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FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 4, Issue 03, March 2015 PopularFEA Information Inc. 6126-Mar-2015
Delcam CADCAM software chosen to drive monster 5-axis machining centre PopularDelcam 9610-Jul-2013
LMS helps BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH dish up superior dishwashers PopularLMS International 10204-Apr-2013
Adopting VISI and Edgecam is ‘Massive’ As College Moves Into New Era PopularVero Software 16808-Jan-2013
Goetze drive Trumpf, Bystronic and Foracon punch, laser and waterjet technologies with JETCAM Expert nesting software PopularJETCAM International 17104-Jan-2013
Almac Guide Rails and Alphacam Give Swiss Watch-Makers a Competitive Edge PopularVero Software 7119-Dec-2012
3 Dimensional cake icing tool case study Popular3-Dimensional Service Group 7713-Dec-2012
Lakowa Utilizes ZW3D and Allows Success to Speak for Itself PopularZWSOFT 6020-Nov-2012
GstarCAD MC Applied Successfully in Japan PopularGstarCAD 6019-Oct-2012
Edgecam Makes Classic Racing Engines Go Faster PopularVero Software 6109-Sep-2012
Radan Reaches The Heights for Health and Safety PopularVero Software 7209-Sep-2012
Edgecam Makes Classic Racing Engines Go Faster PopularPlanit 6706-Jun-2012
Radan Macros Take Kitchen Company To New Levels PopularPlanit 7412-Apr-2012
Improving Forensic and Analytical Capabilities with the FARO Laser Scanner PopularFARO Technologies, Inc. 3910-Mar-2012
Radan Doubles Output for Aerospace Engineer PopularVero Software 9310-Mar-2012
VISI Flow Removes Guesswork From Mould Manufacture PopularVero Software 8018-Feb-2012
As Nature Intended, With Alphacam PopularPlanit 7331-Jan-2012
Trimming Cycle Times With 5-Axis Machining PopularVero Software 5531-Jan-2012
Kennedy Space Center PopularAuto-trol Technology 6317-Jan-2012
No Chickening Out With Alphacam PopularPlanit 5508-Jan-2012
Improving Circuit Design Through Circuit Modeling PopularTecnova 4801-Jan-2012
Alphacam Drives 29 Centres For HySpeed Machine Shop PopularPlanit 6721-Dec-2011
Tomorrow’s CAM Specialists Are Taught Alphacam Today PopularPlanit 6016-Dec-2011
Best Machinery and Alphacam Software Keep Leemark Successful PopularPlanit 11006-Dec-2011
Alphacam's Tagging Helps Monoplane-Maker Soar PopularPlanit 5306-Dec-2011
Radan – the Cool Software for “Green” Fridges PopularPlanit 5719-Nov-2011
Testing and Engineering Services Company Grows With Machining PopularOPEN MIND 16915-Nov-2011
Edgecam Helps Ariane Spacecraft On Their Way PopularPlanit 6704-Nov-2011
"We've Won Business Because We Use Edgecam" PopularPlanit 4720-Sep-2011
Radbend Bends By Numbers For Print Finishing Specialists PopularPlanit 7120-Sep-2011
Cabinet Vision 'Essential to our Success' says Leading Kitchen Company PopularPlanit 4512-Aug-2011
Coldest Place in the Solar System for Edgecam Components PopularPlanit 5305-Aug-2011
Radan Macro Slashes Programming Time From 1,100 Hours to Around 330 PopularPlanit 8703-Aug-2011
Tooling Up With Radan -- 287 tools on uniquely configured Amada PopularPlanit 4627-May-2011
Punching and Bending Keeps Nichol McKay in Shape PopularPlanit 11022-Apr-2011
Edgecam Helps UK Space Team Reach for the Stars PopularPlanit 8224-Mar-2011
Integrated Analysis Achieves State-of-the-Art Workflow Modine Manufacturing Company PopularANSYS, Inc. 4026-Sep-2010
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 4, Issue 10, October 2015 FEA Information Inc. 3805-Nov-2015
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 4, Issue 09, September2015 FEA Information Inc. 3528-Sep-2015
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 3, Issue 09, September 2014 FEA Information Inc. 2224-Sep-2014
As summer temperatures blaze, WarmSpring makes the heat flow! Alibre 028-Aug-2014
BAE Systems Uses Accolade® Vision Strategist™ to Keep Resources Focused on Most Important Projects and Programs Sopheon Corp. 111-Mar-2014
Game Designer Hits the Jackpot with First Cut® Proto Labs 111-Mar-2014
Newman Group Makes Sound Prototyping Choices Proto Labs 111-Mar-2014
Soler Palau Develops New Fan Design in Less Time Using TURBOdesign1 ADT/Soler & Palau 724-May-2013
Airbus - Simulation Driven Fuel Systems Design Flowmaster Ltd 511-Mar-2013
BASF Enables Enterprise-Wide Standardization of Innovation Process with Sopheon’s Accolade® Sopheon Corp. 011-Mar-2013
Flowmaster helps Daher Aeronautics and Defence reduce aircraft ventilation system testing by 30% Flowmaster Ltd 111-Mar-2013
GE Aircraft Engines successfully use Flowmaster to help their customer optimise heat exchanger design. Flowmaster Ltd 511-Mar-2013
MCS From Vero Completes The Picture Vero Software 3709-Sep-2012
CEEMO Engineering Uses EFD.Lab to Fine-Tune New Race Car Design in 8 Weeks NIKA GmbH 1309-Jun-2012
Aspire Tower, Doha, Qatar Oasys Limited 006-May-2012
Doosan Infracore Co. Ltd. Objet Geometries Inc. 006-May-2012
GSK Precision Co. Ltd. Objet Geometries Inc. 306-May-2012
Helvex S.A. de C.V. Objet Geometries Inc. 006-May-2012
Living Bridge, University of Limerick Oasys Limited 006-May-2012
Mauritius Commercial Bank Oasys Limited 006-May-2012
Rietveld Architects LL P Objet Geometries Inc. 006-May-2012
The Pinnacle – Foundation Design Oasys Limited 106-May-2012
Bombardier Aerospace, Montreal, Canada NestONE Solutions 105-May-2012
Compsys, Inc., USA NestONE Solutions 005-May-2012
Kind AG - Germany NestONE Solutions 105-May-2012
Radan Nesting Role Helps Keep Altex Dynamic Planit 2712-Apr-2012
CFD Analysis & Flow Fexilon Technologies 1111-Mar-2012
Christopher Designs Solidscape, Inc. 010-Mar-2012
Marianna Airmotive Uses a FARO Laser Tracker to Reduce Repair Turnaround Time from Weeks to Days FARO Technologies, Inc. 110-Mar-2012
Calibration and experimental validation of LS-DYNA composite material models by multi objective optimization techniques EnginSoft S.p.A. 107-Mar-2012
Identification of the hyperelastic constitutive model constants of a rubber-like material EnginSoft S.p.A. 007-Mar-2012
Multi-objective optimization for antenna design EnginSoft S.p.A. 807-Mar-2012
VISI Key In Snow Shovel Development Vero Software 3518-Feb-2012
FEA Services: Cummins Jamestown Engine Plant SimuTech Group 318-Feb-2012
Seagull Software Helps the Alabama Offi ce of Courts Unite Disparate Applications Through A Standardized Interface Seagull Software Systems, Inc. 004-Feb-2012
Atlas Copco – World leader generates success with MEDUSA’s power tools CAD Schroer 3203-Feb-2012
Burckhardt Compression® and MPDS4 – Solutions for a Lifetime CAD Schroer 003-Feb-2012
Faster Turn Around Time On Project Completion With IDEAL / Contex Scanners And Software CadCam Services, Inc 003-Feb-2012
IDEAL / Contex Scanners Help Reduce Garment Pattern Makers Man-Hours by 80% CadCam Services, Inc 003-Feb-2012
PolyWorks 3D Metrology Software Helps Oil Field Equipment Manufacturer Cut Motor Component Inspection Time in Half InnovMetric Software Inc. 601-Feb-2012
3D Scan IT and InnovMetric help Eifel Inc. halve injection-mold delivery times and maintain margins InnovMetric Software Inc. 930-Jan-2012
Geometric Inspection of Small Components with CT-scanners InnovMetric Software Inc. 1030-Jan-2012
DynMcDermott Auto-trol Technology 417-Jan-2012
Engineering Data Viewing and Printing System CadCam Services, Inc 217-Jan-2012
Fast Engineering Changes with WiseImage Software CadCam Services, Inc 217-Jan-2012
U.S. Army CECOM Auto-trol Technology 317-Jan-2012
Air International Arena Solutions 115-Jan-2012
Align Technology Arena Solutions 015-Jan-2012
Fimer Spa I.D.milano Product Design 2215-Jan-2012
HRS Flow I.D.milano Product Design 015-Jan-2012
Narragansett Imaging Arena Solutions 015-Jan-2012
Telsey Spa. I.D.milano Product Design 015-Jan-2012
A Wind Turbine CFD Solution - Turning up the (green) power with Tecplot 360 and Pointwise Tecplot, Inc. (formerly Amtec Engineering, Inc.) 201-Jan-2012
Assessing Product Improvement and Cost Redution Tecnova 001-Jan-2012
Plume Migration Tecplot, Inc. (formerly Amtec Engineering, Inc.) 001-Jan-2012
Tecplot 360 Helps Advance Design of Biotelemetry Tags for Dolphins Tecplot, Inc. (formerly Amtec Engineering, Inc.) 001-Jan-2012
Tecplot RS provides the Strickland Group with a unified environment for comparing and validating results from multiple reservoir simulators Tecplot, Inc. (formerly Amtec Engineering, Inc.) 001-Jan-2012
Toyota Motorsport wind tunnel helps automotive engineers design faster high-performance cars with sophisticated built-in PIV system Tecplot, Inc. (formerly Amtec Engineering, Inc.) 101-Jan-2012
Deployment of Spreadsheets as Web Applications at Zurich Financial EASA, Inc. 031-Dec-2011
Relay Simulator Tecnova 231-Dec-2011
Streamlining Processes at General Electric Wind Energy EASA, Inc. 031-Dec-2011
A-Tech uses FreeForm® Systems to Model and Communicate 3D Data with Large Toy Industry in South China, and Overseas. SensAble Technologies, Inc. 129-Dec-2011
Auxetic Foam Analysis Simpleware 429-Dec-2011
Composite Material Characterisation Simpleware 029-Dec-2011
FreeForm® Modeling Plus™ System Transforms an Impossible Design Project into Reality SensAble Technologies, Inc. 529-Dec-2011
Mechanical Variation Analysis Perfects the Zero-Degree Wrench Sigmetrix 029-Dec-2011
Simulation of Pore Scale Fluid Flow Simpleware 029-Dec-2011
Synapse Model Making SensAble Technologies, Inc. 129-Dec-2011
Tolerance Stack-Up Sigmetrix 629-Dec-2011
Using LegaSuite GUI®, Amalgamated Sugar Enhances Their Legacy-Based ERP System with a GUI and Web Access Seagull Software Systems, Inc. 029-Dec-2011
Using LegaSuite®, Amalgamated Sugar Enhances Their Legacy-Based ERP System with a GUI and Web Access Seagull Software Systems, Inc. 029-Dec-2011
Barrett Technology®, Inc. CADD Edge, Inc. 028-Dec-2011
BigBelly Solar CADD Edge, Inc. 028-Dec-2011
German scientific institute uses simulation software for range of testing Integrated Engineering Software 128-Dec-2011
NASA Goddard’s Cryogenics branch benefits from new engineering software Integrated Engineering Software 228-Dec-2011
NEXX Systems, Inc. CADD Edge, Inc. 028-Dec-2011
Radionics, Inc. CADD Edge, Inc. 028-Dec-2011
AWE in2grate Limited 027-Dec-2011
Celtic Manor in2grate Limited 027-Dec-2011
Areva Hawk Ridge Systems 126-Dec-2011
Azure Dynamics Hawk Ridge Systems 026-Dec-2011
B.E. Meyers Hawk Ridge Systems 026-Dec-2011
Unifiller Hawk Ridge Systems 026-Dec-2011
Alphacam Taught on Irish Metralworking Coursesw Planit 1906-Dec-2011
A Step Back With Alphacam – but a Backward Step Without It Planit 2904-Nov-2011
Alphacam Simulation Feature Prevents Costly Collisions for Window Maker Planit 3220-Sep-2011
Edgecam "Won Convincingly" in Search for New Software Planit 3419-Aug-2011
Overcoming the Barriers Imposed by Geometry CIMData 1003-Aug-2011
Orbiting Satellite Payloads Created by Edgecam Planit 1609-Jul-2011
Edgecam 3D Software Features in Factory Visits Planit 2124-May-2011
CAE Meshing Fexilon Technologies 017-May-2011
"For Technical Support and Customer Service, Radan is up There With the Best of Them" Planit 1822-Apr-2011
Winning Oil and Gas Business With Edgecam's "Wow" Factor Planit 2701-Apr-2011
Flying High With Alphacam Planit 124-Mar-2011
Wired DNC Bites the Dust Planit 224-Mar-2011
E2i and Radan Provide Streamlined Efficiency for Hydram Planit 1317-Mar-2011
Edgecam Sends Problems Packing Planit 115-Mar-2011
Wired DNC Bites the Dust Planit 115-Mar-2011
Radan Drives the Buses Planit 821-Jan-2011
Electrifying Performance From Edgecam: a casestudy with Prysmian Planit 3210-Jan-2011
Alphacam Increases Job Satisfaction Planit 106-Jan-2011
Arrow Precision case study Planit 206-Jan-2011
Coupesag Lattice Technology Inc 130-Dec-2010
G K S I n s p e c t i o n S e r v i c e s Laser Design Inc. 330-Dec-2010
MC Lights and Manufacturing Ltd Laser Design Inc. 230-Dec-2010
Power Plant ITI (International TechneGroup Incorporated) 230-Dec-2010
BAE Systems Submarine Solutions Brings Virtual Reality to the Manufacturing Floor with Integrated PTC and Partner Virtalis VR Solution ITEDO Software LLC 129-Dec-2010
Materials for Heat Exchanger Tubes Granta Design 128-Dec-2010
Materials for Lightweight Table Legs Granta Design 228-Dec-2010
Coupesag Lantek Systems, Inc. 123-Dec-2010
MC Lights and Manufacturing Ltd Lantek Systems, Inc. 123-Dec-2010
Edgecam Features in Client Presentations Planit 322-Dec-2010
American Bureau of Shipping navigates the review and markup process with Brava for Livelink ECM Informative Graphics 007-Dec-2010
Hilco in2grate Limited 007-Dec-2010
McAvoy Group in2grate Limited 007-Dec-2010
SDI Group IBSystems 107-Dec-2010
University secures student transcripts with CSF Informative Graphics 007-Dec-2010
Wellman International in2grate Limited 007-Dec-2010
ALEX PRODUCTS, INC. Kubotek USA 203-Dec-2010
O'Brien Engineered Products Inc. Kubotek USA 003-Dec-2010
Techniform Inc. Kubotek USA 203-Dec-2010
Edgecam Future-Proofs Aerospace Supplier Planit 3611-Nov-2010
Modernization of Critical Legacy Software at Monsanto EASA, Inc. 031-Oct-2010
Reducing the risk and cost of using spreadsheets at Amlin EASA, Inc. 031-Oct-2010
Crystal Icing on the Jobshop Cake Planit 728-Oct-2010
Delcam software helps moulder to achieve the “impossible” Delcam plc 128-Oct-2010
Delcam’s CADCAM gives racing supplier power and precision Delcam plc 028-Oct-2010
Delcam’s FeatureCAM cuts programming times by up to 75% Delcam plc 128-Oct-2010
Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM chosen by die manufacturer EXCO Delcam plc 028-Oct-2010
CHAM Case Study – Data Centre Simulation CHAM Ltd 022-Oct-2010
POLAR PARSOL & Wall Rotation features of PHOENICS-3.6.2 applied to Pumping Ring Flow Analyses for Mechanical Seals CHAM Ltd 022-Oct-2010
Aiming higher with VISI Vero International, Inc. 109-Oct-2010
Productivity gains with MNB Molds Vero International, Inc. 109-Oct-2010
BAE – Structural Analysis of Shipboard-Mounted Electronics Racks ATA Engineering 002-Sep-2010
COBRA Rocket Engine Dynamic Analysis ATA Engineering 002-Sep-2010
Composite Radar Structure ATA Engineering 002-Sep-2010
L3 Communications GVT of SOFIA 747 ATA Engineering 002-Sep-2010
"Econotruder" Contest Winner Case Study Alibre 128-Aug-2010
Downsizing the Little Engine That Could Alibre 028-Aug-2010
Free Enterprise and Alibre Helps Stoltz Weather the Recession Alibre 028-Aug-2010
Hilton Engineering Inc. Alibre 028-Aug-2010
Modeling Multivehicle Virtual Robotic Systems with Alibre Design Alibre 128-Aug-2010
Sunshine Powered Alibre Design Solar Car Alibre 128-Aug-2010
Truly Blessed Customs Alibre 028-Aug-2010
Kautex speeds up fuel tank quality control by 30% with Metris XC50-LS Nikon Metrology 022-Aug-2010
Laser scanner speeds surface modeling at DaimlerChrysler Nikon Metrology 222-Aug-2010
Siemens verifies turbine blade geometry with Metris laser scanners Nikon Metrology 222-Aug-2010
Which Are Better: Cross Scanners or Single-Line Scanners? Nikon Metrology 022-Aug-2010
Searching for the optimal velocity of the piston in an HPDC process Sigma Technology 117-Apr-2010
Newman Group Makes Sound Prototyping Choices Proto Labs 111-Mar-2010
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