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Review: Is The New HP
From inside to out the hp 8760w mobile workstation was built for the individual or organization that absolutely needs the Intel Core i7 possessor’s crunching-power and speed, a display with billion-pixel brilliance and color accuracy packaged in a super rugged, and for the most part ergonomic, portable workstation. hp
Fluid Dynamics Brochure
Fluid dynamics plays a critical role in many of the products that we encounter every day — from obvious applications such as water treatment systems and auto and aircraft aer odynamics to boundary-pushing usage in developing Olympic swimsuits, America’s Cup racing yachts, eco-friendly skyscraper HVAC systems, new plastic and glass materials, high-speed roller coasters, and leading-edge medical therapies. Behind the scenes, fluid dynamics is involved in the design and manufacture of hundreds of consumer, industrial and defense products. In any application that involves gas flow, liquid flow or heat transfer, fluid dynamics analysis can help deliver innovation and greater efficiency. ANSYS
Buyer’s guide for pre
As software applications continue grow ever more complicated, it becomes increasingly hard to communicate the essentials to prospective users. One proven approach is the buyer's guide, but not in its original form. That was one step up from the throw-aways handed out at trade shows. Those covered features, functions and benefits as if the product existed in a vacuum, as if the prospects had no other software.

Those old-style brochures and hand-outs were really distilled sales pitches. If that was not what the prospect needed to hear, the sales inquiry withered away. Everyone missed an opportunity.

Today, buyer's guides are vital but easily overlooked pieces of the infrastructure of engineering design and analysis. These new-breed guides are interfaces to the sales process. They are a crucial first step in deciding whether to upgrade existing capabilities or switch to something new.

A good example of this new type of buyers guide comes from Siemens PLM Software—its new "Buyer's guide for pre- and postprocessing software" used with finite element analysis (FEA) software. Siemens subtitled it, "What you need to know before selecting an FEA solution."

In its old form, this might have been another yawn-inducer. Instead, it is a compelling white paper. It is a thoughtful analysis of, and response to, questions prospects raise whenever they confront new technology. The buyer's guide meets these questions head-on. Even today, some software developers seem to hope these questions won't be asked till they get a signed P.O.

Siemens PLM also made sure the guide touched on all the issues. It was developed in coordination with a large distributor that has its own FEA offerings, with application engineers from Siemens and other firms, and with independent consultants who train FEA newcomers and solve tough FEA problems on a fee basis. Finally, the "pre- and post" buyer's guide is one a series Siemens tailors for prospects in different FEA situations.
HP Z27i Display Data Sheet
HP Z27i Display Data Sheet hp
Solving the Inherent
Transferring files between dissimilar systems can be a costly endeavor due to incompatible file formats. Traditionally, a loss of surface information occurs, rendering a model inaccurate. Valuable time and human resources are devoted to fixing the issues, while delivery schedules slip. In addition, as today’s engineering environments become more complex the need is greater than ever for accurate 3D file translation. Disparate systems need to be able to consume and work with the same data in different ways throughout the product design and engineering workflow chain. This paper offers the solution. Spatial
HP Z620 Workstation Data Sheet
HP Z620 Workstation Data Sheet hp
New Product Introductions
Meeting and Beating New Product Cost Targets NPI AND PRODUCT COST TARGETS If you are working on a new product development initiative (NPI) for a discrete manufacturer, you’re likely under increasing pressure to develop those products within specific cost, weight, market and quality targets under very tight timeframes. Developing and producing products that can meet all of these criteria, particularly cost, can be extremely challenging: aPriori
HP Z820 Workstation Data Sheet
HP Z820 Workstation Data Sheet hp
HP Z420 Workstation Data Sheet
HP Z420 Workstation Data Sheet hp
LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 11
LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 11 brochure Real World Ready Making virtual simulation realistic LMS International
Improve mold design efficiency
In this paper, using the automobile cooling grill as an example, I will introduce ZW3D’s mold design. I will focus on ZW3D’s hybrid modeling technology for large automobile products in creating parting curves, splitting core cavities and electrode design solutions. ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd.
hp Z30i Display Data Sheet
hp Z30i Display Data Sheet hp
Goetze drive Trumpf,
The Walter Goetz Company was founded over one hundred years ago. With over 100 employees, the company provides subcontract services producing all types of semi or fully finished metal products for prototypes or small/medium sized production runs. To deliver this the company has continually purchased and upgraded a wide range of CNC cutting machines, employing a mix of laser, waterjet, punching and combination punch/laser technologies spanning several manufacturer brands....... JETCAM International
Testing and Engineering
Excerpt: “The biggest thing I can say is hyperMILL gets it,“ says Aerodyn programmer John Frandsen. “We can throw a model in and get a toolpath out without having to play with it. And it’s very intuitive – the toolpath you see on the screen looks like the toolpath you get on the machine.“ OPEN MIND
Adopting VISI and Edgecam
Kirklees College in the UK recently started its second term after installing 35 seats of VISI CAD/CAM software to ensure apprentices are fully trained on 5-axis machining – which lecturers say is absolutely vital to the future of manufacturing in the area. . . . Vero Software
Is MBD Sending You to
What is happening in Model Based Design (MBD)? There is mayhem, bedlam, pandemonium, chaos; driving engineers to the brink of exasperation. Why so much frustration? There are at least 10 different CAD suppliers, 3 different PDM tools, 5 CAD translation companies, 2 national CAD and digital standards, LOTAR, company standards, proprietary issues, data transfer, data consistency, multiple customers, multiple vendors, design updates, maintenance, PMI, interoperability and all this just to get a single part built. Why on earth would an engineer want to adopt a MBD practice with all this claptrap to deal with? Jennifer Herron
Summary Report: 2011
For the past 6 years Longview Advisors has completed a comprehensive collaboration and interoperability market survey targeted at engineering, IT and manufacturing professionals in the discrete manufacturing industry. The annual survey looks at trends and practices in important areas like collaboration, data exchange, preferred platforms and formats, 3D data deployment, software requirements, and much more. In this paper, we present and discuss results of the 2011 survey, including individual findings and important trends. Longview Advisors
HP Z230 Workstation Data Sheet
HP Z230 Workstation Data Sheet hp
HP Zbook 14 Mobile Workstation
HP Zbook 14 Data Sheet hp
HP Zbook 17 Mobile Workstation
HP Zbook 17 Mobile Workstation Data Sheet hp
Punching and Bending
Precision CNC bending and punching ensures metal component manufacturers and fabricators Nichol McKay keep in shape all the time -- following import of the files from Autodesk Inventor into Radan Planit
Best Machinery and Alphacam
Long term partnerships with machinery manufacturers and CNC software developer Alphacam are two key elements that an engineering subcontractor says are vital for its continuing success Planit
LMS helps BSH Bosch und
From the smallest component to the motor, BSH manufactures the entire dishwasher completely from scratch. The company has a dedicated department that designs and develops the assembly line and its machines. While delivering clean dishes is still the ultimate goal, dishwashers nowadays have to live up to ever-demanding customer expectations and different design requirements. In recent years, dishwasher sound quality has gained considerable importance. LMS International
Image Based Modeling
Using Simpleware and Marc to Generate and Analyze Novel Implant Constructions Simpleware provides a world leading solution for the conversion of 3D image data into high quality surface and volume meshes for 3D printing, CAD, FEA and CFD. The software was used to generate several implanted models of a femur, with externally identical implant designs but internally either being solid, Simpleware
HP Zbook 15 Mobile Workstation
HP Zbook 15 Mobile Workstation Data Sheet hp
Delcam CADCAM software
A typical deck mould produced by MonsterCAM with its Delcam software Delcam’s PowerSHAPE design software and PowerMILL CAM system have been chosen by MonsterCAM to drive one of the UK’s largest independently-owned, continuous five-axis machining centres. The company’s EWW machine is 45 metres long, 7 metres wide and 4 metres high and has a volumetric cutting space of 1,260 cubic metres Delcam
Radan Doubles Output
The world’s most powerful sheet metal CAD/CAM software makes a continuing impact on an aerospace company’s bottom line, by halving the time to set up machining programs for its lasers and turret punches. Vero Software
Radan Crafts Success
With expansion plans very firmly in the pipeline, sheet metal fabricator Metalcraft Europe Ltd did not want to be tied to one cutting machine manufacturer through the limitations of CNC software. So they opted for the versatility of Radan, the world's most powerful sheet metal software Planit
Radan Macro Slashes Programming
NES Architectural were facing a marathon task to create 110 panels in anodised aluminium, each containing 27 completely random wave lines ,comprising 1,200 holes in six randomly dispersed sizes. That's a total of 132,000 totally random holes. Planit
Edgecam Helps UK Space
“The UK Space Modelling Team could not manage without Edgecam – it has been so useful in helping us become real contenders on the world stage.” Those are the words of former World Champion space model flyer Mike Francies who uses the market leading CNC machining software to make moulds for all the UK team’s models. Planit
VISI Flow Removes Guesswork
Patented injection moulding analysis ahead of tool production, ensures that a number of components in a revolutionary water powered rock drill are manufactured to the degree of absolute precision required by mining operations around the world. Vero Software
3 Dimensional cake icing
Sometimes productivity gains lurk in unexpected places. That was the case recently when 3-Dimensional Services Group found a way to dramatically increase uptime while improving quality and decreasing costs for Freed’s Bakery with one elegant and innovative new design. 3-Dimensional Service Group
Radan Macros Take Kitchen
A kitchen company says two unique macros from the world's most powerful sheet metal CAD/CAM software, Radan, have taken them to new levels. Planit
As Nature Intended, With
It wasn’t nature that created straight lines in building – it was the limitations of technology. But with tailor-made CAD/CAM developments from Alphacam, Bolefloor curved flooring meets the true definition of unique. Each floorboard is as individual as the tree it came from, meaning no two floors from Bolefloor are alike. Planit
Technologies for 3D Printing
With advancements in technology, many companies in the manufacturing, industrial, and other related industries are turning to one particular emerging technology: 3D printing. 3D printing is being used for both prototyping and distributed manufacturing, and may even become a mass-market item thanks to its open-source nature, which easily offsets capital costs. Here’s an in-depth look at a few different types of 3D printing technologies in use today: First American Plastic
Radan Reaches The Heights
The 3D modelling capabilities of the world’s most powerful sheet metal CAD/CAM software, Radan, played a major part in developing a new product that is helping industry and commerce comply with health and safety regulations. Vero Software
Radbend Bends By Numbers
One of the world's leading manufacturers of print finishing equipment says using the universal Radbend software on its LVD press brake means folding its sheet metal components is almost like bending by numbers. Planit
Almac Guide Rails and
Linear guide rails developed by CNC machine-tool manufacturer Almac, ensure that Swiss watch-makers who use their ultra precise 3- to 5-axis machining centres produce a better quality component. Couple that to their long-standing use of Alphacam, one of the most popular CAM systems in Switzerland’s watch industry, and it’s easy to see why Almac are a leading supplier of high precision machines for all aspects of Swiss watch production. Vero Software
New Alphacam CAD Module
Alphacam, the market-leading woodwork software is introducing a new CAD module to create stunning lor relief carvings from 2D designs and 3D models Planit
Edgecam Helps Ariane
Just under 600 seconds are all it takes for special propulsive engines on board the renowned European space launcher Ariane to do their job. And a number of components in those engines are manufactured through Edgecam CNC programs Planit
Alphacam Drives 29 Centres
After many years of focusing on repeat aircraft business, an engineering subcontractor has now moved into prototyping for a range of industry sectors, including new components for the oil business. Planit
Edgecam Makes Classic
A leading engine manufacturer for classic motorcycles says 4-axis machining driven by Edgecam toolpaths helps him produce faster engines and win more races Planit
Mould-Maker Relies on
When a mould-maker in the Czech Republic received an order from a company making electrical coupling components, they began the design and manufacturing process with specialist software they had only recently purchased. Vero Software
Alphacam -- Parallel
The latest release of Alphacam features improved parallel and flat area 3D machining for cutting solid models and surfaces. Planit
Kennedy Space Center
Maintaining, preparing, and launching NASA's Shuttle fleet requires months, if not years, of work, dedication, and attention to massive amounts of detail. Managing and tracking the equipment, parts, documents, and processes involved plays a vital role in that effort. Auto-trol Technology
Collaboration & Interoperability
It has been a very busy year in collaboration and interoperability. This paper discusses some of the hottest topics, technologies and solutions in this dynamic market. Some key advances have been made in the last year, but tough, persistent issues remain on everyone’s requirements list. Longview Advisors
Edgecam Makes Classic
A leading engine manufacturer for classic motorcycles says 4-axis machining driven by Edgecam toolpaths helps him produce faster engines and win more races. Vero Software
Tomorrow’s CAM Specialists
Teaching Alphacam as part of BTEC and City & Guilds courses can give Wolverhampton College students a boost up the career ladder, according to their engineering lecturer. Planit
GstarCAD MC Applied Successfully
This case study shows how one company used iPads loaded with GstarCAD MC to do a complete design while also being able to facilitate mobile browsing, revision, and communication. GstarCAD
Lakowa Utilizes ZW3D
Lakowa is a development partner, systems supplier, and manufacturer that was founded in Wilthen, Germany in 1913. They specialize in developing and producing extraordinary plastic parts and use the 3D CAD/CAM solution, ZW3D to design them. ZWSOFT
Alphacam Serves Up Furniture
A stunning combined reception desk, seating area and logo at the headquarters of leading fashion label Fred Perry, won a top industry award for a Cambridgeshire woodworking company. Planit
Radan – the Cool Software
One of the UK’s leading fridge refurbishment companies uses the powerful Radan 3D CAD system for designing environmentally-friendly components which are instrumental in encouraging major superstores to think about the “green” aspects of their fridges. Planit
FEA Information Engineering
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 4, Issue 03, March 2015 FEA Information Inc.
No Chickening Out With
A CNC routing specialist knew exactly what the menu needed for cooking up a perfect wall and stair feature at a Nando’s restaurant. Planit
Trimming Cycle Times
A vacuum forming company says VISI's 5-axis machining played a key role in turning it into one of the industry's most innovative and market-leading manufacturers in the UK. Vero Software
Kitchen Start-Up Prompted
“Terrible products and service levels” from a kitchen manufacturer prompted the former owner of a specialist metalforming business to set up his own kitchen company. Vero Software
Coldest Place in the
Telescope components created through Edgecam and manufactured on a 2.5-axis Bridgeport Interact milling machine have to perform in the coldest place in the universe Planit
Alphacam's Tagging Helps
Those magnificent men with their cutting machines helped other magnificent men get their flying machine. Alphacam was the CAM system that produced the shaped wing struts for the re-creation of a famous early 20th Century monoplane Planit
A Global PLM strategy
This seminar includes an abstract, downloadable presentation, and audio. Ford Motor Company
Alphacam Takes 9-Axis
A company using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software to manufacture high precision medical implants says the day may not be too far away when 9-axis machining is the norm for production engineering. Croom Precision uses Alphacam as both its CAD and CAM system. Planit
Improving Circuit Design
The addition of detailed electronic circuit modeling in the latest release of the Mathcad software environment provides a powerful tool to simulate, optimize, and document the circuit design prior to building a PC board. Tecnova
"We've Won Business Because
A specialist company in rapid prototyping and ongoing multi-axis production engineering says it has won business as a result of using the market leading Edgecam software. Planit
Tooling Up With Radan
A uniquely configured punch press with a 47-tool turret and additional loading station holding a further 240 tools has been an essential investment to keep a family-run sheet metal subcontractor ahead of the competition. Driven by Radan, the world’s most powerful sheet metal CAD/CAM software, the Amada EMZ 3610 is part of a £1.5m investment in machinery made by JC Metal Works during 2010 and the early part of 2011. Planit
Cabinet Vision 'Essential
With Radan CAD/CAM software playing what a leading kitchen company calls an "essential role" in their stainless steel commercial kitchen business for more than ten years, they knew that its sister software packages Cabinet Vision and Alphacam would be just as essential to the success of their new wood-based domestic kitchen business Planit
bConverged Open Engineering
The bConverged Open Engineering Suite includes the all of the contents of CalculiX for Windows as well as an unmodified version of Gmsh for additional pre-processing capabilities (also integrated with SciTE), graphical launcher for CalculiX, CAD viewer and CAE data translators. Convergent Mechanical Solutions
What Your Shop Needs
For the machine shop that supplies the aerospace industry, PCMM (portable coordinate measurement machine) and MBD (model based definition) are everyday terms that are integral parts of its daily inspection routines. In the effort to drive quality and control processes, aerospace OEM’s have altered the inspection methodology and the tools of their entire supply chain. Many of these suppliers are small or mid-sized machine shops that have invested in inspection hardware, software and processes to satisfy strict quality standards. With the success of these supply chain efforts, Portable CMM’s and the Model Based Definition Inspection technology are expected to spread to all industrial segments. Verisurf
Integrated Analysis Achieves
At Modine Manufacturing Company in Wisconsin, U.S.A., designing charge air coolers and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers is largely driven by emerging emission standards in the United States and Europe. These new emission standards equate to higher thermal loads and more rigorous durability requirements for automotive engine and exhaust components. With the surge in demand for engine components that meet the new emission standards, it was apparent to Modine that it needed to conduct a greater number of concurrent engineering design projects without significantly impacting engineering headcount or physical test facility capital investment. Physical testing is expensive, and test capacity limitations make it nearly impossible to turn around a design project quickly and efficiently through testing alone. Given these factors, the need for leveraging the virtual environment was clear. ANSYS, Inc.
Improving Forensic and
"Laser scanners aren’t just for large engineering firms with big budgets, but also for small companies who want to provide their clients with state-of-the-art services and technology that in many cases exceed those of larger competitors.” FARO Technologies, Inc.
MCS From Vero Completes
In the words of the Meatloaf song, “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad.” But when it comes to the complete picture for ensuring the absolute optimum use of CNC machines and cutting tools, only all three pieces of the jigsaw will suffice. Vero Software
Edgecam Future-Proofs
Edgecam plays a vital role in aerospace supplier Murray Productions Ltd’s manufacturing process, whether they carry out the milling and turning themselves, or whether they need wire erosion work from their sub-contractor. And they know that when they need new machines Edgecam will also be able to drive those with efficiency and ease. Planit
VISI Key In Snow Shovel
State of the art software has helped deliver a new collapsible snow shovel, designed for motorists to keep in their boot. With its two-hinged handle, the collapsible shovel is designed and manufactured by plastic moulding experts Senior and Dickson with the help of specialist CADCAM tools from Vero Software. Vero Software
FEA Information Engineering
Anniversary Issue - 15 years FEA Information Inc.
Edgecam "Won Convincingly"
Whether it's using Edgecam to program complex parts for the medical, military and aerospace markets, or nesting and laser cutting surgical blades with Radan, the software is essential for keeping a precision engineering subcontractor competitive Planit
Press Brake Tooling Strategies
By Shawn Schultz, OEM Business Development Manag