Windows XP: Tested, tried, and true. It’s so trusted that when Windows Vista became available in 2007, Microsoft extended XP’s planned lifecycle by almost double the normal length to continue supporting the large number of companies who remained on Windows XP.

But everything changed on April 8th, 2014. After twelve years, Microsoft officially discontinued support for the operating system. This leaves an estimated 200 millioncomputers vulnerable to security issues. These security issues could be exploited by unscrupulous people to generate and propagate malware, viruses and spam campaigns.  That could affect us all, and lead to the dawn of the XP Apocalypse.


For SOLIDWORKS users, the discontinuation of Windows XP support isn’t new news – they’ve known since the 2012 release. When Microsoft switched from providing full operating system support to providing security fixes only, SOLIDWORKS discontinued support for SOLIDWORKS on Windows XP. Most users either bought new PCs or upgraded their operating system so they could continue to run the latest and greatest version of SOLIDWORKS. But there were some customers who decided to stick it out with SOLIDWORKS 2012. Now, they’re stuck. Not only can they not run the latest version of SOLIDWORKS, their system is a potential time-bomb of unwanted problems.