts and door sealing for automotive suppliers. With over 180 employees, the company has been manufacturing forming tools for over 20 years. An increasing portion of the company’s products require complex dies, which have been designed and manufactured by Ernst Keller’s tool making department since 2001. Cimatron Ltd.
Preventing Mechanical Fatigue
A fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to predict and resolve fatigue-related problems before they happen. Graphics Systems Corporation
Interactive Marketing
In today’s competitive landscape, a successful marketing presentations is one of the most valuable tools to clearly differentiate product features and benefits to your customers. Anark’s 3D marketing solutions offer a potent communication tool by transforming CAD and other 3D data into visually stunning presentations. This solution is highly effective, cost effective, and easily deployable. Anark Corporation
Innovative New Compressors
Manufacturing the complex impellers of the TIVM(tm) compressor and testing the unique oscillating-van Dragonfly compressor required the services of a total turbo-machinery resource. Concepts NREC
FEA Information Engineering
FEA Information Inc.
ASMAG UK Ltd. Wins New
“The direct modeling approach best aligns with the challenges we face in the custom projects we run, where they tend to be short, with lots of iterations and late customer inputs. And only one package–Creo Elements/Direct–is able to give us what we need.” PTC
Fimer Spa
Fimer, a family-owned manufacturer of high-tech welding machines needed to update their product line to reflect the advanced inverter-based technology in their machines and drive their company into the 21st century. I.D.milano Product Design
FEA Information Engineering
Matereality Software Release Provides a Strong Materials Core for Manufacturing Enterprises... FEA Information Inc.
White Paper on Solving
White Paper, from EGS India, on use of SigmundWorks and SolidWorks in developing Qualitative Designs for Higher Profitability and Lower Rejections is presented. Emphasis is on the Design process involving Correctness of drawing generation using SolidWorks DimXpert and SigmundWorks for Tolerance Stack Up Analysis. EGS Computers India Private Limited
AutoSolids 2007
AutoSolids 2007 supports AutoCAD 2007/2008 and their vertical applications including AutoCAD Mechanical, Mechanical Desktop, and Architectural Desktop. AutoSolids, Inc.
GO2cam demo software
GO2came is an open CAM software, for Milling, Turning, Wire-Cut EDM. GO2cam is specially designed for a mechanic user and is compatible with all the major CADs softwares. GO2cam was developed with an objective of reducing the NC programming, thus to improve the efficiency machining. GO2cam International
Azonix Need Only One
Azonix, a leading provider of computers and displays designed for extremely harsh conditions, used FloEFD CAD-embedded CFD software and reduced the number of thermal prototypes needed for its new Terra computer from up to 12 to only 1. Flomerics
Mastercam X4 MU3
These enhancements and updates have been tested and released by the Quality Control Department and will function inside Mastercam X4. Follow the instructions given in the 'info' button of each download for install instructions. CNC Software
Former Racer Builds a
Born in racing, shop’s high-tech equipment and programming tools drive growth in medical and aerospace parts OPEN MIND Technologies AG
FEA Information Engineering
FEA Information Inc.
GoldSim Floating License
The GoldSim Floating License Manager allows you to use a floating (network) license on a server. The first step in installing and registering a network license is to register the license on a server. (Note that floating licenses require a special Registration Code. You cannot use a standard GoldSim Registration Code for a floating license.) To register a floating license on a server, you must first install the GoldSim Floating License Manager on the server. The manner in which a floating license is configured on the server and client machines is described in detail in Chapter 1 of the GoldSim User’s Guide GoldSim Technology Group
KUKA.Sim components library
Download the models of KUKA robots, additional models of grippers, pallets, conveyors, fences, forklifts and several simulations. The component library is not compatible with KUKA.Sim 2.0. KUKA Robotics
3D Engineering: How
Bruce Jenkins, industry-leading expert in engineering, manufacturing, and construction technologies and businesses, explores the results of his extensive research on how leading engineering organizations are moving to 3D direct modeling to support concept engineering, accelerate CAE model preparation, and seed time-to-market with simulation-driven product development. Bruce also explores how SpaceClaim 3D Direct Modeling is leading the way in these trends and empowering engineers like never before. SpaceClaim Corporation
KUKA.Verify CNC Version 2.0
The program KUKA.Verify CNC is used to verify the syntax of CNC files. It's main purpose is to read in CNC files and verify if those files can be used in the product KUKA.CAMRob 2.0. The program does only verify the syntax of the CNC files. Other 'defects' of using the CNC file such as the reacheability of the positions or eventual collisions between spindle and work piece or other collisions are not checked. KUKA Robotics
bConverged CalculiX for
This build includes the most recent release of CCX 2.3 (32bit and 64bit MT), CGX 2.3, compiled help file, test cases and two CAD translation tools (VDA and ACIS to FBD). It also contains an unmodified version of gnuplot for plotting results data and a custom built SciTE, a text editor which is integrated with the other tools. Convergent Mechanical Solutions
Unfortunately we don't have the resources to make postprocessors for all CNC machines in the whole world. Therefore we urge our customers and potential CNC machine suppliers to send us the postprocessors that they may make, then we will place them here for free use. If you have one or more postprocessors that you want to share with others, please zip them and send them to, and we shall place them here. Magic Systems
What’s New of GstarCAD2011
The main target of GstarCAD2011 is to significantly enhance the performance and usability of the software. Brand new Ribbon GUI is more attractive and the layout is more reasonable, giving user quicker access to functions. The performance of well-used functions are greatly improved, drawing would be more accurate and smooth. Optimized dimension system provides with more useful and various dimension styles. The enhancement of 3D function leads a more convenient way for both definition of 3D coordinate system and transformation from 3D model to 2D drawings. Compatibility and stability of APIs GRX/VBA/Lisp/VLisp are remarkably enhanced. Other new functions and improvements such as “Overkill”, “Layer Management”, “Drawing Comparison” and “Single Line Text Editor” are also implemented in GstarCAD2011. Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd
Best practices for photorealistic
Photorealistic rendering is the art and science of using computer algorithms to produce images that imitate real-life scenes as realistically as possible.By following these four best practices, engineers can use today’s applications to create more realistic images more quickly. PTC
CFD Analysis & Flow
Icing alters the shape and surface characteristics of aircraft components, which results in altered aerodynamic forces and moments caused by air flow over those iced components. The typical effects of icing are increased drag, reduced stall angle of attack , and reduced maximum lift. In this analysis, the leading-edge and the piccolo type thermal anti-icing bay of an aircraft wing is simulated using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for a range of inlet-temperatures and the flow-rates of the heating fluid. Fexilon Technologies
FEQ Information Engineering
FEA Information Inc.
Geometric Inspection
Pneutronics, a division of Parker Hannifin Corporation (Hollis, NH), engineers and manufactures miniature solenoid valves, miniature diaphragm pumps, and system solutions for critical fluidic applications. The Pneutronics valve product line includes miniature digital, proportional, and multi-media solenoid valves with orifice sizes from .003" to .250”, which are used in a range of medical technologies and analytical instrumentation. InnovMetric Software Inc.
Overcoming the Barriers
CAE analysts often face the burden of poor quality and over-detailed geometric models in preparing finite element meshing for analysis. However, end users of SpaceClaim Engineer testify that the application is making a valued impact to alleviate these barriers. To surmount those problems, a solution must be able to import an extensive range of CAD model formats found in the industry and also support an intuitive user interface that is easy to learn for non-CAD experts. SpaceClaim boasts a positive record in each case in the opinion of their customers. McCormick Stevenson, an engineering services company, finds that SpaceClaim serves as a great arbiter of geometry and boasts, “anything can be imported.” The broad appeal of SpaceClaim Engineer as a tool for CAE analysts is further touted by Stig Staghøj Knudsen, a naval architect and CFD expert from Ramboll Group A/S in Denmark. For them, SpaceClaim cleans up CAD models in new ways not previously available saving a lot of product development time in the process. CIMData
3D Scan IT and InnovMetric
Eifel Incorporated, a 20-man company in Fraser, Michigan, USA, provides automaker Tier One suppliers with fast-turnaround design and engineering services for injection molding based on net-shape machining. President Richard (“Rick”) Hecker looks to scanning and point-cloud-based inspection to help reach ongoing cost reductions of 25% and zero margin for error—“Right First Time” for everything. InnovMetric Software Inc.
Electric Product Designers
Key design performance issues facing electronics and electrical product manufacturers. Graphics Systems Corporation
GibbsCAM 2011
This release adds more powerful features to speed up part turnaround time, and the interface is more streamlined and flexible, allowing it to adapt to your workflow requirements. Gibbs & Associates
Taking the High Road:
There is a wealth of evidence that manufacturing jobs are good jobs.1 But not all mamanufacturing jobs are created equal. Published data highlight the considerable variation in pay and productivity across manufacturing industries. For example, workers in the computer and electronic product manufacturing industry earn an average of $34 per hour (as of May 2015), while those in apparel manufacturing earn an average of $17 per hour. Now, thanks to a special tabulation of data from the 2011 Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM) by the Census Bureau, we can also begin examining differences in the highest- and lowest-paying establishments within the same industry.2 Our special tabulation of ASM data divides manufacturing establishments in two ways. Industries are first categorized at a detailed level (using 4-digit NAICS codes), and then they are divided into four equally sized groups (or quartiles) by payroll per employee.3 The resulting tabulations show payroll per employee, value-added per employee and other output and cost measures for each of the quartiles. This division allows us to see how much wage variation there is between the top- and lowest-paying establishments. The payroll data tells us how much, on average, an establishment is paying all of its employees (including line workers, engineers, and administrators). The variation in pay across manufacturing establishments is quite high. Across all of manufacturing, the lowest-paying establishments are in the bottom quartile of cut-and-sew apparel manufacturing (NAICS 3152), with an average annual payroll per employee of $15,972. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the top quartile of communications equipment manufacturing (NAICS 3342), with an average annual payroll of $113,070—a variation of over 600 percent. As a point of comparison, average payrolls in communications equipment manufacturing are $97,765, or just 170 percent higher than the overall average for cut-and-sew apparel ($36,085). US Department of Commerce
Two Major Shifts Impacting
In this whitepaper John Alpine, Spatial VP of R&D, examines the evolution of software development productivity, the point at which ideal productivity is achieved, and what the two major shifts in software productivity will be. Spatial Corp.
GstarCAD - Fast, Powerful
GstarCAD is the fast, powerful and DWG-compatible CAD software. It is the world-class 2D/3D CAD (Computer aided design) software platform based on IntelliCAD technology. GstarCAD's powerful functions, AutoCAD-compatible programming platform, cost-effective solution and ease-of-use operating interface ensure that your design inspiration comes true skillfully and thoroughly at high speed. Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd
Real cost benefits from
Global economic pressure is eroding margins and profit. Not only do manufacturers have to compete with companies on the other side of the world, but the total requirement for manufactured goods has recently dropped significantly. Furthermore, OEMs are frequently demanding regular and ongoing price reductions. Sescoi International
PolyWorks 3D Metrology
In 2005, the company re-evaluated its approach to inspecting these parts with the object of finding a more efficient method of gathering and analyzing dimensional data. Part of that program was the installation of PolyWorks® 3D metrology software from InnovMetric Software, a full featured metrology software that automates and streamlines many of the operations associated with gathering and comparing dimensional data with design intent.

The PolyWorks software is used in conjunction with a FARO Laser Line probe mounted on a high precision Faro Platinum Arm. The hardware/software combination cut inspection and analysis time in half and reduced the number of people required for the operation from four to two. In addition, the manufacturing group can now operate independently and work a 24-hour per day shift.
InnovMetric Software Inc.
KUKA.SmartGUI Studio,
KUKA.SmartGUI is a graphical user interface which can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s individual application requirements. The focus is on simple operation of a complete robotic system, as well as a customized, application-specific, freely configurable user interface KUKA Robotics
CAE & Cooling Systems
On behalf of CNR ISAC (National Centre for Research) C&C srl utilized FloEFDPro in performing studies on a servo/antenna, part of a meteorological radar system. The Polar 55C is a polarimetric C-band Doppler radar system used for research purposes. The study of this system is a preparatory analysis to the subsequent feasibility study for the technical modernization of the whole system. Flomerics
DDM Part OneDirect Digital
The use of additive fabrication processes is what differentiates direct digital manufacturing (DDM) from conventional manufacturing methods, and it is from these technologies that unique advantages and opportunities arise. Direct from 3D digital data, a component is manufactured—layer-by-layer—without machining, molding or casting. FORTUS 3D Production Systems
Direct Digital Manufacturing
Direct digital manufacturing (DDM) is a new, unique alternative for the production of end-use items. Having little in common with traditional manufacturing methods, the uniqueness of DDM changes the decision-making process, overturns old principles and creates new criteria. FORTUS 3D Production Systems
This paper presents essential stages of robust design optimization solution: identifying uncertainties and choosing mathematical model; forming of probabilistic criteria; optimization problem statement; choosing the procedure for calculation of probabilistic criteria and choosing the optimization technique. Sigma Technology
Learning How to Use Mastercam
Moline Machinery, of Duluth Minnesota, is in the business of making rotary cutters efficiently for the bakery business. They are one of world leaders in the manufacturing of fryer systems, rotary cutters, make-up lines and sheeting technology. CNC Software
GoldSim Version 10.5
GoldSim 10.5 includes a major new feature: the Script element. In some situations, you may wish to define a complex function which can not be readily implemented using the expression editing features supplied by GoldSim. For example, calculation of an output may require a very complex logic which would be cumbersome to represent using a Selector element, or it may require a numerical solution technique (e.g., iteration); or perhaps you need to construct an array using complex logic. GoldSim Technology Group
SolidCAM collaboration
From its headquarters in Tamworth, UK, Alcon Components Ltd has been designing and manufacturing advanced brake and clutch products since 1984, when John Moore founded the company to supply brakes for Audi Sport’s Group B Quattro rally cars. Now, the company has a worldwide reputation in the motorsport industry, supplying brake components for the World Rally Championship and, in the US, for NASCAR and IRL teams. Additionally, the company supplies braking equipment for high performance road cars and for special vehicles used in defence applications. SolidCAM
FreeForm® Modeling Plus™
Black & Decker is a global marketer and manufacturer of quality products used in and around the home and for commercial applications. It is the world’s largest producer of power tools and accessories. Its household products business is the U.S. leader and the company is among global competitors in the small household appliance industry. SensAble Technologies, Inc.
GoldSim Version 10.5 SP2
GoldSim is the premier Monte Carlo simulation software solution for dynamically modeling complex systems in business, engineering and science. GoldSim supports decision and risk analysis by simulating future performance while quantitatively representing the uncertainty and risks inherent in all complex systems. GoldSim Technology Group
The Second Life of Data:
This technical paper highlights the expectations and challenges of data translation and the importance of model repair and validation. Based on a broad suite of test results, this paper can be an invaluable tool in customer engagements to help highlight the true cost of low quality translation. Spatial Corp.
Tile 3d – bathroom
The program for bathroom design and tile cover calculation. It will be equally useful for both tile store staff and for people professionally engaged in interior design. The program ‘Tile’ is intended for creation of graphic images and 3D models of the rooms where walls and the floor can be covered with tile. The program ‘Tile’ allows you to create a 3D model of a room on the given measures with needed door and window openings; select a necessary tile from the catalog, plan design and lay the tile correctly in a bathroom, a toilet, a kitchen and other rooms; place 3D objects; calculate the quantity of needed tile not only for the whole room but also for a separate wall. This program could be also used to demonstrate to your clients how one or another collection of ceramic tiles will look in a certain interior. Studio Compass
FDM Prototyping & Production
Joe Gibbs Racing Engineers determined a tire blowout was caused by an air-duct outlet not adequately cooling the tire. JGR used its Fortus 3D Production System for concept modeling, functional prototyping, and building manufacturing tools. In under 3 days, it had a new duct outlet installed on the car in time for the next race. FORTUS 3D Production Systems
Task Force Tips Reduces
“With ESPRIT, you are carrying the sword that can slay any dragon you want, and we went to a high level in a short period of time. It’s so much more powerful than anything else. It’s a huge stride in a new direction that is going to make us more profitable.” ESPRIT by DP Technology Corp.
KUKA.Sim Layout
The software tool for planning your projects with KUKA robots. When registering and receiving a granted evaluation license KUKA Robotics
3D_Evolution© FEM Tools
3D_Evolution© FEM Tools CT CoreTechnologies Inc
DynMcDermott Petroleum Operations Company, a Department of Energy prime contractor responsible for managing the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, realized it needed better information technology to manage the many thousands of documents it produces annually. Auto-trol Technology
An Introduction to Lean
In production plants across the globe, lean manufacturing techniques are being utilized to meet increasing demands placed on manufacturers. Buyers now require quicker turnaround, better service, and higher quality – all at a competitive price. Originally developed as a methodology to make production processes highly efficient, lean manufacturing techniques have been adopted by more than 72% of machine shops across the country. FARO Technologies, Inc.
The μETA post-processor
The CompositePost Toolbar, offered within μETA post-processor of BETA CAE Systems S.A., is an automated tool for the post-processing of results deriving from the analysis of products from laminated composites. BETA CAE Systems SA
Autodesk Subscription
Autodesk is giving their subscription customers the option to download their product from their subscription site or to receive it by box. This tech tip will give you steps on how to change your setting from download to receive a box. KETIV Technologies
PowerSHAPE 2011 Overview
A video looking at new features in Delcam's latest CAD program PowerSHAPE 2011 Delcam plc
Direct Digital Manufacturing:
14 unique component designs and 32 total components in each new Stratasys Fortus 900mc are being produced via direct digital manufacturing. Many manufacturers build products in the 10s, 100s, or low 1,000s. In these cases, producing parts with injection molding is often not a wise choice due to the high cost of tooling. With an additive fabrication system, manufacturers can eliminate tooling, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars for a single component or hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for a single project. FORTUS 3D Production Systems
Direct Digital Manufacturing
Direct digital manufacturing (DDM) is being applied in a diverse range of industries. Examples of DDM success are found in aerospace, automotive, consumer products, electronics and defense. Each of these industries, and many others, has applied DDM, and each will continue to see an increase in the number of DDM applications. FORTUS 3D Production Systems
An automatic design algorithm for parametric shape optimization of three-dimensional cooling passages inside axial gas turbine blades has been developed. A robust semi-stochastic constrained optimizer (IOSO) and a parallel genetic algorithm were used to solve this problem while running on an inexpensive distributed memory parallel computer. Sigma Technology
The paper presents the results of optimizing a three-stage axial compressor. The optimization goal was to improve the compressor efficiency at two flight conditions by optimizing geometry of the 5 compressor rows (62 design parameters). Sigma Technology
Multi-objective approach
This article demonstrates the main capabilities of IOSO (Indirect Optimization based on Self-organization) technology algorithms, tools, and software, which can be used for the optimization of complex systems and objects. IOSO algorithms have higher efficiency, provide a wider range of capabilities, and are practically insensitive with respect to the types of objective function and constraints. Sigma Technology
Electronic Redaction:
Electronic redaction is a relatively simple process. Why then, have so many agencies and companies—including Whole Foods, SCO, the U.S. military (repeatedly), law firms and, most recently, Facebook—released improperly redacted documents that landed them in scandalous headlines? Informative Graphics
The Fastest and Easiest
Pratt & Whitney, a unit of United Technologies Corporation, is a leader in the design, manufacture and support of dependable engines for commercial, military and general aviation aircraft, and space propulsion systems. IronCAD, LLC
Humax Co.
As a result of implementing Windchill, Humax has completely transformed its PDM and product development processes, particularly since their 3D CAD data (Pro/ENGINEER) is now being managed in a powerful PDM solution. ITEDO Software LLC
G K S I n s p e c t i
With 25 years of successful 3D laser scanning projects across the globe we can help with your reverse engineering and inspection needs. Laser Design Inc.
Simulating Reality Magazine
This bi-annual magazine provides a rich source for learning new trends in engineering simulation innovation. Inside each issue you will learn from industry leaders driven to deliver new and innovative products to market, and their real life experiences using CAE to get them there faster. Obtain rich and relevant technical content, read useful tips for applying the tools in your daily jobs, and witness first-hand how others are expanding the boundaries of engineering simulation to deliver certainty to their customers. MSC Software
The Fluid-Structure Interaction
The fluid-structure interaction (FSI) and thermal stress evolution (TSE) models are completely new modules in Version 10.0 of FLOW-3D. The approach used for these is unlike any other module in FLOW-3D; the original structured finite-difference mesh used for the fluid and heat transfer computations is not used. Rather, a conforming and structured finite element (FE) mesh is used. This is because performing solid mechanical computations is far more convenient and accurate with a conforming FE mesh than with a nonconforming finite difference mesh. The two meshes are completely coupled during each time step, transferring information about the surface deformations to the fluid mesh, and pressure and temperature changes to the solid (FE) mesh. Flow Science, Inc.
Raster to vector conversion
A raster image is an image made up of a grid of little squares called pixels. Lines and arcs are represented by coloring the appropriate pixels. Softcover International Ltd.
How to Automatically
Barcodes are a common sight on consumer products. Almost every retail transaction in North America is driven by the scanning, recognition and lookup of barcode data. But did you know you can also add barcodes to the forms your organization creates? Doing so gives the scanned image a readily identifiable key (a patient, client or customer id), which allows for easy storage and retrieval in a database or content management system. Using a barcode to associate a scanned image with a unique key is called automatic indexing (or "auto-indexing") of documents. Auto-indexing is enabled by an easy to use, read-write Barcode SDK, such as Barcode Xpress from Accusoft Pegasus. AccuSoft
With each engineer saving an average of two hours per day and reducing the time it takes to access drawings and other technical documents from 30 to 5 minutes, it's easy to see why the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command chose Auto-trol™. Auto-trol Technology
The benefits of “ease
The extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use. Sescoi International
The Challenges for CAM
The use of short cutters is a key feature of 5-axis machining. It significantly reduces the deflection of the tool, results in a better surface quality, prevents reworking and reduces immensely the number of electrode erosions. At the same time there are increasing requirements placed on CAM systems. Collision control and collision avoidance in particular are complex and time consuming tasks. Sescoi International
FEA Services: Cummins
During the second half of 2010, the engineers at Cummins Jamestown Engine Plant (JEP) in Lakewood, NY were in a state of transition with regards to their ANSYS FEA simulation software and the computers on which the ANSYS software resides. A corporate-wide initiative had brought in new computers meaning that JEP had its hands full doing software installs, including ANSYS. To compound the problem, JEP had not been keeping up with the ANSYS release cycle, meaning that they were several releases behind the then current release. SimuTech Group
GSK Precision Co. Ltd.
GSK Precision specializes in manufacturing precise automotive products such as mechanical motors, transmission gear parts and engine control unit boxes. The company is part of the GSK Group Ltd., the largest automotive component manufacturer in Taiwan. Objet Geometries Inc.
CADseek/Windchil Integration
CADseek, the shape-based search product created by iSEEK Corporation, has been fully integrated with Windchill of the PTC Corporation. iSEEK Corporation
Urban A&O
Moving from conventional visualization tools to knowledge-based design Several years ago, Joe MacDonald, founder of Urban A&O architects in New York City, was awarded a grant by Harvard University Graduate School of Design to study architectural patterns based on a single cell repeated in a non-recursive manner, meaning that each repetition is different. AscendBridge Solutions
Fast Engineering Changes
A small electrical installation company with 20 employees, needed to find a better, faster, less expensive way to create fitting instructions for electric outlets, electric wiring and alarm systems on existing drawings. CadCam Services, Inc
Engineering Data Viewing
UDLP-GSD contracted with IDEAL to implement a browser-based, platform independent interface to provide company-wide access to CAD drawings and scanned legacy drawings. The contract required making use of the design, configuration management, database and networking tools UDLP-GSD already had in place. CadCam Services, Inc
WhitePaper: Design Validation
White Paper on Design Validation using SolidWorks Simulation from EGS India highlights the benefits for the Automotive industry in terms of cost reduction, value engineering, enhanced life, eliminating warranty problems and vehicle recalls EGS Computers India Private Limited
Delcam for SolidWorks
A demonstration of Delcam's new integrated CAM system for SolidWorks Delcam
Direct Digital Manufacturing
Direct digital manufacturing (DDM) can be diffi cult to characterize because it does not fi t neatly into previously established categories built around conventional manufacturing processes. Due to its unique processing capacities and innovative advantages, it can be a challenge to easily identify target applications for DDM. Therefore, it is vital to understand how to recognize the opportunities. FORTUS 3D Production Systems
The ANSA Kinematics Tool
One of the greatest burdens of crash/safety simulation pre-processing is the fast and accurate positioning and articulation of kinematic mechanisms. Such mechanisms can be the occupant seat, the crash-test dummy, the seat with the dummy positioned on it, suspensions, rooftops, hoods etc BETA CAE Systems SA
MC Lights and Manufacturing
MC Lights and Manufacturing Ltd. specialize in the manufacture and supply of Lights to the entertainment industry. Our sister company, MC Laser Werks Inc., provides a full range of laser cutting, welding and forming. After evaluating a number of CAD/CAM and MRP solutions, it was decided to purchase the Lantek Expert range of software. Laser Design Inc.
TracePro 6.0
TracePro is a comprehensive, versatile software tool for modeling the propagation of light in imaging and non-imaging opto-mechanical systems. Models are created by importing from a lens design program or a Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) program or by directly creating the solid geometry in TracePro. Optical properties are assigned to materials and surfaces in the model. Source rays propagate through the model with portions of the flux of each ray allocated for absorption, specular reflection and transmission, fluorescence and scatter. From the model, ray trace, and analyze Lambda Research Corp.
Power Plant
ITI was called to help correct Supplying uninterrupted power to meet the world's escalating demands requires the seamless coordination of countless activities, programs, and projects. ITI (International TechneGroup Incorporated)
Getting Started with
A brief overview of the Lattice 3D Reporter features. Lattice Technology Inc
Getting started with
A quick introduction to the wide variety of tools available in the free XVL Player Lattice Technology Inc
AutoCAD Customization
Autodesk has given a free hand to developers to choose the tool they like most for AutoCAD customization. CADDsoft Solutions
AutoLISP is AutoCAD's inbuilt programming language. AutoLISP is used to create programs that will automatically generate drawings. This is a procedural programming language. It is inbuilt i.e. if you have AutoCAD full version loaded on you computer then AutoLISP is already there. AutoCAD LT version do not have AutoLISP interface. CADDsoft Solutions
Full Scale Ship Collision
The continuous increase in maritime traffic makes the risk of collision greater, especially in the high traffic areas near harbors, channels and offshore structures. Since the consequences of ship collisions can be severe for the environment and the ship's crew, the behavior of a ship's structure subjected to impact loads, must be taken into consideration in the design stage of a ship. Collision mechanics are usually separated into external dynamics and internal mechanics. External dynamics deals with the rigid body global motion of the vessel and the effect of the surrounding water, while the internal mechanics is concerned with the structural failure response. This paper presents a collision scenario between two handymax class double skin bulk carriers, in which the external dynamics have been neglected in order to simplify the analysis and reduce model run times. The finite element model has been created in ANSA and solved in LS-DYNA while the results were presented in μETA post-processor. ANSA and μETA comprise the pre- & post-processing suite of BETA CAE Systems S.A. . BETA CAE Systems SA
Frustrated Developer’s
Will your software development organization allow you to make a decision, or at least heed your advice? In other words, will your manager continue to make decisions for you and your team, leaving you with only one choice: implement the project plan even if you disagree with it? Intaver Institute Inc.
Making Right Decisions
Project managers are making decisions all the time on different stages of the project. Some decisions are strategic: they are usually made during initiation of the project and significantly affect the further course of actions. Other project decisions may not be so important, and it is possible to make some corrective actions if something goes wrong. Intaver Institute Inc.
9 criteria for choosing
In the discrete manufacturing industries, between one-third and one-half of the CAD systems in use today are 3D. The rest are used for 2D computer-aided drafting.1 Although some tasks will always be done more efficiently with 2D CAD, these figures suggest many organizations have yet to employ 3D methods. Best Engineering Aids & Consultancies (BEACON)
SprutCAM America Demo
SprutCAM is a CAM solution for the entire shop: Mill, Lathe, Plasma, even Wire EDM. SprutCAM America
Ian Hunter, Ph.D.: Nucleus
A Lorentz force linear motion actuator was built to deliberately exhibit a highly nonlinear current for force relation even when the coil was completely immersed in the magnetic field. Magnets were arranged radially around the coil but only half the permissible number were included in order to generate a more complex actuator configuration to test the ability of the EMS electromagnetic finite element analysis software to handle more challenging magnetic path geometries. A detailed set of experiments were carried out on the actual actuator and a similar set of analyses were undertaken using the EMS magnetostatic electromagnetic finite element analysis software. EMS correctly accounted for the gross nonlinearities in the current to force measurements. ElectroMagneticWorks Inc.
Relay Simulator
Develop an on-line customer education tool that visually demonstrates the timing functions offered by the relays. Adobe® Flash® and PHP scripting were used to present, animate, save and retrieve data to and from a MySQL® database. Portability and rebranding were critical elements so a configuration tool was developed for customer use that allowed verbiage, graphic and theme changes. Tecnova
A Wind Turbine CFD Solution
Until recently, most research in wind energy technology has been focused on macro power generation devices like horizontal axis wind turbines. These massive devices, which are typically more than 100 meters in height and generate at least a megawatt of power, are well-suited for commercial interests in large industrialized regions in the US and Europe. Tecplot, Inc. (formerly Amtec Engineering, Inc.)
Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management caters to the critical issues of organizational adaptation, survival and competence in face of increasingly discontinuous environmental change. Essentially, it symbolizes organizational processes that seek interactive combination of data and information processing capacity of information technologies, and the creative and innovative capacity of human beings. An effective Knowledge Management System (KMS) is the key to future success. CoVisible Solutions Inc.
EnSuite-Lite has viewers for all commonly used CAD formats. Even better, you do not need CAD software or licenses to view any of the supported file types. Viewers are currently available for CATIA V4, CATIA V5, CATIA V6 (3dxml), SolidWorks, NX, Pro/E (Creo), Solid Edge, Inventor, Rhino, JT, Parasolid, ACIS, IGES, STEP, VDA, CGR, DWF, SketchUp, & STL. EnSuite-Lite provides user-friendly tools to obtain accurate information from all major CAD systems including Measure, Bounding Box, Foot Print, Model Compare, and much more. Besides having viewers and productivity tools, EnSuite-Lite can export data to IGES, STEP, and 3D PDF formats. CADCAM-E.COM INC
FDM Cuts Time to Prototype
The Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) of Bangalore , India is a government laboratory whose primary function is research and development of marine and aeronautic versions of gas turbines. FORTUS 3D Production Systems
DST Control reduced time-to-market
Based in Linkoping, Sweden, DST Control delivers advanced embedded electromechanical products, primarily for unmanned vehicles, which include both aerial vehicles (UAVs) and ground vehicles (UGVs). These include unmanned helicopters, airships and spherical ground robots. These products can be used for surveillance, law enforcement, and mapping. FORTUS 3D Production Systems
Polaris praises Fortus
On average, tooled snowmobile parts previously took eight to 12 weeks, at about $60,000 each. Now, Polaris’ in-house FDM machine cuts the time to about two days with outstanding cost savings as a bonus. With PC-ABS materials, functional prototypes are tested and refined long before they hit the snow. FORTUS 3D Production Systems
Using Fortus systems,
Script Pro’s Fortus system paid for itself within months as it eliminated costly tooling and machining for a highly customized part. Plus, stock can be created in days and changes made on the spot, to better meet customer needs. For just one part alone, $30,000 was saved on engineering time and tooling. FORTUS 3D Production Systems
Constraints Disappear
Challenge When sketching inside an Inventor part, constraints preview, but once the sketch is finished, the constraints disappear. Solution To view a video that describes how to make sure the Constraint Persistence hasn’t accidentally been turned off visit : KETIV Technologies
Searching for the optimal
3D optimization study of the velocity profile during first phase shot sleeve process (IOSO - FLOW-3D) Sigma Technology
A fast experimental procedure for the calibration of internal combustion engines microprocessor control systems is proposed. This procedure is based on using a new approach to the solution of many-parametric optimization problems with constraints. The main benefit of this approach is that it requires a minimum number of experimental measurements where the measurements can have a high level of noise stability to the inaccuracy of measurements and adjustments. Sigma Technology
Free Downloads Simulation
Version: 1.0 Simulation & Probabilistic Analysis SDK (Software Development Kit) MathWave Technologies
Productivity gains with
Based in the West Midlands, MNB Molds are a tool maker who specialise in multi-cavity, highly accurate hardened steel tools primarily for the automotive, medical and electrical markets. Originally established in 1974, MNB have a turnover of approximately £1.2 million and produce 50-70 molds per year with prestige customers that include Eaton Corporation, Honeywell, MK Electric Co and Cable Management Group. Vero International, Inc.
Aiming higher with VISI
Located in Mansfield, Ohio, Hi-Point Firearms and Strassell’s Machine Inc. design, develop, prototype and manufacture pistol and carbine firearms for sportsmen. Their products are recognized for their excellent value - economic pricing with zero compromise in quality. Vero International, Inc.
If you are a designer/illustrator, artist, animator, or creator of interactive entertainment, visualization solutions, or corporate training, then trueSpace7.6 is for you. Caligari Corp
WR Digital adopts ANSA
In a highly challenging and competitive engineering environment, the use of computational methods in aerodynamics design gives a lead, while the choice of the proper Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software is of paramount importance. WR Digital Ltd. adopted ANSA of BETA CAE Systems S.A. as the standard pre-processing tool for CFD in order to excel and offer to its clients and partners a leading position. BETA CAE Systems SA
Cross-Sectional Scanning
Automation drives manufacturing. Yet, the final step in the process continues to be time consuming, labor intensive and tedious. However, one quality expert has found a way to automate first article inspection. Vince Arboleda applied CGI’s Cross- Sectional Scanning technology to cut labor costs by 80 percent and reduce inspection time by 60 percent. CGI
Delcam software helps
It would be impossible to build parts like this without our Delcam software,” claims Glen Hendrickson, a partner and designer at AIMMco, an injection mould manufacturer based just north of Portland, Oregon. Delcam plc
Delcam’s FeatureCAM
Since changing to Delcam’s FeatureCAM knowledge-based CAM system, Vector Tool & Engineering has reduced programming time for feature-intensive 2.5D parts by 50% to 75% and for less feature-intensive 3D parts by 25%. This adds up to a lot of savings for the mouldmaking company that generates an average of 240 new programs every month. In addition, machining time has been saved by the software’s more efficient rest-machining and trochoidal-milling capabilities Delcam plc
Accelerating the deployment
Customers are now asking for technologies that will enable mobile users to access tools beyond wellestablished e-mail and text messaging. However, simply loading mobile applications which allow the use of spreadsheets, documents, and other files generated by desktop applications has some serious issues. EASA, Inc.
ESPRIT Helps Central
“With ESPRIT, we can now program parts that would have taken a month to program manually … in only one day.” ESPRIT by DP Technology Corp.
Racecar-part Maker Metalore
“You can do pretty much anything you want to do with the ESPRIT post processors. The idea is to make the part that comes out look like what the guy wants to see — and that’s what happens.” ESPRIT by DP Technology Corp.
Coupesag are a Laser Job shop situated in Montreal, Canada. One of the major factors for choosing Lantek Expert as their CAD/CAM solution was the ability to produce accurate costs and times for quotes. This was key in improving the efficiency of their operation, for sales and production control. Lattice Technology Inc
Optimization Tutorial
Optimization is the process by which the performance of a lens system is improved by changing the values of some of the lens data (variables) such that a measure of lens performance is improved. This measure of lens performance comes in the form of an error function or merit function. Lambda Research Corp.
MC Lights and Manufacturing
MC Lights and Manufacturing Ltd. specialize in the manufacture and supply of Lights to the entertainment industry. Our sister company, MC Laser Werks Inc., provides a full range of laser cutting, welding and forming. Lantek Systems, Inc.
Coupesag are a Laser Job shop situated in Montreal, Canada. One of the major factors for choosing Lantek Expert as their CAD/CAM solution was the ability to produce accurate costs and times for quotes. This was key in improving the efficiency of their operation, for sales and production control. Lantek Systems, Inc.
hsCADView allows you to quickly visualize, measure, review and print your CAD resources. Hachisoft Corporation
With hsCADCreator, our goal was to make its use so intuitive that it would eventually fade into background. A CAD editor should enhance your process, not hinder it. Hachisoft Corporation
hsCADCompare allows quick evaluation and visualization of changes made between CAD drawings. hsCADCompare will easily merge changes from one drawing to other. You no longer worry about merging documents. Hachisoft Corporation
BAE Systems Submarine
The VR models give you a very real sense of the boat from the inside. People can literally drop in and walk through the exact area they are building." - Dean Brown, Dimensional Control Inspector, BAE Systems Submarine Solutions ITEDO Software LLC
ANSA & μETA: Introducing
In our days, the CAD and CAE models in maritime products development become increasingly complex while more analyses are necessary before a new design is ready to be constructed. Additionally to the standard assessments, extensive calculations are often needed to ensure the product’s performance characteristics and minimize the failure risk through its lifetime. For the fast employment of such analyses with CAE simulation tools, the use of high efficient pre- and postprocessing software becomes essential. This work showcases how ANSA pre-processor and μETA post-processor fulfill this requirement of the Maritime Industry by offering sophisticated tools for advanced simulation techniques, automation capabilities and robust performance. BETA CAE Systems SA
Ship Global Model Simulation
Bulk carriers are subjected to IACS regulations, concerning the structural integrity of their cargo holds. In sagging and hogging loading conditions the structure of the ship is exposed to maximum values of bending moment and shear force. As a result these conditions are crucial for the determination of the minimum required scantlings, through a global model analysis. This white paper presents the FE model creation of a handymax class bulk carrier and a methodology for modeling realistic, wave induced loading conditions. The whole project has been completed inside ANSA while the FE model was solved in Nastran. ANSA and μETA comprise the pre- & post-processing suite of BETA CAE Systems S.A.. BETA CAE Systems SA
Five-Axis Software Drives
Shops don’t necessarily need five-axis machine tools to take advantage of five-axis programming strategies. Consider the experience of tunneling equipment manufacturer Akkerman Inc., a shop that uses five-axis CAM software to great effect for programming rotary fourth-axis machining operations. In fact, the company credits that software, GibbsCAM from Gibbs and Associates (Moorpark, California), for boosting flexibility, simplifying the machining of its most complex parts and reducing programming time. Gibbs & Associates
Automatic Direct Wiring
Adept Technology, Inc. and BJB GmbH partner to develop a wiring system using BJB's ADS.BASIC and Adept Viper s1700 6-axis robot. Adept Technology, Inc
Project Management using
You spent a lot of time and effort creating a well-balanced project schedule and thought that you had taken into account almost every possible scenario and risk. However, as soon as you started implementing your project plan, something happened and your schedule became obsolete. This “something” is an unpredictable event. Intaver Institute Inc.
Project Decision Analysis
Project management is the art of making right decision. Project managers are faced by huge array of choices. Should different supplier be used to improve the quality of a product? Should additional team member be brought in to improve the development performance? Should the work be outsourced or done in-house? Intaver Institute Inc.
A-Tech uses FreeForm®
A-Tech Product Engineering Company (A-Tech), based in Hong Kong, is one of the professional prototype makers in the toy industry and has two main factories in Shinzhen, South China. They first learned of the SensAble™ FreeForm® Modeling Plus™ system about 4 years ago and implemented this unique system—a 3-D touch enabled Computer Aided Sculpting System (CAS)—into their workflow. SensAble Technologies, Inc.
Synapse Model Making
Synapse Modelmaking is an internationally acclaimed design and development studio specializing in 3D licensed character products. Its multi-disciplinary workforce of 50 highly skilled model makers, engineers, sculptors and finishers produce a wide range of products within the toy, consumer electronics, giftware and car accessory areas. Familiar with their work, Boots Plc. approached Synapse about designing collectible figurines based on Aardman Animations’ hugely popular summer movie Chicken Run. SensAble Technologies, Inc.
Creating high quality
Many of these poor quality scans were created on expensive large format scanners whose product literature glows with the promise of quick and easy high quality scans. However, as the scans we receive show, there is no guarantee of useful results when the scanner is used inappropriately for the drawing in hand. Softcover International Ltd.
3D_Evolution© Simplifier
3D_Evolution© Simplifier CT CoreTechnologies Inc
36403 A Different
EASA Software is a spin-off from the UK's Atomic Energy Authority that was founded in 2000. Its original remit (and it still does this) was to build a front-end to complex engineering applications that made those applications easier to use. One of its customers, Proctor and Gamble, then started to use EASA's software as a front-end to its financial systems (which were built using spreadsheets) as well as to its engineering and design applications. P&G reported this back to EASA, which has now productised this functionality. EASA, Inc.
Preserving Dinosaur Tracks
"To what extent can terrestrial photogrammetry be used for displays andor engineering purposes? What is the state-of-the-art of the technology? What were the difficulties encountered, and how were they circumvented? These are the questions we asked as we set out to determine how best to photograph and preserve the dinosaur tracks on Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, Colorado." Eos Systems, Inc.
Return to the scene of
Over the past four years, Liscio, based in Toronto, has worked on nearly 60 cases around the world. Police use his reconstructions to test their theories of a crime. "You can start running different scenarios -- what would happen if this person was a little to the left: would the trajectory still work? Or could the witness have actually seen the suspect at that point?" Liscio uses off-the-shelf 3D scanning equipment, such as the PhotoModeler Scanner made by EOS, to map entire crime scenes. Eos Systems, Inc.
STATISTICA 10: The Power
In the past, I have extolled STATISTICA 10 statistical software for its ability to cover just about any type of test the user may need. Now, the product line consists of bits and pieces of the whole for special applications and/or limited needs. The new Data Miner product contains all of the routine and advanced statistical tests, as well as a number of very sophisticated mining routines. SYSTAT Software, Inc.
Toyota Motorsport wind
The blink of an eye may mean nothing to most people, but in the high-pressure, high-stakes world of auto racing, it can be the difference between winning and losing. Glance at the results of almost any Formula One race and you’ll see that the top three cars usually finish within a few tenths of a second of each other — barring major mechanical failure or driver error, of course. Getting the best performance possible out of these complex speed machines requires intense scrutiny and religious maintenance by experienced engineering teams who are relentlessly focused on finding ways to improve air flow, increase downforce, and reduce drag. Tecplot, Inc. (formerly Amtec Engineering, Inc.)
Ensuring Success in Design
The importance of a good CAD model in the simulation process is an overlooked subject that can ultimately determine the success or failure of successful design validation. When analysis is imminent, one should make geometry decisions that facilitate a more effective and efficient validation of the design. Building efficient analysis models might not necessarily fall in the same context as good CAD models. 3DVision Technologies
The Reality of Native
The issue of production format in eDiscovery has long been discussed, argued and downright misunderstood. Historically, attorneys produced documents in paper form or electronically in TIFF or Adobe® PDF format. Even documents that originated electronically were often either printed and re-scanned or batch-converted to TIFF or PDF. Informative Graphics Corp.
Despite worldwide financial crisis, a significant amount of oil rig fabrication work continues to prosper due to the huge order book backlog. Whilst some projects have been cancelled or delayed because of financing, the on-going projects are now under bigger pressure to save time and cost of fabrication. ShipConstructor Software Inc.
Shipbuilding CAD/CAM systems are a rich source of data that can be consumed by other business processes. In shipbuilding, managing and tracking the procurement and consumption of materials via an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a critical portion of a shipyard’s overall IT infrastructure. ShipConstructor Software Inc.
Pearl-700 Desktop 3D
The CGI Pearl-700 Desktop 3D Inspection System and its Spec.Check software can significantly reduce the time and expense currently spent in measuring and qualifying your injection molded first article parts. CGI
Tool Shop Optimization:
5-axis technology is used in a variety of applications, including the production of impellers and turbine blades, cutting tools, ports and inlets, as well as the machining of aerospace structural parts, rubber molds, patterns and models, medical implants, and deep cavity molds. Although 5-axis technology has been in use since the 1980’s, several market trends are driving an increasing number of manufacturers to step up and adopt the technology these days. Cimatron Ltd.
CimatronE Version 8.0
CIMdata, Inc. prepared this Summary Product Review as an independent and unbiased assessment of the functional capabilities of CimatronE Version 8, a CAD/CAM software product developed by Cimatron Ltd. CimatronE is a registered trademark of Cimatron. This evaluation is one in a series of software product reviews produced by CIMdata, a worldwide consulting and marketing research firm. CIMdata has authorized Cimatron to reproduce and distribute this document, without constraints from CIMdata. Cimatron Ltd.
Using PIPE-FLO® to Design
After talking with our customers at engineering firms serving the commercial HVAC market, we discovered they use PIPE-FLO® primarily when adding to or troubleshooting existing HVAC piping systems. Much to our surprise, the majority of our customers in this market continue to use their Excel® spreadsheets when designing new systems. We decided to investigate a little further, why these users chose this route. Engineered Software, Inc.
Marianna Airmotive Uses
“The FARO Laser Tracker’s ability to provide real-time measurements directly against the CAD data enables engineers to instantly visualize deviations from the nominal. The Tracker has dramatically reduced the time required to certify large parts, tooling and machinery while also resulting in substantial quality improvements.” FARO Technologies, Inc.
BAE Systems Uses Accolade®
BAE Systems is a $31-billion global aerospace and defense manufacturer. The London-based company produces civil and military aircraft, air-defense systems, guided weapons, ordnance, ships and aerospace electronics. It is also a leading provider of simulation and training solutions. Sopheon Corp.
Finally a Solution to
It is a well known fact that CAD software vendors use their proprietary file formats to lock users into using their software. Parametric solid modeling systems make it impossible for their solid models to be worked upon in another parametric system without losing parametric information. SYCODE
EnSuite-view is a free CAD Viewer that allows users to view all leading CAD formats and it is completely CAD independent. Supported file formats include CATIA V4, CATIA V5, CATIA V6 (3dxml), SolidWorks, NX, Pro/E (Creo), Solid Edge, Inventor, Rhino, JT, Parasolid, ACIS, IGES, STEP, VDA, CGR, DWF, SketchUp & STL. CADCAM-E.COM INC
View Representations
Challenge : Occasionally you can communicate more clearly by hiding certain elements of your assembly. In Autodesk Inventor an assembly may be displayed with the visibility of some components ‘turned off.’ There’s more than one way to accomplish this task. In this demonstration we use View Representations to create a viewing state that easily and consistently can be applied across several views of a drawing. Solution : To view a video that describes how to link design views in a drawing visit : KETIV Technologies
KETIV - Clean Tech Case
KETIV Technologies is the supporting Autodesk Reseller for 90% of California firms participating in the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program. KETIV Technologies
Targeted Airflow - FloEFD
The Dutch printer manufacturer Océ has its headquarters for production printing systems in Poing before the gates of Munich. Research and development, production, quality assurance, training, sales and service are grouped together at this site. Printing systems for internal and external use are developed and manufactured here. Mentor Graphics - Mechanical Analysis
The Louvre Museum Improves
The Museum’s storage and service areas are partially underground, beneath the Tuileries Garden. The artwork delivery area is the scene of a constant flow of heavy goods vehicles arriving to deliver paintings and sculptures for future exhibitions or intermuseum exchanges. Mentor Graphics - Mechanical Analysis
MTS Systems Corporation
MTS Systems Corp. is using SolidWorks(R) 3D CAD software to more efficiently design, configure, and assemble the testing products it develops for customers across a broad range of industries. MTS products include road simulators for automobiles, earthquake simulators for buildings, frame testers for aircraft, wear testers for biomedical devices, and a variety of sensors. Alignex Inc
Vermeer Manufacturing
The Vermeer Manufacturing Company is a global leader in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for agricultural, tree-clearing, and excavating purposes. For many years, the company used the AutoCAD® 2D CAD package to design its products. However, increasing competition, the need to bring products to market faster, and a desire to improve product aesthetics prompted the company’s Engineering Group to evaluate 3D CAD systems in 1998, according to Karl Maasdam, a Vermeer applications specialist. Alignex Inc
Best Buy
Best Buy Company, Inc., is the premier consumer electronics retailer in the United States. Growing at a fast rate, the company needed a software solution to provide photorealistic renderings for conceptual evaluation as well as final engineering drawings for production. Alignex Inc
Integrated Product Data Management and 3D CAD Software Increased Productivity and Widespread Efficiencies at Halcon Alignex Inc
AutoSolids A2K
AutoSolids A2K supports AutoCAD 2000/2000i/2002 and their vertical applications including AutoCAD Mechanical, Mechanical Desktop, and Architectural Desktop. AutoSolids, Inc.
ZEMAX Latest Full Release ZEMAX Development Corporation
Altrust switches its
Altrust Precision Tooling Co. Ltd., is one of the top 10 mold manufacturers in Asia and is ISO-certified. For more than 15 years the company has been specializing in product design, mold making, machining, assembly, and prototyping. ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd.
Pre-processing tools
Regulations for occupant safety were introduced in the 90s for the enhancement of the occupant protection and the reduction of occupants’ injuries and fatalities. Since then, occupant-friendly design influences the styling and the engineering of the vehicle interiors. BETA CAE Systems SA
Pre- & post-processing
European regulations, for pedestrian safety, were introduced in the 90s to meet the goal of enhancing the pedestrian protection and reducing the number of pedestrian fatalities. BETA CAE Systems SA
Cross-Sectional Scanning
Matrix Tooling (Wood Dale, Ill.) has a three-pronged approach to compete in the shrinking domestic tooling market: focus on challenging jobs, offer more value to its customers and leverage technology. Its latest endeavor, adding Cross-Sectional Scanning for first article inspection services, has enabled Matrix to achieve all three goals. CGI
POLAR PARSOL & Wall Rotation
Pumping Rings are cooling devices widely used in the sealing systems of rotary machines. They use water circulation to extract heat caused by seal friction. CHAM Ltd
CHAM Case Study – Data
As part of a continuing collaboration with Thomson Reuters, a CFD model of a data centre was built by CHAM’s Consultancy Team to analyze the cooling effectiveness of a proposed installation of high density computer cabinets. Different cooling strategies were investigated, with the objective of near-uniform operational temperatures across all cabinets. CHAM Ltd
Prototype Lead Times
The latest product of Turbine Technologies Ltd (Chitek, WI) is the PT-50 Tuboshaft Engine for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). To make sure the practical problem of manufacturing physical components does not become a bottleneck for engineering throughput, the company recently invested in some advanced simultaneous 5-axis machining equipment and Mastercam software. CNC Software
Delcam’s CADCAM gives
"Power Through Precision” is the company motto at MBE Cylinder Heads and Manifolds. MBE achieves both precision and power by using Delcam’s PowerSHAPE design software and its PowerMILL machining program. Delcam plc
Delcam’s PowerMILL
NC programmers at die manufacturer EXCO are now phasing out several different brands of CAM software in favour of the flexibility and capability of Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system. This decision followed a six-month evaluation of products from six leading CAM developers to determine how they could help EXCO achieve its goals in boosting productivity and quality. Delcam plc
Modernization of Critical
Monsanto applies innovation and technology to help farmers around the world be more successful, produce healthier foods, better animal feeds, while also reducing agriculture's impact on the environment. EASA, Inc.
Reducing the risk and
Amlin is a leading independent insurer operating in the Lloyd's, UK, Europe and Bermudian markets. Amlin provides insurance cover to commercial enterprises and reinsurance protection to other insurance companies around the world. EASA, Inc.
Vanderhorst Brothers
The fact that there’s a cat strutting around the office says something about the place, but it’s really the name tag hanging on the little ball of fuzz that says it all. ESPRIT by DP Technology Corp.
American Bureau of Shipping
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) is one of the three leading classification societies in the world. It was founded in 1862 and has promoted maritime safety from its beginning. ABS serves the public interest as well as the needs of its clients by promoting the security of life, property and the natural environment primarily through the development and verification of standards for the design, construction and operational maintenance of marine-related facilities. These standards are known as Rules. Informative Graphics
University secures student
GW’s Columbian College has an Undergraduate Advising Department dedicated to advancing the academic, professional, and personal development of its students. Toward that effort, Department advisors rely on transcripts for critical information such as the student’s current class load, past academic performance, and any previous notes made by the advisor. Informative Graphics
The Reality of Native
The issue of production format in eDiscovery has long been discussed, argued and downright misunderstood. Historically, attorneys produced documents in paper form or electronically in TIFF or Adobe® PDF format. Even documents that originated electronically were often either printed and re-scanned or batch-converted to TIFF or PDF. Informative Graphics
Redaction in eDiscovery:
The process of redaction evokes images of legal teams gathered along large conference tables surrounded by boxes stroking black permanent markers across brittle documents, while assistants shuttle between photocopiers and bates stamping machines to prevent an adversary from spotting a privileged smoking gun. In fact, a recent survey of law firms across the United States revealed that 74 percent of those law firms taking the survey still perform redaction manually while only 44 percent now employ technology to protect privileged information. Informative Graphics
Redaction Defined
Today’s technology has made it easier than ever to share and access data. Email, high speed internet, blogging and other social networks and neutral formats like PDF make it easy to share content anywhere, anytime. Even when you would rather not. Informative Graphics
Bromford Industries raises
Specialising in the power generation and aerospace industries, and making complex components including gas turbine and landing gear parts, Bromford Industries as its head office in Birmingham and has acquired a further five companies in the same sector, with the aim of becoming a major high technology supplier to the industry. Working in collaboration with its customers, it has a wide range of quality approvals and extensive machining capabilities, enabling it to operate worldwide and provide whole life support for the products it supplies. SolidCAM
High Performance Manufacturing
The town of Tamworth, Staffordshire; is not only known for its historic merits; but also for its engineering and manufacturing industry. Here the engineer and sports car racer John Moore founded in 1984 Alcon Components Limited. The company has gained a worldwide reputation for manufacturing and supplying high specification brake components and clutches to motorsport and for high performance road vehicles. SolidCAM
CAE Meshing
Fan Impeller slotting analysis for a tri-hub failure Fexilon Technologies
FEA Journal - June 2011
FEA June Journal 2011 FEA Information Inc.
SolidWorks VBA
SolidWorks can be customized or programmed using SolidWorks VBA (Visual Basic for Applicaitions). VBA is a subset of Visual Basic programming language. You can add your own commands to SolidWorks, which will perform the activities required by you. You can automate the Solidworks work flow using SolidWorks VBA. CADDsoft Solutions
Easy-to-use Solution
Performance Tool and Die (PTD), a leading tooling provider for the automotive, agriculture, and recreation industries, was looking for ways to decrease forces on the material during cutting, increase tool life, and reduce cycle time—seemingly contradictory objectives. Gibbs & Associates
Medical Start-Up with
With the economy barely showing signs of recovery and the demand for goods and services still depressed, one could wonder about the reasoning behind starting a manufacturing business, and probably find no encouragement. Not so for Paul Beckwith, founder of TraTek Inc. (Noblesville, IN). Beckwith claims to have no secret formula for starting a specialized machining operation in a difficult economy, but he has clear advantages. Gibbs & Associates
CAM Delivers
When Weatherford International Ltd. bought Oil Country Manufacturing, creating Weatherford Oil Country Manufacturing, the job shop was forced to step up production threefold. One of their major challenges was finding a CAM package that allowed them to use Weatherford's corporate CAD standard, Pro/Engineer, while still allowing them to use geometry from their company standard, Ashlar-Vellum's Graphite. Gibbs & Associates
From the Mac to CAM
The passing of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computer, has many of us assessing the role one man can play in promoting technological change. Here is Bill Gibbs’ account of how the Macintosh computer, one of Steve Jobs’ first big hits, influenced the development of graphics-based NC programming systems such as GibbsCAM. Gibbs & Associates
Upgrade Your CAM Abilities
Anyone who programs a CNC today has to be using CAM software, and the odds are they didn’t acquire it last week. All the leading CAM software companies have been in business 25 years or more. So, on average, companies have had their CAM software a dozen years. Would you believe CAM technologies have improved in that time? Have you kept up? Have you invested the small amount of time and money necessary to keep up? Gibbs & Associates
Making the Most of Rotary Axes
Shops new to rotary-axis operations—and even a few veterans—often miss opportunities for cutting parts faster and more cost-effectively. However, developing a better understanding of two fundamental issues can help any manufacturer ensure that its four- and five-axis machine tools are achieving their full potential. Gibbs & Associates
Solar - Automation with
The trend to use automation solutions in the photovoltaic industry is rooted in the continual push to lower production costs. One of the key elements to success in the solar industry lies with image processing, including inspection and vision guided robots. Adept Technology, Inc
Solar Cell Manufacturing
Which solar manufacturing areas offer the greatest return opportunities for robotic automation? Which robot type is best for a given solar application task and how does vision fit it? Robotic automation helps the solar industry maximize factory throughput, drive down costs and improve efficiencies. Adept Technology, Inc
Event Chain Methodology
Event chain methodology improves the accuracy of project planning simplifying the modeling and analysis of uncertainties in the project schedules. As a result, it helps to mitigate the negative impact of cognitive and motivational biases related to project planning. Intaver Institute Inc.
Adaptive Project Management
Originally developed by ecologists, adaptive management has become a powerful framework for project management. It is a structured and systematic process to continually improve decisions and practices by learning from the outcomes of previous decisions. Adaptive management includes a number of organizational principles, such as iterative development and avoidance of irreversible decisions. Intaver Institute Inc.
Quantitative Risk Analysis
Microsoft Project implements Qualitative Risk Analysis methodology. But what about quantitative analysis? Quantitative Risk Analysis gives the project manager ability to see how project schedule will be affected if certain risks are occur. As a result, project managers are able to mitigate risk factors and manage their projects better. Intaver Institute Inc.
Software Project Management
Managing of risk and uncertainties during the course of a project has become one of the priorities of the software project manager. Any research and development projects are affected by a large number of events, which can significantly change the course of a project. Intaver Institute Inc.
Qualitative and Quantitative
All projects have risks and uncertainties. In some cases, for example in most research and development project the effect of such risks and uncertainties can be very significant. However many managers still did not employ proper project risks management processes for their projects. Intaver Institute Inc.
10 Reasons Why SolidWorks
SolidWorks Corporation continues to further its mission to unleash the power of 3D for everyone in the product development process. The SolidWorks® Premium suite of design and analysis tools helps bridge the gap between product designers and other disciplines, eliminating the inefficiencies of differing design systems and revolutionizing the design process. Best Engineering Aids & Consultancies (BEACON)
Four tips for successfully
Congratulations! You have just purchased new 3D CAD software that promises to help your engineers design innovative products faster and with fewer errors. The steps outlined in this paper should help your company realize the benefits of your new toolset. Best Engineering Aids & Consultancies (BEACON)
Introducing Highly-Efficient
In our days, the CAD and CAE models in maritime products development become increasingly complex while more analyses are necessary before a new design is ready to be constructed. Additionally to the standard assessments, extensive calculations are often needed to ensure the product’s performance characteristics and minimize the failure risk through its lifetime. For the fast employment of such analyses with CAE simulation tools, the use of high efficient pre- and postprocessing software becomes essential. This work showcases how ANSA pre-processor and μETA post-processor fulfill this requirement of the Maritime Industry by offering sophisticated tools for advanced simulation techniques, automation capabilities and robust performance. BETA CAE Systems SA
Full Scale Ship Collision
The continuous increase in maritime traffic makes the risk of collision greater, especially in the high traffic areas near harbors, channels and offshore structures. Since the consequences of ship collisions can be severe for the environment and the ship's crew, the behavior of a ship's structure subjected to impact loads, must be taken into consideration in the design stage of a ship. Collision mechanics are usually separated into external dynamics and internal mechanics. BETA CAE Systems SA
Ship Global Model Simulation
Bulk carriers are subjected to IACS regulations, concerning the structural integrity of their cargo holds. In sagging and hogging loading conditions the structure of the ship is exposed to maximum values of bending moment and shear force. As a result these conditions are crucial for the determination of the minimum required scantlings, through a global model analysis. This white paper presents the FE model creation of a handymax class bulk carrier and a methodology for modeling realistic, wave induced loading conditions. BETA CAE Systems SA
Barrett Technology®, Inc.
Exacting precision and tight tolerances define the field of advanced robotics. Visualizing complex mechanisms effectively and computing part weights accurately are essential in creating these highly engineered products. Barrett Technology, Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts has thrived on such challenges since its founding in 1988, consistently producing an array of innovative robots that outperform the competition. CADD Edge, Inc.
BigBelly Solar
BigBelly Solar designs and manufactures innovative solar-powered trash compaction systems that lower fuel costs and carbon emissions by reducing garbage truck pickups and trips. Selecting an efficient 3D CAD platform for developing the BigBelly system was an important consideration for the startup company, in order to build and satisfy the needs of a new market. CADD Edge, Inc.
NEXX Systems, Inc.
NEXX Systems, Inc. delivers products specifically designed to meet the evolving demands of the advanced wafer-level packaging market. The company’s products are ideally suited for a wide range of deposition applications that support smaller, faster electronic devices. NEXX chose SolidWorks® 3D CAD software as its preferred development platform from its very inception. CADD Edge, Inc.
Radionics, Inc.
Radionics, Inc. has standardized on SolidWorks CAD Software for developing its products, which neurosurgeons use to plan and operate with a higher degree of precision. CADD Edge, Inc.
Using LegaSuite GUI®,
In B2B, one key factor in winning business and growing customer loyalty is making it easy for buyers to procure product. For a company like Alexandra plc, a supplier of corporate clothing and uniforms, that means remaining accessible to buyers at all times to receive and process orders accurately and quickly. Seagull Software Systems, Inc.
Using LegaSuite®, Amalgamated
The Internet has affected virtually every industry, placing immense pressure on companies to improve accessibility and maximize productivity to keep pace with the accelerated speed of business. Customers now want instant answers to questions about their accounts or orders, expect to receive products faster than ever before and demand a higher standard of service. Seagull Software Systems, Inc.
Upgrading and retrofitting of power plants have long been a focus of utilities, industrial companies and independent power producers. Normally, it was possible to obtain OEM “like new” performance levels, or purchase OEM upgrade products. New approaches to restoring or increasing performance of existing in-service turbines are presented here. The ability to analyze aerodynamic and thermodynamic parameters of existing machines and make adjustments to original airfoil shapes is ensured by new developments in turbomachinery flow path design, analysis and optimization software AxSTREAM. SoftInWay Inc.
With today’s trend to minimize energy consumption, slash emissions and preserve ecology, there is an ultimate demand for switching to more efficient, cost‐saving turbomachines. Finding a trade‐off between efficiency and manufacturing cost, also having an eye towards reliability and size of machine, can be considered the biggest engineering challenge. SoftInWay Inc.
Experience in Teaching
Whereas turbomachinery design has evolved over the last two decades, updating instruction on the topic to reflect the new prevailing methods and techniques remains a challenge. Part of this challenge stems from the diversity of technologies covered in the courses; part of it ensues from the extensive use of software by industry designers. SoftInWay Inc.
Bromford Industries raises
Specialising in the power generation and aerospace industries, and making complex components including gas turbine and landing gear parts, Bromford Industries has its head office in Birmingham and has acquired a further five companies in the same sector, with the aim of becoming a major high technology supplier to the industry. SolidCAM, Inc.
3D_Evolution© Conversion
3D_Evolution© Conversion Engine CT CoreTechnologies Inc
3D_Evolution© Featurebased
3D_Evolution© Featurebased CT CoreTechnologies Inc
High Voltage Guaranteed
A battery management system (BMS) ensures that high-voltage batteries always operate in an optimal range. Such systems are classified as safety-critical, and comprehensive testing is indispensable. This article presents the hardware and simulation models that are required for the tests. dSPACE, Inc.
Testing AOCS or ESP –
If one compares Attitude and Orbit Control Systems (AOCS) for satellites and Electronic Stability Systems (ESP) for vehicles superficially, there are not many similarities except that they are both electronic devices for positioning control. But the technical structures, the development processes and especially the testing processes of these electronic units have many similarities which are important from the point of view of the test system. dSPACE, Inc.
Deployment of Spreadsheets
EASA enables Zurich to secure a master version of a given spreadsheet on a server. Authorized access is only via a custom web application created with EASA’s codeless application builder, allowing a more natural work-flow. EASA, Inc.
Streamlining Processes
EASA is a patented software product which enables ultra-rapid creation of custom web-based applications which leverage existing assets such as spreadsheets, databases, web-services, and legacy applications. The Wind ITO system has resulted in an errorproof process that provides consistent and reproducible results, a knowledge base that allows validation and verification of past analyses, enhanced productivity and a quicker turn-around on complex analyses. EASA, Inc.
StatSoft, provider of the STATISTICA product suite, is committed to partnering with our customers to meet our mutual goal of designing and producing products of the highest quality and reliability. STATISTICA Enterprise is the ultimate analytics platform for research and development (R&D) and quality control. StatSoft Inc.
Advanced Bionics European
Founded in 1993 and partnered with Phonak under the Sonova Group in 2009, Advanced Bionics® is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of cochlear implant systems. Cochlear implants are active implantable medical devices designed to restore hearing to profoundly deaf people. StatSoft Inc.
A Streamlined Approach
The set up of a wind farm involves multiple analysis steps to determine the feasibility of installing wind turbines in specific locations. In addition to considering government, environmental and legal policies, it is essential to determine the engineering feasibility of installing wind turbines of a selected make and model. The engineering feasibility of a specific wind turbine is based on ambient wind conditions, turbulence and geographical data in the selected location and the capabilities of the selected wind turbine model. This engineering evaluation involves site-specific suitability analysis. EASA, Inc.
STATISTICA Enterprise has been used at Delphi’s diesel plants in La Rochelle and Blois in France for more than 10 years. STATISTICA Enterprise is used to treat quality data under the Statistical Process Control and other sources. Technicians use the tool to get a visual display of the possible drifts and the test helps maintenance operations adjust the manufacturing process according to specifications. StatSoft Inc.
Chris Andre, Mechanical
Inovio Pharmaceuticals (formerly Genetronics), specializes in developing technology and hardware that has the potential to allow physicians to more efficiently and cost-effectively deliver life-saving drugs or beneficial genes to patients with catastrophic illnesses, including cancer. The company is the technology leader in electroporation therapy (EPT), the application of very brief, carefully controlled, pulsed electric fields, to human cells. This process causes pores to open in the cell membrane and allows pharmaceuticals or genes, injected in the area prior to the application of the electric pulse, to gain access to the cell's interior. The cell pores close up a short time later, trapping the chemotherapeutic agents inside the cancer cell, so they can destroy the cell ElectroMagneticWorks Inc.
Most of the works of civil engineering, and some others applications, need to be designed using a basic cartography with a suitable scale to the accuracy and extension of the plot. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Photogrammetry covers the gap between classical manned aerial photogrammetry and hand-made surveying techniques because it works in the close-range domain, combining aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry, but also introduces low-cost alternatives.The aim of this work is developing of an accurate and low-cost method to characterize landslides located on the size of a road. Eos Systems, Inc.
SYSTAT has long been a staple of the linear models crowd and now gets more powerful with every version. The present version includes Exact tests, Monte Carlo simulations, and the ever popular (and becoming more so every day) quality analysis section. As with most modern statistical software, it runs on 32- and 64-bit systems and loads trouble free (and I reviewed it on Vista!) from disk or internet. And they still offer perpetual licensure! SYSTAT Software, Inc.
Assessing Product Improvement
Product development companies understand that designs using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components can be cheaper and faster to implement than creating a fully proprietary product. Companies, however, are also frequently eager to take the next step toward product differentiation, increased market share, protection of intellectual property, and a unique position within their market niche. Tecnova
Plume Migration
SO2 (sulfur dioxide) gas emissions are the by-products of natural events like volcanic eruptions, as well as a variety of man-made industrial processes. A precursor to acid rain and a serious air pollutant, SO2 emissions can have significant negative effects on human health and the environment. Tecplot, Inc. (formerly Amtec Engineering, Inc.)
Tecplot RS provides the
In a world as technically intricate as the oil and gas industry—when billions of dollars of revenue are on the line—reservoir engineers must be confident that they have predicted the behavior of complex systems with reasonable accuracy. Tecplot, Inc. (formerly Amtec Engineering, Inc.)
Tecplot 360 Helps Advance
We share a world inhabited by billions of fascinating creatures, few of which receive as much attention and universal affection as the dolphin. As magnificent, playful swimmers, they can propel themselves at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour through a watery world that is very different from our own. Tecplot, Inc. (formerly Amtec Engineering, Inc.)
Harmonic Vibration Analysis
Any design that is subjected to a cyclical excitation source responds by vibrating in order to release the incoming energy. The vibrations are perceived as small deflections on the design. Everyday instances include motors mounted to shafts, a tool mounted on a mill or a lathe, unbalanced rotating machinery, etc. The common denominator in such cases is that a cyclic sinusoidal frequency source induces vibrations on the design, resulting in deflections. Such deflections over time are typically detrimental to a design, although in a few cases, they are desired outputs. 3DVision Technologies
Creating a Structured
This white paper guides you through the development of a structured forms processing web service, using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Accusoft Pegasus' FormSuite. The FormSuite SDK provides .NET libraries for performing structured forms processing. These libraries include features for performing image identification, image cleanup, and data extraction. Data extraction mechanisms include optical character recognition (OCR), handwriting recognition (ICR), optical mark recognition (OMR), barcode recognition1, and more2. AccuSoft
Apply Compression to
With the increasing availability of Digital SLR cameras in the consumer market, many users are choosing to capture images in their camera manufacturer’s proprietary RAW format in order to retain image information that is normally lost when capturing to the default JPEG format. Retaining as much information as possible is crucial to the workflow of most photographers so that they can perform post-processing with minimal loss of quality. Additionally, the rising popularity of HDR, Tilt-Shift, and other photographic techniques have made retaining greater dynamic range in digital images paramount. AccuSoft
Telsey Spa.
They approached I.D.milano for the development of all 3 programs. To make things a little more interesting, I.D.milano were given only a few months to creat both the booth and the prototypes. This meant little or no time for the usual design iterations that are par for the course for any development effort. Also, the tradefair created an absolute deadline for the team. Miss it and there would be one very unhappy client. I.D.milano Product Design
HRS Flow
I.D.milano adopted a practical, 2-pronged, hands-on approach. On the one hand, they used Pro/Engineer Wildfire to create a flexible assembly model that enabled their engineers to quickly evaluated multiple configurations for the most compact, service-friendly layout that would also cope with the machines considerable cooling requirements. I.D.milano Product Design
Managing the eDiscovery
At the end of 2008, 75% of law departments surveyed in the Altman Weil Flash Survey on Law Department Cost Control said they were facing budget cuts in 2009. In fact, nearly one-third reported that those cuts would include layoffs of support staff and attorneys. Today, many departments are avoiding further legal team layoffs by doing more in-house, reports Altman Weil’s James Wilber, a principal and senior law department consultant at the company. Informative Graphics Corp.
Burckhardt Compression®
”Hurray!” enthused a recent e-mail by Burckhardt Compression’s CAD/Plant Design Manager, Marcel Blumer. “The latest order from China on the 26th of February 2007 means it’s time to celebrate our 550th MPDS project!” In a Europe where manufacturing has experienced some uncertain times, with globalisation and a shift of production centres demanding increasing flexibility, innovation and specialisation, Burckhardt Compression is an over 160-year-old success story. CAD Schroer
Faster Turn Around Time
Lehigh Cement Company has served the construction industry in North America for more than 100 years as a producer of high quality Portland, blended, specialty cements and construction materials. Lehigh cements are widely used by ready-mix concrete suppliers and for numerous highway, architectural, industrial and marine applications. Lehigh is fully owned by HeidelbergCement of Germany and is affiliated with some of the world's most technically advanced cement operations and related construction materials activities. Lehigh employs approximately 2000 employees. CadCam Services, Inc
IDEAL / Contex Scanners
The apparel market is a $172 billion retail market nationwide. Whether you buy designer fashions, or whether you go to your local discount store and purchase off the rack, the garment you buy is part of this $172 billion industry. And, designer fashion, or wholesale off-the-rack, the process of producing the garment is the same. First the garment is designed and a pattern is made and marked. Then the pattern is used to cut fabric which is sewn into the finished garment. CadCam Services, Inc
Seagull Software Helps
The Administrative Offi ce of Courts is charged with providing the centralized, state-level administrative support necessary for the operation of the state’s court system, the development of procedures and systems to enhance the operational capacity of the courts and the collection and dissemination of information necessary for the development of policies to promote the most effi cient operation of the courts. Seagull Software Systems, Inc.
Driving the Adoption
Shipbuilding is one of the most complex and demanding of the manufacturing industries combining aspects of both direct product manufacturing and capital project development. ShipConstructor Software Inc.
A Best-of-Breed Approach
The purpose of this paper is to explore the benefits and challenges inherent in a recent shift in how Integrated Shipbuilding Environments (ISEs) are created and deployed amongst the world’s leading shipbuilders, offshore experts and marine-focused software vendors. The paper will also outline a case study in which this approach has been employed. ShipConstructor Software Inc.
Slavneft-YANOS uses Plant-4D
Slavneft-YANOS used Plant-4D to design a set of hydrogen production facilities with the capacity of 40-45 m 3 / hour. Designs were carried out by a department of the Yaroslavl refinery Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez. Due to the large workload, the whole project was divided and assigned to a number of engineers. A database of pipeline elements of domestic and global suppliers is available in DBMS Oracle. Pipeline elements in the database are divided into specific groups, which considerably reduce the workload of engineers. CEA Systems
Giprogaztsentr uses Plant-4D
Giprogaztsentr used Plant-4D to design the Kamensk Shakhtinskaya compressor station in order to maintain the desired parameters of the gas in the gas pipeline Sokhranovka-October which supplies the North Caucasus region. The COP is equipped with five units of GPA-16M-03 "Ural" with a working pressure of 7.4 MPa. CEA Systems
Giprovostokneft selects
The South Khylchuyu oil field is located in the Nenets Autonomous district in the Arkhangelsk region, 120 km north-east of Naryan-Mar - the administrative center of the Nenets district and 80 km north-west of p.Haryaginsky. Plant-4D was used in designing the construction of wells of a central gathering station. More specifically, the facilities that transport oil and purify water. There are two production lines, each with an output of 3.8 million tons of oil per year. CEA Systems
UKRHIMPROEKT, a leading design institute in Ukraine, purchased Plant-4D to design the modernization project of the pumping and irrigation systems of a sulfuric acid plant operated by its Russian client OAO redneuralskiy. CEA Systems
High Definition Reverse
While inspection is the largest application for 3D scanning, reverse engineering is equally important to industries of all types and companies of all sizes. Reverse engineering is the process of capturing the geometry of physical objects for use in design and manufacturing applications. Going well beyond the practice of copying a design, reverse engineering includes all applications where CAD data that accurately defines the product is non‐existent or unavailable. CGI
Pinpoint the True Cause
Despite best efforts by injection molders, quality problems will arise and parts will fail to meet spec. The failure may be due to an oversight in first article inspection; worn or aging tooling; or a change in molding suppliers. To fix the problem, you need to determine the true root cause. With Cross‐Sectional Scanning, you can easily pinpoint the problem, detect the root cause and make the repair. CGI
Software Outsourcing
Software Outsourcing has become a buzzword in today’s global market. There are several reasons for why one should consider outsourcing software development activities. Outsourcing software development tasks can help in saving software application development and lower maintenance costs to a substantial level. It also adds to lower the software development life cycle by leveraging the expertise available with the third party service provider. This facilitates the organization in focusing in to core business area rather than wasting time in non-core fields. CoVisible Solutions Inc.
E/E Data Management Instead
Electronics and software continue to advance, new systems have to be developed. At the same time, complexity is constantly growing. One well-known way to prevent complexity leading to chaos is to use methods and tools, particularly hardware-in-theloop tests and model-based design. These fields have witnessed an enormous amount of change over the past ten years: dSPACE, Inc.
Streamlining Control
In every major piping project, technical information is exchanged between the various stakeholders; specifically the plant owner, engineering design firm, purchasers, suppliers, contractors, operations, and maintenance. This information is acquired during the design process and is used during the entire life of the plant. Engineered Software, Inc.
An Introduction to Lean
In production plants across the globe, lean manufacturing techniques are being utilized to meet increasing demands placed on manufacturers. Buyers now require quicker turnaround, better service, and higher quality – all at a competitive price. Originally developed as a methodology to make production processes highly efficient, lean manufacturing techniques have been adopted by more than 72% of machine shops across the country. FARO Technologies, Inc.
Christopher Designs
The jewelry industry has experienced major changes in the past decade. For many jewelry designers and manufacturers, the impact has been devastating. Over the past ten years, the number of US manufacturers has dwindled by 25 percent, according to the Jewelers Board of Trade. With rising labor costs, soaring precious metals prices and increasing competition from overseas, the forecast for the future is no brighter. Solidscape, Inc.
BASF Enables Enterprise-Wide
With nearly $85 billion in annual revenues, BASF is the world’s largest chemical company. It has 385 production facilities worldwide, and employs more than 100,000 people. The business is organized around six segments: Chemicals, Plastics, Performance Products, Functional Solutions, Agricultural Solutions and Oil and Gas. The company has a 145-year history of landmark product innovation, currently highlighted by leading-edge research in such areas as biotechnology, nanotechnology, and energy management. Sopheon Corp.
Rietveld Architects LL P
Rietveld Architects LL P, established in New York City in 1994, is known throughout the United States and Europe for its large-scale, creative commercial and residential spaces. Its international team of architects places a premium on embracing the latest technologies in such areas as energy savings and individual environmental controls. Objet Geometries Inc.
Doosan Infracore Co. Ltd.
Doosan Infracore is a global leader in the production of heavy duty, best-of-breed excavation equipment. Until recently, the company created prototype models using CNC and silicon molds or it would outsource its concept modeling to a service provider. The challenge of concept modeling like this was that the outsourcing was slow and the resulting models were not printed in fine enough detail. Objet Geometries Inc.
Helvex S.A. de C.V.
Mexico-based Helvex is a leading manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom fixtures and ceramic bathroom furnishings, ranging from faucets and bathroom suites to institutional sensor-operated sanitary equipment. At Helvex, prototypes are used throughout the product development process, starting with industrial design models for new design concepts, through to detailed models for functional testing, including water flow tests. Objet Geometries Inc.
GstarCAD MC PRO for Android
GstarCAD MC is a kind of software that can provide users many functions such as browsing, editing, sharing and saving CAD drawings on a mobile device. Highlights of GstarCAD MC PRO include: 1. Reading .dwg drawings directly without conversion 2. Complete off-line function GstarCAD
Assembly and Fabrication
Objective: To develop detailed assembly and fabrication drawings using CAD tools for water blasting system Challenges • Converting hand drawn sketches into CAD models • Ensuring dimensional accuracy for exact assembling of components • Developing 3D models and fabrication drawings for manufacturing purposes Solution The inputs received from client in terms of PDF and hand drawn sketches were successfully converted into CAD models using Solidworks. Detailed assembly drawings and fabrication drawings were developed with bill of materials to support the manufacturing team. Software Used: Solidworks 2013 Engineering Solution: The water blasting equipment design was re-designed from the available hand drawn sketches and PDFs using Solidworks. In order to comprehensively include the design information, individual components were separately modeled along with a detailed bill of materials. Apart from 3D modeling, fabrication drawings were also developed for manufacturing requirements. Benefits • 40% reduction in manufacturing time due to comprehensive design information availability • Easier modification in assembly as well as component design for future requirements • Significant reduction in time to market the product Hi-Tech CADD Services
Free Multi-CAD Software
EnSuite-view is a free CAD Viewer that allows users to view all leading CAD formats and it is completely CAD independent. Supported file formats include CATIA V4, CATIA V5, CATIA V6 (3dxml), SolidWorks, NX, Pro/E (Creo), Solid Edge, Inventor, Rhino, JT, Parasolid, ACIS, IGES, STEP, VDA, CGR, DWF, SketchUp & STL. CADCAM-E.COM INC

SolidCAM: Patented Wizard to optimal feeds & speeds

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