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Interoperability, translation, and other data issues

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Design technologies and trends: behavioral modeling, 2D to 3D, the future of the design profession, etc.

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Visualization Technical Papers
Acoustic Wave Propagation in Water Filled Buried Polyethylene Pipes PopularCOMSOL, Inc 722-Dec-2014
3D Acoustic Streaming Field in High-Intensity Discharge Lamps PopularCOMSOL, Inc 619-Dec-2014
New Product Introductions (NPI) and Target Costs PopularaPriori 22513-Sep-2012
Buyer’s guide for pre and post-processing software PopularSiemens 50720-Jun-2012
Solving the Inherent Problems Associated with CAD Data Exchange PopularSpatial 37814-Mar-2012
Review: Is The New HP EliteBook 8760w Mobile Workstation Right For You Popularhp 128115-Nov-2011
Summary Report: 2011 Collaboration & Interoperability Survey PopularLongview Advisors 12511-Nov-2011
Improve mold design efficiency of automobile parts with ZW3D hyprid modeling PopularZWCAD Software Co., Ltd. 17631-Oct-2011
Collaboration & Interoperability Industry Update (July 2010) PopularLongview Advisors 5914-Jul-2010
Is MBD Sending You to the Madhouse? PopularJennifer Herron 16520-Feb-2010
Compensation on measured data. The CMD project PopularThink3 6112-Oct-2009
CAD Quality Validation: Killer Application or Supply Chain Killer? PopularLongview Advisors 13123-Mar-2009
Modern Machining Techniques for Moldmaking PopularDelcam 6906-Feb-2009
Material Properties PopularRoland DGA 6001-Feb-2008
PLM Today and Tomorrow PopularENOVIA 19803-Jan-2008
The Five Myths of Computational Fluid Dynamics PopularMentor Graphics - Mechanical Analysis 6313-Aug-2007
Three-Dimensional Insert Molding Simulation in Injection Molding PopularMoldex3D 6501-Aug-2007
Dispelling the CAD Selection Misconception: Company Size Doesn’t Matter, but Product Complexity Does PopularPTC 7815-Feb-2007
The Transition from 2D Drafting to 3D Modeling PopularPTC 7815-Feb-2007
Design Engineer Tools in Pro/ENGINEER PopularPTC 23815-Apr-2006
Machine Design Tools in Pro/ENGINEER PopularPTC 23215-Apr-2006
Industrial Design Tools in Pro/ENGINEER PopularPTC 25604-Jan-2006
Competitive Advantage of Aluminium Molds for Injection Molding PopularMoldflow Corporation 12618-Jul-2005
Calculation Management: Improving Engineering Quality and Productivity by Managing Calculations PopularMathsoft 12016-Jun-2005
CAD/ CAM application in footwear industry PopularSilver Net Corporation 9923-Mar-2005
Mean Flow Augmented Acoustics in Rocket Systems COMSOL, Inc 406-Feb-2015
Modal Analysis of Functionally-Graded Metal-Ceramic Composite Plates COMSOL, Inc 306-Feb-2015
Modeling and Simulation of a Disposable Coriolis Flow-meter COMSOL, Inc 206-Feb-2015
Modeling and Simulation of Dual Application Capacitive MEMS Sensor COMSOL, Inc 1006-Feb-2015
Modeling of Noise Produced by Offshore Wind Turbines with Different Foundations and Effects on the Marine Environment COMSOL, Inc 406-Feb-2015
From Music to Non-Invasive Therapies via COMSOL Multiphysics® Models COMSOL, Inc 402-Feb-2015
Heat Drain Device on Ultrasound Imaging Probe COMSOL, Inc 302-Feb-2015
Hydrophone Acoustic Receiver Modeling: Turbulent Flow Modeling and Acoustic Analysis COMSOL, Inc 602-Feb-2015
Increasing Heat Transfer in Microchannels with Surface Acoustic Waves COMSOL, Inc 302-Feb-2015
Investigation of Mean-Flow Effects on Tubular Combustion Chamber Thermoacoustics Using a Burner Transfer Matrix Approach COMSOL, Inc 202-Feb-2015
Efficient, Selective Piezoeletric Wave Transduction Using Interdigitated Electrodes COMSOL, Inc 229-Jan-2015
Efficient, Selective Piezoeletric Wave Transduction Using Interdigitated Electrodes COMSOL, Inc 429-Jan-2015
Flow Focusing Droplet Generation Using Linear Vibration COMSOL, Inc 229-Jan-2015
Determination of the Mechanical Properties in the Avian Middle Ear by Inverse Analysis COMSOL, Inc 428-Jan-2015
Design and Simulation of an Orbiting Piezoelectric MEMS Gyroscope Based on Detection of Phase-Shift Signals COMSOL, Inc 327-Jan-2015
Complete Modeling of a Vented Box Loudspeaker in COMSOL Multiphysics® COMSOL, Inc 1626-Jan-2015
Cloud Computations for Acoustics with Coupled Physics COMSOL, Inc 1016-Jan-2015
Characterization of the Process of Ultrasound Driven Dispersion of Nanoparticles in High Viscosity Liquids COMSOL, Inc 315-Jan-2015
COMSOL Multiphysics® Software for Simulation of Surface Response to Excitation Method for Manufacturing Process Performance Monitoring COMSOL, Inc 614-Jan-2015
COMSOL Multiphysics® Simulation of Ultrasonic Energy in Cleaning Tanks COMSOL, Inc 1013-Jan-2015
Application of a Weakly Non-Linear Analysis to the Analysis of Thermoacoustic Combustion Instabilities COMSOL, Inc 409-Jan-2015
Analysis of an Air Transparent Soundproof Window System & Comparisons to Physical Test Data COMSOL, Inc 508-Jan-2015
An Improved Loudspeaker Frequency Response by Using a Structure of Rigid Absorptive Panel in a Vented Cabinet COMSOL, Inc 907-Jan-2015
Acoustical Analysis of a Home Recording Studio COMSOL, Inc 1206-Jan-2015
Acoustic-Structure Interaction Simulation of a Differential Phase Sensor COMSOL, Inc 905-Jan-2015
Acoustic and Flow Analysis to Reduce Boiler Hum COMSOL, Inc 523-Dec-2014
Urban A&O AscendBridge Solutions 208-Aug-2012
Finally a Solution to the CAD Interoperability Problem SYCODE 105-Apr-2012
An Introduction to Lean Manufacturing FARO Technologies, Inc. 410-Mar-2012
An Introduction to Lean Manufacturing FARO Technologies, Inc. 010-Mar-2012
Fluid Flow Software vs. Spreadsheets Engineered Software, Inc. 406-Mar-2012
Piping System Model as a Life Cycle Document Engineered Software, Inc. 006-Mar-2012
Streamlining Control Valve Selection & Evaluation Process Using Electronic Data Exchange Engineered Software, Inc. 006-Mar-2012
Using PIPE-FLO® to Design New HVAC Chilled Water Systems Engineered Software, Inc. 106-Mar-2012
E/E Data Management Instead of Chaos (Papers) dSPACE, Inc. 004-Mar-2012
Knowledge Management CoVisible Solutions Inc. 124-Feb-2012
Software Outsourcing CoVisible Solutions Inc. 024-Feb-2012
CimatronE Version 8.0 - A Product Review Summary Cimatron Ltd. 019-Feb-2012
High Definition Reverse Engineering CGI 019-Feb-2012
Pearl-700 Desktop 3D Inspection System CGI 119-Feb-2012
Pinpoint the True Cause of Failure CGI 019-Feb-2012
Tool Shop Optimization: Stepping Up To 5-Axis Cimatron Ltd. 019-Feb-2012
GD&T Basics Sigmetrix 709-Feb-2012
GEOMETRIC TOLERANCING Sigmetrix 1009-Feb-2012
A Best-of-Breed Approach to Marine Design Tools ShipConstructor Software Inc. 008-Feb-2012
AUTOMATION OF OIL RIG FABRICATION ShipConstructor Software Inc. 108-Feb-2012
Driving the Adoption of Cutting Edge Technology in ShipbuildingDriving the Adoption of Cutting Edge Technology in Shipbuilding ShipConstructor Software Inc. 008-Feb-2012
Real cost benefits from automated CAM/CAD Sescoi International 008-Feb-2012
The benefits of “ease of use” in CAD/CAM software. Sescoi International 208-Feb-2012
The Challenges for CAM Systems and Users in 5-Axis Machining Sescoi International 108-Feb-2012
Managing the eDiscovery Process with Leaner Legal Teams from Review to Redaction Informative Graphics Corp. 018-Jan-2012
The Reality of Native Format Production and Redaction Informative Graphics Corp. 118-Jan-2012
3 Tips for Effective Product Revision Control and Communication Arena Solutions 015-Jan-2012
Granta's new Guide: Five Steps to Eco Design Granta Design 006-Jan-2012
Bridging the Worlds of 2D and 3D CAD Design GoEngineer 004-Jan-2012
Designing better products with SolidWorks Premium GoEngineer 104-Jan-2012
How SolidWorks Speeds Consumer Product Design GoEngineer 004-Jan-2012
PDM Made Easy for the Mainstream Enterprise GoEngineer 104-Jan-2012
SolidWorks SWIFT Technology GoEngineer 004-Jan-2012
Streamlining Product Documentation across the Manufacturing Enterprise with 3DVIA Composer GoEngineer 004-Jan-2012
Apply Compression to RAW Images without Sacrificing Quality: Introduction to JPEG XR AccuSoft 001-Jan-2012
Creating a Structured Forms Processing Web Service AccuSoft 001-Jan-2012
Ensuring Success in Design Validation - Part 1 3DVision Technologies 101-Jan-2012
Harmonic Vibration Analysis 3DVision Technologies 001-Jan-2012
How to Automatically Index Scanned Forms Using Barcodes AccuSoft 301-Jan-2012
A Streamlined Approach to Knowledge Capture, Retention and Communication for Wind Turbine Suitability Analysis - KGCM 2008 EASA, Inc. 031-Dec-2011
Adept 2011 System Requirements Synergis Software 031-Dec-2011
High Voltage Guaranteed - HIL Testing of Battery Management Systems dSPACE, Inc. 031-Dec-2011
STATISTICA Enterprise Capabilities StatSoft Inc. 031-Dec-2011
SYSTAT 13 SYSTAT Software, Inc. 031-Dec-2011
Testing AOCS or ESP – Are There Real Differences? dSPACE, Inc. 031-Dec-2011
CONCURRENT ENGINEERING SolidMasters 130-Dec-2011
PROTOTYPING SolidMasters 030-Dec-2011
Risk management and design controls SolidMasters 030-Dec-2011
10 Reasons Why SolidWorks Premium is the Best Choice for Consumer Product Designers Best Engineering Aids & Consultancies (BEACON) 028-Dec-2011
9 criteria for choosing a 3D CAD system Best Engineering Aids & Consultancies (BEACON) 028-Dec-2011
Four tips for successfully implementing your CAD system Best Engineering Aids & Consultancies (BEACON) 028-Dec-2011
Full Scale Ship Collision Simulation Using ANSA & µETA BETA CAE Systems SA 028-Dec-2011
Introducing Highly-Efficient CAE Pre- and Post-Processing Solutions in Maritime Design BETA CAE Systems SA 028-Dec-2011
Ship Global Model Simulation Under Sagging Loading Conditions Using ANSA & µETA BETA CAE Systems SA 028-Dec-2011
Automatic Direct Wiring of Standard Components (ADS) Adept Technology, Inc 125-Dec-2011
Solar - Automation with Image Processing Adept Technology, Inc 025-Dec-2011
Solar Cell Manufacturing & Robot Automation Adept Technology, Inc 025-Dec-2011
Electric Product Designers Graphics Systems Corporation 928-Dec-2010
Preventing Mechanical Fatigue Graphics Systems Corporation 2528-Dec-2010
Electronic Redaction: Informative Graphics 308-Dec-2010
Redaction Defined Informative Graphics 008-Dec-2010
Redaction in eDiscovery: Informative Graphics 008-Dec-2010
The Reality of Native Format Production and Redaction Informative Graphics 008-Dec-2010
TracePro 6.0 Lambda Research Corp. 207-Dec-2010
1D Modelling approach for a conventional external gear pump using the LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim simulation platform LMS International 1305-Dec-2010
Accelerating the deployment of web applications to mobile devices EASA, Inc. 130-Oct-2010
Cross-Sectional Scanning Key in Molder’s Competitive Strategy CGI 021-Oct-2010
Cross-Sectional Scanning Slashes Inspection Time and Labor CGI 121-Oct-2010
Pre- & post-processing tools in ANSA & µETA for Pedestrian Safety simulation BETA CAE Systems SA 021-Oct-2010
Pre-processing tools for Interior Safety simulation in ANSA BETA CAE Systems SA 021-Oct-2010
The ANSA Kinematics Tool - A Solver for performing complex mechanism movements BETA CAE Systems SA 221-Oct-2010
WR Digital adopts ANSA for Complete and Successful Motor Racing CFD Modeling BETA CAE Systems SA 121-Oct-2010
Jobshop Helps JJ Churchill Secure Top Industry Award Planit 1520-Sep-2010
GstarCAD - Fast, Powerful and DWG-Compatible CAD Software Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd 715-Sep-2010
What’s New of GstarCAD2011 Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd 1215-Sep-2010
Two Major Shifts Impacting Software Development Productivity Spatial Corp. 715-Jun-2010
Multi-objective approach for robust design optimization problems Sigma Technology 317-Apr-2010
Constraints Disappear After Finishing a Sketch KETIV Technologies 123-Mar-2010
DDM Part OneDirect Digital Manufacturing Part One: What is Direct Digital Manufacturing FORTUS 3D Production Systems 211-Mar-2010
Direct Digital Manufacturing Part Four: Industries and Applications FORTUS 3D Production Systems 311-Mar-2010
Direct Digital Manufacturing Part Three: How to Identify Opportunities FORTUS 3D Production Systems 211-Mar-2010
Direct Digital Manufacturing Part Two: Advantages and Considerations FORTUS 3D Production Systems 311-Mar-2010
Direct Digital Manufacturing: Practicing What We Preach FORTUS 3D Production Systems 311-Mar-2010
Let’s Go Design in 3D SolidMasters 626-Feb-2010
Innovative New Compressors Ready to Deliver Breakthrough Benefits Concepts NREC 2324-Feb-2010
Autodesk Subscription Customers - Select to receive your Autodesk product in a box KETIV Technologies 316-Feb-2010
Plastic Product Design Principles Vero Software 2127-Jan-2010
Concurrent Product/Process Development ITI (International TechneGroup Incorporated) 430-Aug-2009
Derivative Surface White Paper IntegrityWare, Inc. 030-Aug-2009
Rail Sweeping White Paper IntegrityWare, Inc. 030-Aug-2009
Automated CAD data-translation system converts features and drawings Elysium 422-Aug-2009
Interoperability in Aerospace CT CoreTechnologies Inc 320-Aug-2009
Migration CATIA V4 to CATIA V5 CT CoreTechnologies Inc 720-Aug-2009
Offshore IT Oursourcing CoVisible Solutions Inc. 320-Aug-2009
Best in Class Mold and Die Shops Cimatron Ltd. 118-Aug-2009
Microwave Simulation, Macro Benefits Ansoft Corporation 107-Aug-2009
Axacore AccuSoft 006-Aug-2009
Best Practices: Improving ICR Accuracy with Better Form Design AccuSoft 106-Aug-2009
Outback Imaging AccuSoft 006-Aug-2009
Reliable Document Image Viewing: Through Thick and Thin AccuSoft 006-Aug-2009
Simulating the Melting Behavior and Melt Temperature Inhomogeneity in The Injection Molding Processes Moldex3D 3501-Aug-2009
Gain a Competitive Advantage Through Design for Environmental Compliance ENOVIA 2120-Jul-2009
The Voice of the Customer Process Integration and Traceability through Requirements Management ENOVIA 3420-Jul-2009
HP Multi-Core Workstations Enhance SolidWorks & Moldflow Plastics Adviser User Productivity with Parallelized Workflow hp 3621-Jun-2009
RealityServer Functional Overview Mental Images, Inc. 706-Jun-2009
Real cost benefits from automated CAM/CAD Sescoi 404-Jun-2009
How to Select the Right Optimization Method for Your Problem Red Cedar Technology 220-May-2009
SHERPA – An Efficient and Robust Optimization/Search Algorithm Red Cedar Technology 120-May-2009
The Real Benefits of Choosing Superior Optimization Technology Red Cedar Technology 220-May-2009
Go Beyond Compliance for Profitability and Environmental Sustainability ENOVIA 1016-Apr-2009
Process Integration and Traceability through Requirements Management ENOVIA 2103-Feb-2009
Designing and Building-In Reliability in Advanced Microelectronic Assemblies and Structures ITI (International TechneGroup Incorporated) 722-Oct-2008
Simulating Image Transfer Belt Tracking with ABAQUS/Explicit ITI (International TechneGroup Incorporated) 1022-Oct-2008
Simulation Eliminates Die Casting Scrap Flow Science, Inc. 315-Oct-2008
A Warranty Management Survival Guide SigmaQuest, Inc. 812-Oct-2008
EASA and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) EASA, Inc. 511-Oct-2008
Elysium Geometry Translation: Why you need the DEK (Data Exchange Kernel) Elysium 411-Oct-2008
Design Exploration of Bumper Systems Using Advanced CAE Techniques Detroit Engineered Products 707-Oct-2008
Development of Robust Desing Method in Pedestrian Impact Test Detroit Engineered Products 407-Oct-2008
The Design Visionaries Training Advantage Design Visionaries, Inc. 407-Oct-2008
Bridging the Gap Between CAD and CAE CoreTechnologies Inc 905-Oct-2008
Integrating Program and Product Management ProductDossier Solutions( India ) Limited 405-Oct-2008
The Role of Program Management in PLM ProductDossier Solutions( India ) Limited 405-Oct-2008
3D Finite Element Models of Ground Deformation and Stress Field in a Viscoelastic Medium COMSOL, Inc 604-Oct-2008
Application of BEASY to Industrial and Environmental Acoustics Computational Mechanics 504-Oct-2008
Computational Aspect of the Dual Reciprocity Method for Dynamics Computational Mechanics 504-Oct-2008
Mechanical and thermal crack initiation along the seal edge of cathode ray tube Computational Mechanics 404-Oct-2008
Modeling Contact Surface Edge Effects Using Boundary Elements Computational Mechanics 504-Oct-2008
Predicting the Performance of Cathodic Protection Systems with Large Scale Interference Computational Mechanics 604-Oct-2008
Residual strength assessment for a butt joint in MSD condition Computational Mechanics 304-Oct-2008
Transmission loss assessment by integrated FEM-BEM methodology Computational Mechanics 504-Oct-2008
AutoSolids vs. AutoSolids EXPRESS AutoSolids, Inc. 528-Sep-2008
Plotting Rendered Solids in AutoCAD AutoSolids, Inc. 628-Sep-2008
Publishing Options for Autodesk Vault 2009 Autodesk 527-Sep-2008
Sustainability for Manufacturers: Driving Profitability and Growth Autodesk 627-Sep-2008
60 GHz Transceiver IC Design Using High-Mobility .15-micron GaAs Process White Paper Ansoft Corporation 326-Sep-2008
PLM Solutions for the Mid Market AscendBridge Solutions 626-Sep-2008
Automotive E-coat Paint Process Simulation Using FEA Algor, Inc. 1424-Sep-2008
MEMS Design Optimization with FEA Algor, Inc. 524-Sep-2008
The Voice of the Customer - Process Integration and Traceability through Requirements Management ENOVIA 1531-Jul-2008
CNC Software Cuts Programming Time for EDM DP Technology 425-Jun-2008
MSI Products Increases CNC Programming Speed With Switch to New CAM Software DP Technology 825-Jun-2008
New B-Axis Contouring for Multitasking Machines DP Technology 1525-Jun-2008
Calculating and Displaying Fatigue Results Ozen Engineering, Inc. 2612-Jun-2008
dynamics Energy Special Edition CD-Adapco 608-May-2008
CNC Software Cuts Time to Program Firefighting Equipment Parts by 75% ESPRIT by DP Technology Corp. 2109-Apr-2008
New CNC Software Reduces Programming and Machining Time at Aero Components ESPRIT by DP Technology Corp. 2009-Apr-2008
New Methods and CNC Software Reduce Programming, Setup and Machining Time ESPRIT by DP Technology Corp. 2909-Apr-2008
Roland 3D Technology Produces Prosthetic Parts with Improved Accuracy & Realism Roland DGA 1801-Feb-2008
Truly Functional Prototypes Roland DGA 1301-Feb-2008
The New Product Development Paradigm Led by Simulation and Testing ITI (International TechneGroup Incorporated) 908-Dec-2007
“Moldex3D-ScrewPlus Module” to Help People Predict the True Melt and it Inhomogeneity during the Injection Molding Processess Moldex3D 1928-Sep-2007
A New Paradigm for Digital Design ENOVIA 3820-Sep-2007
Managing Change Across Virtual Design and Manufacturing ENOVIA 4620-Sep-2007
PLM and 64-Bit: The Power to do More ENOVIA 4320-Sep-2007
Speed Product Development with Integrated Digital Mock-Up Solutions ENOVIA 2920-Sep-2007
The Investigation of Flow Behavior of Polymeric Melts in the Water Assisted Injection Molding Moldex3D 1601-Aug-2007
myVR error reporting system myVR Software 608-Jun-2007
mental mill™ Features Mental Images, Inc. 806-Jun-2007
mental ray Functional Overview Mental Images, Inc. 1006-Jun-2007
A Hybrid Magnetic Field Solver Using a Combined Finite Element/Boundary Element Field Solver Integrated Engineering Software 930-Jan-2007
Is Robust Geometry Possible? IntegrityWare, Inc. 1330-Jan-2007
Modeling and Characterization of a Carbon Fiber Emitter for Electrospray Flow Science, Inc. 627-Jan-2007
A Discussion on Modern Design Optimization Tools: Algor, Inc. 1629-Dec-2006
Linear Static Stress Analysis vs. Mechanical Event Simulation Setup Comparison Algor, Inc. 1929-Dec-2006
Technical Tips for Surface-to-Surface Contact Analysis in MES Algor, Inc. 1129-Dec-2006
PAM-SAFE Leverages TRW Automotive’s Technology Leadership in Curtain Airbags ESI Group 5501-Dec-2006
Evolution of the PAM-CRASH 2G Solution ESI Group 5020-Apr-2006
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Senior GIS Analyst for Data Transfer Solutions, LLC at Orlando, FL
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